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Can Effective Communication Boost Productivity

Productivity in the workplace can be a tricky business. You have to get to the deadlines with quality products and, at the same time, efficiently determine the border between high productivity and utter burnout. 

Executing a good relationship and camaraderie with your colleagues, especially if you are in a leadership position can be challenging. 

How do you make sure that most of their potential is being depicted in their work?


How can you help them to come out of their shell and share their ideas?


How will you understand their problems?

There is one solution for all of these queries – Communication!

Why Do You Need Communication? 

A professional relationship doesn’t always mean a formal binding. Sometimes in order to understand the people around you, especially the one you are working with you have to know them. 

‘Communication is the key’, this must be a very overused sentence, but ironically in a workplace, it is not talked about much. 

We Need Communication For Brevity. 

Clarity of the plan is the first step of doing something correctly. At the beginning of any task if you sit with your team and simply converse and brainstorm ideas where each and every member is adding their insights could bring about productivity. 

After all, simply assigning the work might give you the same result but the work won’t be qualitative.  

They are not robots! 

It can be confusing or jarring to start an effective communication stream or even contribute to one, learn about the types of communication styles at SoundWave and master your approaching skills.

We Need Communication To Motivate 

‘Success leads to motivation, leads to success’ 

Over here, success might not always indicate the end product, but a successful wholesome conversation with your colleague. 

Motivating emotions that can be conquered with things like appreciation and acceptance can only be achieved by forming words with your mouth. If you verbally appreciate someone’s work, this in turn will give them the confidence to continue it or even better themselves from that point. 

Quality work can only be achieved with quality communication. 

We Need Communication To Make People Feel Welcomed

How many times has this happened that you have recognized someone’s impressive potential only after months or even years of working with them?

Sometimes we tend to forget that a workplace doesn’t drive on a single person’s contribution. The ecosystem is managed by each and every person working in that space.

Conversing can be a little difficult for newcomers, especially someone with an introverted personality. That does not automatically indicate their lackadaisical nature, rather they might be the powerhouse of enthusiasm and unique capabilities. 

Starting a simple conversation and asking about their hobbies can bring about a lot of hidden treasure in broad daylight, and can make them feel important. They will automatically grow this zeal to work more for the organization that recognizes them. 

We Need Communication To Understand the Difficulty

Work can only progress at a productive rate when there is no obstruction in front of us. Difficulty lengthens our work and at the same time slows our progress. 

But, how will you know whether they are actually having a problem? 

Communication is fine, but in workplaces, dedicated workers generally don’t talk about their personal issues or work-related issues. If you are a team leader, you can approach them kindly and have a one on one session on the problems they are facing.

The impersonal nature of this kind of communication will help your co-worker feel secure, and the initial shyness that comes with sharing will eventually come off. 

However, remember that through this kind of communication it gets easier to forget the professional boundary although that decorum should always be maintained in such situations. 

With activities like this you will empathize with others’ difficulties and help to diminish or assist them through it; increasing their productivity. 

To End It 

Sometimes good communication can solve big unresolved issues. At times we cannot help but bring an overwhelming amount of emotion to our work, especially if they are created by another co-worker. 

Needless to mention, this can hamper productivity in the workplace. 

Keeping it in can only worsen it. Therefore communicating through this misunderstanding can be progressive. If it gets slightly difficult, you can also hire an industrial psychologist to make the conversation easier.

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