Ecommerce Logistics Services in Dubai: From Your website to consumer Doorstep

Ecommerce Logistics Services

As the e-commerce industry grows in Dubai, the logistics of ordering consumers have become more complex – especially with the novel Coronavirus affecting the entire e-commerce supply chain.

One thing that stands out in these uncertain times: Consumers don’t like to wait.

We saw this among the Kuwait 19 epidemics when even Amazon was prioritizing the completion of only essential products, causing delays of up to a month for other products.

Now more than ever-at a time when people in Dubai are choosing to shop online to follow social distance methods-the speed at which consumers will receive their orders can play a decisive role.

5 factors of Modern logistics chain from basket to customer

1. Suppliers

Suppliers or manufacturers in Dubai have ready inventory to send to their destination. They manufacture the products and, after receiving the purchase order, send them to the completion or logistics center.

2. Completion centers

Completion centers are large warehouses that keep inventory close to end customers, so each order is placed, packed and shipped as soon as possible to ensure prompt delivery. Completion centers can be owned or leased by an e-commerce business, or through a third party logistics service provider (3PL) company in Dubai that is a professional retail completion company that serves many brands.

3. Distribution center

Large e-commerce retailers have their own products for both direct (DTC) and B2B orders in the United States or around the world. Instead of keeping all your inventory in one place, splitting inventory allows for faster delivery of DTC orders.

You can choose to use a separate facility for B2B e-commerce orders, which requires a different completion process than DTC orders.

4. Configuration facilities

The facilities that sort items are usually for large e-commerce stores that move large quantities of many SKUs.

5. Carriers

the transportation of products to their destination is made possible by shipping carriers. Typical US carriers include FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL, and usually deliver packages by truck and air.

Finding the right logistics company for faster shipping.

Many people find a partner to handle e-commerce logistics like 3PL. But with so many middle men, ordering can be delayed if a supply chain link is broken.

With the right 3PL partner, you get:

  • Ability to store inventory at many 3PL fulfillment centers so you don’t have to manage your warehouse.
  • Strong technology that tracks your inventory and order and offers up-to-date analytics.
  • Improving your supply chain requires e-commerce logistics skills.
  • Ability to offer fast delivery options such as 2 day delivery.

What is an e-commerce logistics company?

E-commerce logistics company services refers to the process that involves storing and sending inventory for an online store or marketplace, including inventory management and pickup, packing and shipping of online orders.

With millions of packages being shipped across the country especially in Dubai UAE where it’s hard to get big spaces to run an ecommerce store easily, so hiring a logistics company in Dubai is a easy way to handle your Ecommerce store and products you are selling and also to store the products on any given day, it’s important that the system keeps track of them and makes sure they’re delivered to the right place on time.

E-commerce begins with the transfer of inventory from the logistics manufacturer and continues until it reaches the final customer’s destination. Digital completion is one of the most important pieces of e-commerce logistics companies are:

  • Inventory management.
  • Warehouse and storage.
  • Order completion, or picking, packing and shipping order.

How e-commerce logistics companies’ services differ from brick and mortar logistics.

E-commerce logistics services and brick and mortar store operations differ in some ways. While an eCommerce Logistics company focuses on bringing products to the customer’s home, it focuses on getting products in brick and mortar logistics stores.

Number of final destinations.

E-commerce stores can send their packages to billions of customers worldwide, while brick and mortar businesses focus more on stores or wholesalers and their distribution.

Size of shipments and order volume

Many e-commerce stores ship shipments, with many items ranging from one to several parcels to many different customers.

In-store pickup vs home delivery.

Targets such as more established brick and mortar businesses are moving to use their stores as completion centers. Similarly, retail outlets can offer customers more flexibility in the form of store or curbside pickups. Of course, e-commerce provides the greatest convenience by providing logistics services directly to consumers.

What is the need to get ahead in e-commerce logistics?

To get ahead in e-commerce logistics, you need to focus on supply chain performance. It incorporates a mix of technology, resources, and best practices designed to help you grow your business as well as measure it.

Distributed inventory

Keeping all your inventory in one place can save you money in the short term, but it can be more expensive in the long run and when you move because of the shipping zones working.

Warehouse management system

If you run your warehouse and manage all the components of e-commerce logistics, you will also need a warehouse management system (WMS). These systems are used to track warehouse performance and provide valuable insights to improve the operation of your warehouse.

A good 3PL will have its own WMS that will give you insights and data directly to you.

Reporting and insights

Are your orders on time? What’s your price per order? What would be your delivery costs if you went from one completion center to two (or two to three, and so on)?

With the right reporting technology, you can automatically gain valuable insights into your eCommerce logistics company so you can further improve your supply chain and save costs where needed.

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