6 Steps to Build an Effective Sales Pitch Deck

A sales pitch deck is basically a presentation covering two main areas; the product you’re selling and why the audience should buy it. In this post, you’ll learn about six steps that will guide you in building an effective pitch deck. Read more about Effective Sales Pitch Deck below.

  1. Build it pitch deck around the customer

The best sales pitch deck is one that is tailored around the customers and their needs. For this reason, if you’re to build an effective sales pitch, you need to conduct thorough customer research.

You should know every detail from the type of business they run, their mission, their main competitors, and how your product will help with their current workflow. Professional pitch deck consultants can help you with this.

This is because it doesn’t matter how detailed your slides are; if they don’t resonate with your customers, the whole pitch deck will be a failure. You can gather all the necessary information you need about the customers from their company website, blogs, and any activities they might have participated in.

2. Structure a story around the product

Most of the time, building a pitch deck is like creating a story in which the customer is the main protagonist. For this reason, every slide of your story should touch on the product you’re selling and why the customer might need it.

You need to structure a story around the product you’re selling, how the customers’ lives were before the product, and the challenges they encountered which couldn’t be solved. After establishing this groundwork, the next step is to touch on the solution.

How the customers’ lives will be like after solving their current problems and how they’ll benefit from solving these problems. With this, you’ll then introduce the hero of the story, the product.

3. Articulate the benefits of your product

After you’ve established who the customer is and introducing them to the product you’re trying to sell to them, it’s time to touch on some of the benefits it offers. By explaining these benefits to the customers, you’re likely to elevate your pitch and spark interest among them.

However, your product could consist of so many benefits that could help better the lives of the customers or their businesses. But, you do not have the time to touch on all of these details.

You’re there to make an impression and help convince the customers to purchase your product. For this reason, it’s better to talk about at most three benefits that the product offers to the customers.

4. Pick your most powerful proof

This proof should stand out and make you look like an expert in the field. Also, it’s very important that the proof you provide is relatable to the customers.

For example, if you’re pitching your product to small business owners, you might want to refrain from talking about how big companies use your product.

While this might sound good because you have a high-end buyer, the customers you’re pitching to might become skeptical about the product. This is because they might feel that your product isn’t exactly tailored for small businesses like them.

5. Use a pitch deck that is ideal for you

This might sound more like cheating, but in reality, it’s not. By using the right pitch deck template, you’ll make your pitch even more appealing to your prospective customers.

But, before you implement such a template in your presentation, you need to personalize it to fit your own idea. This involves changing the colors and fonts where possible and replacing the numbers with yours.

6. Make it simple and short

When making your pitch, you need to ensure that you prioritize simplicity more than anything else. Simplifying your pitch doesn’t mean presenting ten slides crammed with a lot of information.

You could have several slides but ensure that they contain simple information that is easy to grasp. In simple terms, the pitch deck should be the purest summary of your entire pitch. It’s advisable that you go for not more than 12 simple and direct slides.


By following the above steps, your sales pitch deck will resonate with your prospective customers, and it is bound to be a success. Also, ensure that you have the right resources and you’re eloquent enough during the whole presentation.

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