Elton Mayo’s Theory

Have you heard about a book called “The Human Problems of an Industrialized Civilization” or “ The Hawthorne Studies”? These are the books written by Elton Mayo. He plays a vital role to develop the human relations theory of management. Read about Elton Mayo’s Theory below.

He simply stats about  rational factors like Attention and camaraderie to motivate employees in any field. He develops a milieu that defines how can we successfully complete the task by any particular team.

Introduction to Elton Mayo’s theory

Elton Mayo plays a vital role in modern human relations management theory. One interesting fact about his theory is that it is totally based on Hawthrone’s experiments. By observing employee productivity levels in different environmental conditions we can easily predict how any work will complete. In his experiments, he described numerous conclusions for employee motivation. 

Mayo’s theory stat about some factors that can easily motivate employees like camaraderie and attention by monetary rewards and environmental factors as well as rewarding humidity, and lighting.

Some of the combinations by Elton theory and its effect on teamwork:

  • If a group has lower cohesiveness and lower norms are totally ineffective without any such impact, in such kind of team there is lack of motivation to excel to any of group member.
  • A group with low norms and high cohesiveness also has such negative impacts. The only reason behind it is a team member’s bouy up in such negative behavior.
  • A group with high norms and low cohesiveness has positive effects at such a level. But it acted by any or few individual members of the group.
  • If a group has High cohesiveness and high norms has the most and great impact on work. 

Benefits of Elton Mayo’s theory

There are many benefits of Elton Mayos theory. But among all of them here are some of the key benefits that are known as pillars of modern human relationship management.

  • In any working organization or working group, the fundamental understanding and having knowledge of human behavior in any way help to completing tasks with ease through people.
  • The knowledge of Interpersonal relations in the team or in the organization helps any manager to complete any task with ease.
  • Large production and higher motivation mean developing a strong human relation across team members.
  • Any management study must have some sort of principles like sociology and psychology that clear concept of different behavior sciences.

How Mayo contributed to Management?

George Elton Mayo published two major books called “Human problems of an industrial civilization” and “Industrial Civilization” in 1933 and 1945 respectively. Also, he conducts such important experiments called “Hawthorne Experiments” which were conducted from 1927 to 1932. It contains:

  • Illumination Experiments:

It helps to know productivity and how it improve by developing a proper environment.

  • Relay Assembly Test Room Experiment:

By providing proper rest period and shorter working hours and many other things we can easily improve the productivity

Here is all about Elton Mayo’s theory. If you want to know about the clinical reasoning cycle, Driscoll Model of Reflection then do follow us on this bolg.

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