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In this world why do we work so hard? For the satisfaction of both work and money. Similarly, in every aspect of life wherever we put our effort and time, we expect some amount of satisfaction to come in return. Read the guide about Erectile dysfunction below.

But if in return comes disapproval there is grief, sorrow, and frustration all around. Like our effort in studies and job, the same goes for sexual pleasure where in return for efforts orgasm is experienced. But as in the path of success, there are obstacles, similarly in reaching orgasm one of the main obstacles is Erectile Dysfunction or ED.

If someone is reading about ED or listening about it for the first time the surely, he or she is a resident of under the rock. ED is one of the major male disorders across the globe that not only affects sexual performance but also the lives of people around that person.

From being just a sexual disorder ED has caused divorces, clashes, depression, anxiety, suicide, and whatnot. So, underestimating ED would be a vital mistake in the decline of your sexual health.

For the resurrection of one’s ability to satisfy her woman on the bed, there are various methods. The most common one is taking Fildena 100, Cenforce, and Vidalista from Arrowmeds under the consultation of a doctor. But is that the only way? Let’s understand ED in-depth in this article. Important point as part of Erectile dysfunction.

What the hell is ED?

ED is the hell in which once you enter without proper guidance from the doctor you cannot exit from. In normal situations, when a man is sexually stimulated in response his penis gets erected. This erection is necessary for satisfying sexual intercourse.

But in ED, even on seduction, the person gets excited about sex but his penis does not gain an erection. Getting a non-erect in front of wife and girlfriend is an embarrassing moment. In the heat of the moment when both of you are ready to take a leap of faith, ED comes as a permanent obstacle causing frustration and anger.

Why does it happen?

The erection of the penis occurs due to the flow of blood into the blood vessels of the penis at the time of sexual stimulation. But in ED this flow of blood in the penis is stopped or decreased till extreme low conditions which result in a negligible erection. Some of the most common reasons for ED are:


Smoking is one of the addictive habits that has caused more trouble to the person than any other thing. From asthma to cancer and now ED, smoking is full of risks that put a life that stake then also the number of new smokers keeps on increasing every year.

This shows the ignorance of humans towards their health. This is why you would see that most smokers carrying ED pills with them all the time because in their case getting an erection naturally is next to impossible. For them, Fildena, Cenforce online, and Vidalista from Arrowmeds is a regular affair whenever having sexual intercourse?

Excessive consumption of alcohol

The matter with alcohol is a little complicated because in all cases alcohol is not harmful. For example, when taken in small amounts it positively affects our body. This is a scientific fact that alcohol reduces stress levels, lowers blood pressure, and relaxes the mind. So, where does the problem starts?

It starts when alcohol is taken in excess amounts and goes beyond the normal levels. In such situations the nervous system is directly affected, the correlation between the organs and brain is disturbed. This results in various important secretions, processes getting halted causing chaos in the body.

Among this chaos, the supply of blood is also prevented in various organs including the penis. And we all know what happens when the penis is devoid of adequate amounts of blood.


In obesity, due to overconsumption of high calorie and high cholesterol items, a layer of cholesterol gets deposited on the mouth of arteries transmitting blood to and from the organs. Hence, organs are left in deficiency of blood despite the heart pumping the blood in full flow. Therefore, the heart pumps the blood with increased force causing the overall blood pressure to increase.

Due to being deficient organs do not function at their full capacity. Hence, the penis also cannot become erect to its full capacity causing ED.

How to get rid of ED?

The above-listed reasons for ED are just the tip of the iceberg, there are numerous reasons which can lead you to ED. From the food you take to the way you sleep; everything affects sexual performance in some way.To get rid of ED either use pills like Fildena, Cenforce, and Vidalista 20 from Arrowmeds to make your penis erect. But this is the short-lived answer to ED because it cures ED for that specific ED only. For the long term, one has to make corrections to his lifestyle such as getting better sleep, getting rid of all addictions, eating a healthy diet, etc. Hope you love raeding about Erectile Dysfunction | Memorable Session

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