Essential Keys to Succeed on a Divorce Case


Nobody indeed wishes to lose the court case, but did you know you can pull the lawsuit towards yourself to some extent by making use of human behaviours. 

The following tips can help you win your case if you are fighting your divorce at a Lake County divorce lawyer.

Obtain a settlement without going to court

This option seems out-of-place since this list relates to achieving the best results in court. A divorcing spouse is rarely successful in their arguments before a probate and family court judge.

There is almost always a better way to agree on your divorce than to entrust this decision to someone who does not know you, your children, or your facts, and Pleadings govern divorce proceedings. 

Plan ahead

The divorce process may sound simple, but it’s not, and there are various ways to prepare for it, such as a gesture, a meeting with the divorce attorney, a trial setting conference, or a trial. For every hearing type, there are different preparations to make. If you want to win, you must provide the court with ample evidence for your position.

You have to make a bullet-point list of your arguments. Your argument will usually take between 5 and 10 minutes. Be sure to read the list of actions you need to take before attending the case management or trial setting conferences. You have to complete your preparation for court starts weeks in advance.  

Professionalism in your clothing

Unless it can resolve your case before your family court date, it is essential to respect the judge. Do not appear careless. Apart from that, do not wear crappy clothes in front of the judge. It’s always a good idea to dress as well as you can. It will make it seem as if you have plenty of money for support. You must dress like a parent if your custody is at stake.  

Refrain yourself from interrupting

A common objection among family and probate judges is to warn the lawyer and his party to be quiet during the hearing. The majority of judges immediately halt that behaviour if it occurs, but some do not.

It would be best if you wrote down what the other party says during their comments so that when it’s your turn to present your case to the judge, you have a list of points to address. The Court will allow you to reply to other people’s remarks in time.

Calm down and try to relax

When you go in front of the judge, present yourself strong and not get nervous. The case will come in your favour only when you put your robust personality before the judge. Whether the issue is of divorce or the custody of the children, you have to stay calm. 


As a Lake County divorce lawyer, we have handled many cases where both parties have won the case through good behaviour. Thus, you will be able to win the litigation as well by following the tips mentioned above.

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By Asad Ijaz Khattak

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