Egypt real estate trends until 2022

There are several anomalies in the Egyptian housing market, which raises the question: What will happen to real estate in 2022? Will the market continue to burn? Will the pandemic continue to depress prices? Perhaps most importantly, what are the most popular property trends for next year and why? To answer these questions, La Casa Property has used the insights of real estate agents, forecasting models, brokers, and other property professionals to identify the successful property trends for 2022.

Commercial real estate in Egypt remains in high demand 

E-commerce was already popular with consumers before QE, thanks to the proliferation of online retailers such as Amazon. The shift from shopping locally to shopping online has led to rapid growth in e-commerce over the past two years.

As a result, the demand for commercial real estate, such as warehouses to store goods for sale, has increased significantly. E-commerce retailers also use advantages such as fast delivery to differentiate themselves from their competitors. The demand for warehouses and industrial space by e-commerce companies will almost certainly continue beyond 2022 as more investors and companies occupy this space.

However, the Downtown Mall New Capital it’s a project established to carry out the real estate market in Egypt, as part of an urban expansion to offer all services, many different unit sizes, with the best prices.

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Investing in commercial real estate is going mainstream

Recent years have seen an explosion of interest in property investment, but opportunities have been largely limited to professional investors and those who can afford to invest large sums. Next year, in 2022, this playing field will be more even as commercial real estate investment becomes more mainstream.

Large trading platforms that once specialized in the equity market for general investors are now targeting the real estate market. As more of these platforms offer equity trading in individual property stocks, investing becomes easier and cheaper. In this way, a market that was previously restricted to a few investors is becoming accessible to anyone with money who wants to buy real estate.

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Rents continue to rise

Rents have been rising rapidly since the beginning of the epidemic and this trend is likely to continue until 2022. Rents are certain to rise as there is not enough rental housing to meet demand in most areas and demand is outstripping supply. In most markets, developers are struggling to meet demand, but the stock of rental housing is not growing fast enough to meet rising demand. Other issues, such as rising costs of building materials and supply chain problems, are also making it difficult for builders to keep up. As a result, rents will continue to rise and may even outpace house price growth. 

Strategically, at La Casa Property we are committed to providing solutions to its clients’ key investment and leasing problems. Last but not least, Downtown Mall New Capital and East Tower New Capital are two projects we have collected in Egypt that offer further opportunities for successful real estate investments.

     Downtown Mall services in the administrative capital

  • 2 underground garages to park the largest number of mall-goers’ cars and avoid the problem of traffic congestion.
  • Downtown Mall also includes, for the first time in Malls of Egypt, hologram parties to enjoy while shopping and dining.
  • Especially since there is a huge food court that includes the most famous restaurants and cafes on the view of the square on the tourist promenade and the landscape.
  • There is also Kids Area filled with fun and educational activities. There are also spacious and clean escalators and elevators to facilitate moving between the floors of the mall.
  • In addition to the presence of surveillance cameras and a sophisticated security device throughout the mall.
  • Especially the presence of giant fountains extending from the ground floor to the second floor, adding an aesthetic touch to the place.
  • Downtown Mall, the administrative capital, is fully air-conditioned and has a high-speed service provider.
  • Also, Downtown Mall, the administrative capital, is an environmentally friendly project that relies on clean solar energy to power all its parts.
  • Eight Real Estate Development has also contracted with the best maintenance and operation companies.
  • Drive-thru car service is also available inside the mall. 
  • In addition to having an anti-fire system and a trained security team working all day.
  • Especially there is a central audio system.
  • There are also two huge screens on the front of the mall that give the project a luxurious and distinctive view.
  • In addition, there are workers specialized in periodic cleaning and sterilization of the mall.

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