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Top Useful Advice for Revising Your Essay

Read about the “Essay Revision Process” in detail because that’s what most people need to do. Nobody hands in the first draft of an essay.


Ah, the essay revision process. It’s probably not something you want to think about, but unfortunately, you need to. Nobody hands in the first draft of an essay. They always work on it extensively – only handing in a second or even third draft. Revising your essay is hard but necessary.

Does Your Essay Answer the Question?

The first thing to do when you are revising your essay answers this. Does your essay answer the question? https://writemyessay.ca/ makes sure to get as much information as it can when taking orders. This is to make sure that they can answer the essay question to the best of their ability.

You need to make sure that your essay answers the questions you want it to. Your essay can be technically perfect, but if it doesn’t answer the question, that doesn’t matter. An essay that doesn’t answer the question is one that shows you don’t understood the work or your subject. Any revision process should start by looking at things from this perspective. If you haven’t, then there is no point in more revision. Your essay is fundamentally wrong and needs to be changed.

Does Your Essay Include All the Research?

Your next step should be making sure that you have included all your research. This is a very helpful revising strategy because it can help you find a way out if you are struggling.

Using all your research is a good way to make sure you don’t get stuck. If one of your paragraphs is shorter than the others, look to see if you have forgotten anything. Maybe you will have used all your research, but maybe you’ll have some leftover. Either way, you know what your next step needs to be.

If your essay has all of its research, but still needs more, that is your cue to go and do some more reading. All of your paragraphs should be equally balanced in terms of how much information there is in each.

Does Your Essay Have All its Quotes?

Quotes are a funny thing in essays. You need some, but you can easily have too many. One of the major revision strategies for writing is to check the quotes that you have in your work. You can then make the changes you see fit. If there are too many, you can reduce them. If there are too few, you can add them.

The best way to do this is by having an overview first. How does your essay look overall? If there are any conspicuous gaps, then you will be able to fit a quote in there. Take look and see what kind of quotes you have where. Now that your whole essay is done, you might find that the quotes no longer fit. If that’s the case, then you can easily make any changes.

Is Your Bibliography Up to Date?

The next step in your revision should to be check that your bibliography is up to date. This is maybe not such a factor in creative writing revision, but in all other cases it is.

Your bibliography is a record of all the sources you consulted to write your own essay. You need to keep it up to date, otherwise, people won’t be able to follow your reasoning. Any revision needs to make sure to do this. Remember that you need to keep an eye out for sources that you don’t need, as well as ones you have missed. Revising your work might mean that you take a quote out. If that quote is the only reference to a particular work, then still having it in your bibliography can seem odd to anybody reading it.

Have You Cited Everything Properly?

Leading on from the previous section, the next step in your revision should be to check your citations. Plagiarism is taken very seriously in academia, so you should take it seriously too. 

The essay writing process can be long and complicated. It is far too easy to mislabel a citation or forget to label a quote properly. Plagiarism isn’t always something that people do deliberately, after all. When people talk about how to revise an essay, they always mention quotes and citations, just because of how easy they are to miss.

Check every quote in your essay, just in case. You never know if you’ve missed any! That would be quite a stupid way to lose marks. Check all your quotes, and you can rest easy, knowing that this part of your essay is complete and properly done.

Do You Need to Do Heavy or Light Revisions?

Not all revisions are equal, of course. You can do either heavy revisions or light revisions. It entirely depends on what you see when you start editing and revising your work. 

Heavy revisions are if you feel that your work needs more changes than simple grammar and line editing. They can include whole paragraph changes or more. Light revisions, on the other hand, are much less in-depth. 

Before you do anything, you need to make sure you know which one you will be doing. Heavy revisions obviously take longer than light ones. If you need to make big changes, you will need to pencil in more revision time. Deciding what you need to do is critical. What if you start doing light revisions, and only then realize that you need to do heavy ones? You will have wasted some time that you could have used on other things.

Once You have Revised Your Work, Do it Again

A big part of the revision writing process is repetition. You need to do things over and over and over to get them right.

Once You have Revised Your Work, Do it Again

Once you have revised your work, do it again. Take what you like from the first revisions, and make more changes. This is the only way you will get your work to be the best it can be. You need to keep going over your work until you are sure you’ve ironed out all of the issues. Remember that your first draft is never going to be your best. You will always need to go through a few drafts before you find the best way to express yourself and your ideas on paper.

Revise Away

Hopefully, our article has given you some ideas on how to properly revise an essay. Any one of these steps can mean a better end result. Try one or two on your next essay, and see how you feel. You might find that an entirely new inspiration comes from it. Hope you love reading about “Essay Revision Process”

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