Epdm Rubber Roofing Birmingham Experts: Just a Call Away

EPDM Rubber Roofing Birmingham

S. Tomic Roofing LTD is a trustworthy team of EPDM Rubber Roofing Birmingham; here to solve all your roofing dilemmas, with excellence. No matter what material your roofing is constructed with; our team of reliable roofers is always here to help you out.

Epdm rubber roofing is one of the latest innovations in the world of roofing, mainly being used in pitch roofing. If your ultimate goal is to ensure the longevity of the roof, then an epdm rubber roof is your best bet. It won’t disappoint you. And if you get it installed by our team at S. Tomic Roofing LTD, then there is nothing to worry about as we have been managing roofing for years and are highly capable of undertaking all types of roof projects.

Excellent EPDM Rubber Roofing in Birmingham:

EPDM rubber is gaining a lot of appreciation lately in the world of construction. And it’s doing so, for all the right reasons. The durability that EPDM rubber roofing has to offer is exceptional as it withstands all kinds of weather.

You can count on S. Tomic Roofing LTD experts provide you with high quality installation and repair or replacement roofing services in Birmingham. Our quality of services is unbeatable. With the finest quality in all Birmingham, we are the roofing specialists for all residents.

Rubber Roofing:

EPDM rubber roofing is the best bet if you want to enhance your property’s exterior and also set an impression that catches the eye. EPDM has a lifespan of 50 years and thus, it’s durability is out of this world. It is effective in making your roofs strong, long lasting and is super efficacious in insulating the heat and cold both, being a perfect fit for withstanding all types of weathers.

EPDM rubber comes with properties like water-proof, UV protection and guarding elements to become one of the sturdiest materials to opt for, for your roofs. With S. Tomic Roofing LTD, you get the finest quality EPDM rubber roofing in Birmingham. We feel gratified to state that our quality is unmatchable and thus, we stand out in the market.


Long lasting Roofing Solution for All:

EPDM rubber roofing has a membrane warranty of 20 years. And we install it professionally and with care, so that it tends to withstand all wear and tear effectively. With this roofing, one is able to attain peace of mind, as it lasts long and you don’t have to sweat about anything.

It is accessible in various sizes and there is no chance of gaps or overlaps. The roof lining sets so well due to availability of sizes, that it helps us attain a very uniform outlook of the roof overall. With as little to no maintenance, our roofing product lasts for years, without causing much trouble.

Epdm rubber roofing birmingham For Commercial and Residential Installation

Whether you are on the lookout for commercial Epdm rubber roofing or you want EPDM roofs for your homes; these add the perfect spark and value to your property. With years of experience, our team has gathered a diversified skill set which helps us manage all types of Fibreglass Roofing Birmingham. From commercial to residential Epdm rubber roofing in Birmingham; we can do it all for you. It is an ideal choice for both types of properties and wouldn’t disappoint you at all.

Get the best at S. Tomic Roofing LTD:

With S. Tomic Roofing LTD, you get the best of the best only. When we are by your side, working on EPDM rubber roofing; you can just sit back and relax and let us do the best for you. Our experienced and qualified roofers bring the best services for all. We are certified and most trusted roofers in Birmingham, bringing the best to your homes and buildings.


Your search for a reliable roofing specialist ends here with S. Tomic Roofing LTD. get in touch with us today and get your finest quality EPDM rubber roofing installed today. We will be pleased to help you, choose the best for your home or office.

We are just a call away.

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