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Top 5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Important for Your Business

Email marketing can help you connect with new customers and also connect with old ones. Learn why Email Marketing Is Important for Business.


Running a business is no small task. There are so many moving parts to stay on top of, and unfortunately, some of the seemingly less important tasks get thrown to the wayside.

One of these tasks is marketing. It can be easy to push marketing into the “not so important” category when you’re running around trying to keep up with everything else.

Many business owners stick to one go-to marketing tactic and call it a day. If you are not competent enough to use this strategy, you may hire email marketing services in Houston to do this task on your behalf.

Here are the top five reasons why email marketing is important for your business:

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1. Reach Your Customers Anywhere

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, emails can reach your customers no matter where they are. If you call a person on the phone, they might miss the call.

While not every marketing email is opened, it’ll reach potential customers wherever they happen to be. They can open it any time of day, even if they’re not home!

Most emails are opened on a smartphone throughout the day. While many people only check their email once a day on a computer, they will check it numerous times per day on a cell phone. 

The great thing about this is that you can deliver an email about a 4-hour sale that starts that same day and get immediate visits due to these emails. 

2. Email Can Be Used for Any CTA

You can add whatever call to action that you want in your email.

Whether you want to increase organic website traffic, gain social media followers, or promote a sale, email is a great medium. It’s easy to add links, banners, and promo codes to any message.

No matter what your goals are for a campaign, email can help you achieve them.

3. Email Marketing Can Be Easily Tracked

Another reason why your business can benefit from email marketing is that you can easily measure the success of a marketing campaign. 

With the right email marketing platforms, you can easily see how many people open your email, unsubscribe, click the CTA, and even how long they stay on your website after clicking.

This can help you decide what is working in your marketing efforts and what needs to change. You can even do A/B testing to track the success of two different marketing campaigns in tandem.

Once you know which technique works better, you can make that your primary campaign. This will not only ensure that your marketing efforts are effective, but you will waste less time and energy on ineffective campaigns.

Traditional marketing is hard to measure. A company could spend months using the same techniques and reap very little reward before they are aware that they need a new marketing tactic. 

4. Allows for Customer Segmentation

While traditional marketing usually delivers the same message to all customers, email allows for segmenting your customer base. 

This makes it possible to send out different emails to customers in different stages of the sales funnel. You can even create separate email campaigns for different age brackets and genders. 

Targeted advertising allows you to personalize each email for the receiver. A woman in her twenties will respond to different ads than a man in his late sixties. Email marketing makes it possible to reach them both in a single campaign.

Through email, you can show people the products they are most likely to buy, not just your best-sellers or new products. When you get the right emails into the right hands, you can really connect with your customers.

5. It Can Fit Any Marketing Budget

To see a large return in traditional marketing, you need a lot of money. Email marketing can happen on a large scale with very little investment. This allows even small businesses to market their business to thousands of people.

If you already have an established customer contact list, you can create an email and send it out for free. In fact, you can spend as little or as much on email marketing as you want.

Many marketing platforms offer free emails up to a certain number. These platforms will offer more products to enhance your emails for a fee, but you don’t have to use them.

Of course, the best email marketing campaign will take time and effort, even if you invest little money into the process. 

What’s more, email marketing has been proven to provide a great return on investment. 

According to the DMA Email Council, 91% of all companies they surveyed recognized email marketing as the number one way they reach their customers. 

The Council also pointed out that in 2018, every English pound spent on email marketing brought the company an average of £42.24 pounds. Translated into dollars, that’s over $58 for every $1.30 spent.

Those numbers are good for any sized company!

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As you can see, email marketing can be a vital part of growing your customer base and keeping existing customers coming back.

Delivering your message directly to their inbox, you’re marketing in a more personalized and effective way without paying for advertising!

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Caitlin Sinclair is a business manager at Alliance Residential, where she works with Broadstone Vintage Park and other apartment communities.

Caitlin Sinclair

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