Easy Ways To Pursue Your Passion In Hydroponic Farming Industry

Hydroponic Farming

Pursuing your passion in the domain of the hydroponic farming industry is one of the wisest decisions that you will be taking. Hydroponic farming setup is in great demand as it strives to fulfil the growing demands of healthy food, especially among the urban population. With increasing urbanisation, the hydroponic farming setup is emerging as one of the most profitable businesses.        

Hydroponic Farming Business Plan

STEP 1 🡪 Select Location 

Hydroponics plantation is possible in enclosed areas like greenhouses or basements or patios of residential houses. You can also consider outdoor areas, but make sure that the areas are protected by wind and showers. 

STEP 2 🡪 System Assembly

To start with the process of assembling the hydroponics system, you need:

  • six PVC pipes measuring 6″, 
  • a stand and PVC trellis,
  • a water tank of 50 gallons,
  • necessary nutrients, 
  • a pump, and 
  • a manifold.

Follow the systematic way to assemble all these types of equipment: 

Place the tank under the growing tubes 🡪 Place the pump in the tank to release nutrients to plants through manifold pipes 🡪 Drainpipes of the growing tubes lead back to the tank 🡪 Place the manifold at the top of pipes, which will release water to the tubes 

You can also consider taking assistance from a professional hydroponic farming setup company in India. With expert support, you can assemble the set-up and start with the process of growing plants.     

STEP 3 🡪 Nutrients in Water Tanks 

50 gallons of water tank is necessary for the supply of water to the plants. In this tank add two cups of well-recommended nutrients. Turn on the pump that you placed inside the tank, for half an hour. Make sure that the 2 cups of nutrients are thoroughly mixed in the 50 gallons of water.

STEP 4 🡪 Plantation

Take good quality seeds and grow the seedlings. You can also buy good quality seedlings from the market. Always remember that hydroponics needs healthy seedlings. Wash and remove all the soil from the roots of the seedlings. Dip the roots in water at normal temperature. Never dip them in warm or cold water. It will spoil the seedlings make sure that the soil is completely removed from the roots. Otherwise, it will clog up the holes for spraying nutrients. Lessen the roots and hold the plant with clay pebbles. Also, tie every plat to trellis with strings and clips.

STEP 5 🡪 Water Supply

Give regular water supply to the plants. The pump needs to run full time. Always keep an eye on the water level of the tank and make sure that the pump will not burn out. You need to monitor the water levels on a day to day basis. If you live in a dry area then check the water level 2 times a day.

STEP 6 🡪 Regular Monitoring & Inspections

Along with water levels, always check the levels of nutrients and pH every 4 days. Maintain the strings and clips on the plants as per their growth. Inspect every plant and each leaf for any kind of waterborne disease. Any presence of pests, caterpillars, foliar diseases, or chewed leaves must get treated as soon as possible. Quick removal of the diseased plant is the only solution.  

STEP 7 🡪 Receive High-yields & Earn Profits

In few weeks, you will find that the plants have covered the trellis and are yielding highly. The organic products are ready for harvest. You are sure to gain higher ranges of profit margins.

Break into the Industry

For the establishment of your hydroponic farming setup, you must consider the following steps: 

STEP 1 🡪 Know the Market 

Collect feedback from farmers who are already involved in this business of hydroponic farming. Collect data regarding the demands of vegetables and fruits in the nearest urban area. Conversation with vegetable and fruit vendors, local restaurants, farmers, can offer you the right idea about the market.   

STEP 2 🡪 Select the Right Technology 

The selection of the right hydroponic technology can be confirmed if you select a ‘turn-key container’ for your hydroponic farming setup. The reason for this selection is its reliability in offering high yielding harvests. Such a container is scalable and needs minimal setup. By this selection, there remains no doubt to gain expected results. 

STEP 3 🡪 Get into Distribution

Your hydroponic farming business plan must have a rigid path for selling the products. You can consider B2C (selling to consumers directly), or B2B (selling to the wholesalers). Though both B2C & B2B are effective paths for distributions, yet we recommend that you also consider a hydroponic joint venture. Get in tie-ups with various local vegetable and fruit vendors. The hydroponic joint venture will add regular flow to your distribution channel.   

Benefits & Challenges

To pursue your passion for hydroponic farming it is essential to understand the possible benefits and challenges that this field holds. The basic benefits and hurdles are specifically marked for you.


  • Maximum Yields: Brings faster profit margins,
  • Intake of Nutrients: As roots are open, they get easy access to oxygen and nutrients, 
  • Least Hassle with Pests: As the process involves no soil for pests to grow,
  • Grow in Less Space: You can grow more plants as the roots need minimum space. 


  • Costly Setup: For many, the initial setup can appear expensive, but the same can will get compensated by high yields,
  • Learning Procedure: The hydroponic procedure needs quality time to learn new techniques,
  • Regular Maintenance: You cannot let any part of the process fail as lack of nutrient storage can kill the plants.

However, by following the Step-by-Step procedure mentioned hereafter, you can gain enough profit margins in a short period. 

Eventually, it is your understanding of the growing demands of vegetables and fruits in your nearest urban area that will bring in a great business opportunity to you. With the use of the right techniques and procedures, you can pursue your passion for hydroponic farming and can earn real deals in a very short period. Invest wisely and stay highly engaged and soon you will realise that your passion and your job is to bring your great sense of satisfaction.  

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