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The rare natural source of non-nuclear gamma rays is brake radiation. Read about all kind of Effects of Gamma-Ray on Human Body.


This ionizing radiation takes gamma rays, gamma-ray bursts, and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. Examples of this radiation are the radiation from nuclear reactors, nuclear power stations, and nuclear weapons, to name just a few. It can also ionize water, air, soil, water vapor, and even the air itself.

The rare natural source of non-nuclear gamma rays is brake radiation, a type of gamma-ray explosion produced by the interaction of a high-intensity static electric field with an atom in the atmosphere. The atoms of the absorbed material interact and travel different distances, which excites and ionizes the atoms. 

It is thought that gamma rays are not generated by nuclear weapons but by highly-intensified electric fields that accelerate electrons to high velocities, colliding in a brake to produce gamma rays atoms in our atmosphere that slow down due to the high pressure and temperature of their environment. 

The energy of gamma radiation is potentially more harmful than any other, but this is a larger discussion. It can be taken in many forms, including gamma-ray bursts of nuclear weapons, nuclear explosions, and even cosmic rays.

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The ionizing radiation of non-nuclear gamma rays is electromagnetic, similar to the visible light of stars. However, it is shorter and therefore more penetrating, so that it can do more damage than the electromagnetic radiation that is absorbed.

When we use a mobile phone, radiation comes from it and damages our eyes and body. You should know about EMF protection for mobile phones because these radiations are harmful.

Gamma particles are high-energy photons that move very quickly without having an electrical charge. Gamma-ray particles, which most people think of when we talk about radiation, are also part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Gamma rays and X-rays are both electromagnetic radiation because they both ionize atoms easily, and both do so at high energies, but the rays have slightly more problems. Gamma rays can be more dangerous because of their higher power and more penetrating nature.

Gamma rays and X-rays can easily penetrate the human body completely, but a fraction of this energy can be absorbed by tissues and damage living cells. UV radiation (gamma rays) can also damage tissues, but it breaks down cells, including those held together by DNA.

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Radiation disease is one of the most common side effects of radiation exposure to the human body, but it is not the only form of radiation disease. 

The amount of damage caused by radiation exposure depends on many factors, such as the type of radiation from 5G, the duration of exposure, and the degree of radiation exposure.

The absorbed dose is very practical for radiological protection, as it does not damage all tissues equally, but unfortunately, it absorbs some of these doses. Also, ionizing radiation can cause cancer and other cancers, depending on the total amount of radiation received, i.e., the duration a person has been exposed to it. 

Although it is not equally harmful to the human body or other tissue types such as the liver, lungs, kidneys, heart, brain, etc., absorbent doses can be very useful for radiation protection. Unfortunately, absorbed doses are very practical for radiological protection, as they do not absorb any of these doses. 

Although gamma-ray astronomy often assumes non-radioactive events, few are known to be caused by nuclear gamma decay (see discussion in SN1987a), as the discovery of gamma radiation in the late 1960s and early 1970s has shown.

However, a whole range of gamma-ray astronomy is known, caused by gamma decay, such as the detection of gamma radiation from the nuclear fusion of a neutron star (SN 1987a).

Gamma-ray particles are similar to X-rays, and the decay of gamma-ray particles generates alpha and beta-gamma radiation into gamma-ray particles (SN 1987a). Gamma rays are emitted and produced during gamma decay, which occurs in the same way as other decay forms such as alpha or beta. 

They are not proven to cause cancer, but they can cause serious health problems if emitted or produced naturally. When a senior dentist uses someone to take X-rays and shield them from the gamma-ray, they can cause serious injury.

Depending on the energy, they can be stopped by a thick wall of concrete or lead, or they can pass through a thin layer of glass or even through the skin. Gamma rays can penetrate tissues and cause systemic damage to tissues and DNA.


When we talk about radiation hazards for humans and the rest of the place, we are not talking about ionizing radiation. Sealed radioactive sources and machines emitting gamma radiation or radiation pose an external risk to humans in particular. 

The most common gamma emitter used for medical applications is the gamma-ray emitting isotope technetium-99 m, emitted by the nuclear isomer Technetium 99 m. It is used in diagnostics and nuclear medicine. It is manufactured in diagnostic X-ray devices that generate gamma rays with a wavelength of about 1,000 to 1.5 m and 10 to 20 seconds. Hope you love reading “Effects of Gamma-Ray on Human Body”

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