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Eco-Friendly Lifestyle with Kratom

One area that people have been thinking about too much these days is – environmental and climate change. Its impact on living beings, including plants and animals. Such concerns have led people to make major shifts. For instance, the major shift from using excess plastic to eco-friendly options. In the same vein, we started thinking: is kratom sustainable? Read about Eco Friendly Lifestyle with Kratom below.

Is there any kind of environmental impact because of kratom farming? If you are intrigued to save the environment and find out the truth about an eco-friendly lifestyle with kratom, this write-up is for you.

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What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree, and its roots stem from the coffee family. Kratom comes from the Mitragyna speciosa tree, native in Southeast Asia and Africa. 

Traditionally, the leaves of this tree have been used for medicinal purposes – thanks to its psychoactive properties. Primarily, Kratom leaves were used in different ways like:

  • For chewing
  • To fight tiredness and improve productivity
  • As a substitute for opium
  • As a medicine
  • For religious ceremonies

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Various ways in which Kratom influences sustainable living

Products made of Kratom contribute to sustainable living to help grow an environment that is eco-friendly and encourages sustainability. Here are few ways in which Kratom contributes to sustainable living:

1.  Sustainable Kratom Farming

Kratom is grown in the rainforests across Southeast Asia. Here the farmers are environmentally conscious and practice decentralized cultivation. The farming methods are not based on plantations and cultivation; the kratom grows along with the natural diversity of the rainforests. So, farmers can still harvest kratom from wild-grown trees instead of clearing the land and creating massive kratom forests.

Additionally, kratom can also be grown in farming pods in small backyard farms – hence there is no significant effect in the ecosystem when harvested. If you want to know more about kratom, click here.


2. It Doesn’t disrupt the natural growth of trees.

Kratom leaves are not collected until the trees are at least three years old; and are harvested only from mature trees. This makes it possible for the tree to maintain its health and natural growth for a more extended period without being cut down. Important point as part of Eco Friendly Lifestyle with Kratom.

Since these trees are rarely chopped, this adds an added advantage to the overall ecosystem. Moreover, the older the tree, the better quality harvest one gets.

3.    Dominating the Palm Oil Industry

Palm trees are native to Africa, and palm oil is derived from palm oil trees, proving a problem to the sustainable idea of living. How?

  • Carbon emissions are released from palm oil trees.
  • Rise in global temperature owing to the plantation of palm trees.
  • The manufacturing of palm oil directly impacts and impedes 193 critically endangered species of the world.

Moreover, farming palm trees causes a lot of damage to the local ecosystem, and its extraction leads to significant deforestation, and its production majorly impacts the groundwater level. Now, in Southeast Asia, the kratom industry is directly incompetent with palm oil trees. But the farmers are more inclined towards the financial advantages of oil palm tree farming.

With the increase in the popularity and demand of kratom, farmers don’t have to choose between sustainable living and financial wealth,  and with kratom, farmers can get the best of both worlds.

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4. Wildlife Habitats are Maintained

The rainforests are home to numerous species, and clearing the rainforests for farming directly affects these species. With kratom decentralized farming, the natural balance of the environment is maintained without disturbing the natural ecosystem and the home of these animals.

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What are the different types of Kratom strains?

  1. White vein kratom: best for concentration and motivation
  2. Red vein kratom: the best strain of kratom for rejuvenating and calming effects
  3. Green vein kratom: best kratom for focusing and staying alert; subtler than white and red kratom
  4. Yellow vein kratom: ideal for alleviating mood
  5. Maeng Da kratom: it’s pure and potent.
  6. Bentuangie Kratom: for relaxing and calmness.

What are the various benefits of Kratom?

Firstly, there is no research yet that qualifies the medicinal benefits of Kratom. People believe in kratom based on word of mouth and no facts in reality, and also, the FDA has not approved kratom. However, here are some points based on anecdotal research and studies:

  • Can help relieve chronic pains and aches: Kratom has a significant impact on people suffering from chronic pain and aches stemming from cramped muscles, tight muscles, and arthritis.
  • Energizing effect: Kratom belongs to the coffee family, and it certainly validates the energizing effects it carries.
  • Relaxation: Kratom may induce relaxation and mild sleepiness based on the type of strain you use.
  • Overcome social anxiety and stress: Kratom relaxing attributes help many with ease stress and anxiety. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to our environment and Mother Earth, we must take things seriously. Our actions directly affect the ecosystem and our surroundings. These practices adopted by kratom farmers promote sustainability – and we must carry it forward for future generations. Overall, whether you believe it or not, kratom can help in sustainable living.

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