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ED under 50? Call your doctor now

Impotence might be most embarrassing for you but, trust us, you are not alone. Erectile dysfunction is quite normal for people past 50. However, if you are under 50 and facing symptoms like

Reduced sex drive

trouble or inability to erection

stress during intercourse

Relationship conflicts with your partner lead to discomfort and stress.

You should look out for a Doctor. Finding a good Doctor is yet another task. We don’t know why but Doctors are not open to talking about erections. 21st century and we are having trouble talking about a common problem.

Why you should look up to doctor as soon as possible

If you have erectile dysfunction, you must be already aware of the fact that this condition is an indication of physical and psychological health concerns. A common scenario is poor blood flow or nerve damage.

Sounds so intense and trust us it can be way too serious for you. Hence, you might be having a serious underlying problem and ignorance can make it worse. If not treated on time you might have to face health hazards like:

Heart Risks – Heart concerns have taken over the world. Probably the blood flows down it is not sufficient due to underlying heart concerns.

Obesity – a problem every fourth person is fighting to stay fit. Obesity is identical to too many health problems like Hypothyroid that can be fatal at some point.

Cholesterol – All that fat and lipids you have collected throughout eating junk may now gunk on your blood vessels.

Depression – You can tell how you feel. That can be self-diagnosed by keeping track of your emotions and behavioral changes. Did you know depression can cause some great troubles? Go to the doctor.

Parkinson – Yes, you read it right. Parkinson’s can cause erectile dysfunction. It strongly dependent on the Nervous System. It can cause troubled erections.

Diabetes – Do you have a poor blood sugar level? Ever thought it might be affecting your Physical as well as sexual health. ED with type 2 diabetes is common because it damages the nerve cell and blood vessels.

Atherosclerosis – Blood vessels are seriously damaged due to blockage caused by plaque and the collection of cholesterol on blood vessels.

Low Testosterones – Sorry to tell you but, if your testosterone level is low at this age. Your sperm counts by the time you reach 50-60 will be negligible.

High chances you will have fewer sperm counts in your 30s and 20s as well. Choose carefully what to execute. You want to trouble your whole life or a life full of adventures and happiness.

However, the list of health concerns starts from here and has no end. Many other factors can be grave over some time for you.

That might come out as shocking but, this can lead you towards Genetic disorders. People tend to ignore the impotence, finding it embarrassing to accept. Some are chilled thinking.

“Huh!  It will be all fine, it’s just a lifestyle disorder”. Yes, it is a lifestyle disorder but it has more depth than you can imagine. Some lifestyle changes help you reverse your condition but will it last forever. NEVER! Take those red flags seriously. We are sure nobody wants to be infertile. Yes, erectile dysfunction can take you to the infertility stage.


It is all in your head and hands. The moment you decide, I have had enough of impotence is the time when things can turn positive for your health.

Look for a doctor if you feel any uneasiness during sex. Get your diagnosis and tests done. Find the cause of discomfort under sheets.

Take proper diet.

Some minor lifestyle changes like cardio for 30 minutes to 1 hour every day.

Make your everyday schedule, take at least 6 hours of sleep.

Regular checkups and tests should be done every 2-3 months.

Try some therapy sessions, keep your mental health in check, take steps to reduce stress.

Cut off alcohol, smoking.

Meanwhile, lifestyle changes are doing their job. Consult your doctor for other effective medications like Cenforce 150, Cenforce 200, and Cenforce 100. These drugs are FDA approved and a good approach to improving your sex life with your partner. The medicines are available easily online on CenforcePills.

Beas open as you can ever be with your partner. The dissatisfaction caused during sex and your behavioral changes can break your emotional connection with your partner. You have to mend things, not increase mental stress.

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