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Grow Your Business Fast With Easy Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing isn’t anything hard. You can read all about “Easy Instagram Marketing” that can actually help you a lot.


Instagram is used by 70% of the population. If that doesn’t get you up for the gist, it is used by millions of companies to market their products. And all it needs is a single profile that has thousands of followers. Pretty easy. Since almost 40% of users have over 1000 followers count. Well, what is in it for you? You can do the same for your own business and get to the top.

Instagram marketing isn’t anything hard. You don’t have to create video advertisements, nor hire actors to promote your products. All it takes is some research on keywords, hashtags, and knowing your audience. 

With all of that, comes the real idea of marketing. What is in it for you? There are a lot of opportunities that people tend to miss anyway. Like direct clickable product links, that are your best opportunities to market your website. Or even your youTube channel if you have one. 

In this article, you will learn how to grow your business fast with easy Instagram marketing. 

1. The science of organic marketing

Organic marketing is the best approach for long-term key impressions on your website. This can also be achieved with inorganic marketing, but you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend in the beginning.

Organic marketing means, your users find your content naturally when they search for it. It works on Google, YouTube, Facebook, and of course, Instagram but in a slightly different way. 

You can easily crank up your Instagram account index. 

How to use Instagram for organic marketing

The organic content doesn’t have anything to do. It is just your regular photos, videos, and other kinds of content. 

The organic marketing touch is applied, when you use the correct hashtags in your description. Instagram hashtags are very effectively used in the platform to search throw content. 

For example, if you are selling polo T-shirts, you can use hashtags like “bestpolot-shirts”, “cheappolot-shirts”, “polotshirts” and similar words as hashtags. This is when it comes for you to search those keywords on Instagram itself. 

How to use the right hashtags

Instagram has an unusual way of telling you what hashtags you can use at best. For a particular product, all you need to do is to type it on your description when you are uploading a post. You will right away get the related hashtag words and the total number of posts done on them. 

Next, it is your sole choice to choose which ones you like.  

2. Application of Influencer marketing

The next best thing about Instagram marketing is its influencing community. Popular Instagram stars who influence their way of life to their fans are nothing but important assets of the platform. 

Those people can give your brand or your business a great boost of users and customers to almost 200-500% in size. You may even gain some extra followers on your account too, which is just a cherry on the top. 

Practically, you can approach those influencers, explain about your brand and pay them to market your products. You can also hand them some competitive short tail or long-tail hashtags to use in their description for added benefits. 

For this sole reason, you can grow your business fast with easy Instagram marketing. 

3. SEO + Bio Optimization

This is one of the best techniques that you can use to make your Instagram marketing more effective. Search Engine Optimization is like your last arrow in your quiver to use. 

SEO works like wonders. You have to search for keywords that have high ranks on Google, Instagram and use them in your product descriptions. It is that simple. Designing a description to suit all of them is a piece of cake. Even normal blog writers can do it in a few minutes. 

Next is your Bio Optimization. It contains a description field, links. You have to follow the same strategy here too. Use high searched keywords in the description that explains your business. And it is done. You can change your keywords in the future as per necessity. 

4. Instagram Captions and hashtags

This is the easiest way of using Instagram marketing for audience reach. Using Photos, high-quality pictures, videos with optimized descriptions containing catchy captions, and popular hashtags can do a lot for your posts. 

Captions play a very important role in the reach section. Since the users who are looking for products that you sell will ultimately come to your landing page. Then, it is up to you to hold them off for good. And if you are bad at it, fifty percent of the job can be done solely by the captions themselves.  

5. Using TapBioLink

A very neat e-commerce style development procedure is to use your photos and videos as product stickers. 

It can be effectively done using TapBioLink , which puts a product link beneath the front-end graphic. It can be either a video or a photo. You can add several links on one page. You can optimize the description for better SEO and reach.

With Link In Bio tools, you can directly create a product landing page and direct the users to the right destination in a single click. 

Well, you might be better suited to start using Instagram marketing right away. Since now you are already familiar with how to grow your business fast with easy Instagram marketing

6. Engaging with your customers

Never forget this. Engaging with your customers is your best strategy to keep the goodwill of your service. Whether you sell products, services, your customers are your key marketing points. Impress them, you impress the next set of customers.

Instagram offers a very good way of bringing better engagement with customers. You can use the messenger option, enable custom chats on your website, or even engage them on pages. 

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