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5-Step Framework for Effective Keyword Targeting

The keywords that you use have a higher contribution in managing the ranking and targeting better traffic. Read Effective Keyword Targeting.


While doing SEO, you need to check on all the strategies which are essential to benefit the ranking and search engine boost. One of the main components of SEO is keywords. Thus the keywords for your SEO optimization need to be top-notch ones.

The keywords that you use have a higher contribution in managing the ranking and targeting better traffic. Thus the keyword targeting needs to be very much valuable and effective to do the SEO correctly. Following an appropriate framework for an effective keyword, targeting can help you in various ways to reach your goals. Here is how you do it easily: 

Step 1: You need to start with deciding the proper funnel stages: 

The idea of the funnel stages is quite popular for SEOs. In terms of keyword targeting, the funnel stages are used as a concept to classify the keywords which have better potential.  You can use these keywords in your content planning to improve the overall site structure.  At the same time, it is highly impressive for targeting the various business goals. Here is how you do it more strategically: 

  • Monetizing your SEO Traffic: 

Based on your monetization model, you can narrow down your keyword searching range. With the advertising, you need to get the top funnel keywords to get a higher search volume. For affiliate marketing, the mid-funnel keywords are very impressive to entice your customer to close more conversion. For the eCommerce purpose, the low funnel keywords are quite effective. 

  • Making a plan that suits your budget: 

While making the plan for your funnel stages, you must decide your budget before taking any step. Targeting the top-funnel keywords requires more resources. The low-funnel transactional keywords are the better ones to invest in when you are limited on your budget. 

Step 2: Form the keyword groups based on the intent: 

Intent-based keyword targeting is very popular for SEO optimization. The content needs to appear as per the relevant queries. To target more traffic and to reach out to more of the relevant searches, creating the content around the keywords is very effective. This way, you can give the users exactly what they are looking for; at the same time, it will serve the relevant signals to the search engines. 

Thus whatever the keywords you are choosing from your initial keyword list, you must consider dividing it into smaller groups that are based on the intent. 

Step 3: Considering the actual business potential: 

Most of the time, when we analyze the business potential, we tend to look at the search volumes and the keyword difficulty to ensure that the keywords have the essential potential to bring more valuable traffic. 

Moreover, when we are focusing on the top-funnel informative keywords, we can find out that these keywords may not have higher conversion chances. To sort out the keywords, it is better to classify them as “high”, “mid,” and “low” as per the business value. 

Step 4: Identify the contents which are the best matches: 

There is a correlation existing between the type of search results and the type for the search query.

However, the search queries tend to get adjusted with the RankBrain. Thus always thinking that the keywords go suitable to a particular type of content may not be a job done by common sense only. You have to focus on the fact as per the types of the pages which rank for a particular keyword group. It will help you to identify the most popular type of content on the SERPs for each of the intent groups. 

Step 5: Map the keywords to the content: 

The keyword mapping is one of the most important things to check before you launch a new page. You need to make sure that all the valuable keywords are getting distributed effectively on future site pages. 

Things can be complicated enough for the websites which are a bit older as some of your pages are already having the Google rankings. Any of the changes that you are implementing can lead to the loss of your current rankings. Thus before mapping, the keywords make sure you are considering all the current rankings which you have earned already. 


As you are done with targeting the effective keywords, you need to make sure that you are properly optimizing your page. Following the five-step framework can cut down your efforts and give you effective results.

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