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How to Evaluate the Impact of Offline Advertising on Online?

Companies already successfully use offline sales advertising, combining it with digital channels. Read about “Impact of Offline Advertising” For example, on the Hubspot blog you can read about 15 creative ways to use offline advertising to support online campaigns. Corporations such as Lexus, Motorola and Nivea use billboards and print ads in magazines the old fashioned way, but they do it in a new way.

A 2021 retail study by Conversant shows that shoppers under 35 are 34% more likely to order online after trying on in a store. Why is this happening? The buyer can either compare prices and choose a cheaper option, or simply order the same model in a different color or size. This buying strategy is called Bricks-to-Clicks model .

A simple example for the e-commerce industry: a client wants to buy himself a new pair of sneakers for a promotion, but is afraid to make a mistake with the size. Such a buyer will come to the store to try on shoes, make sure that everything suits him, and then make an order through the website. That is why it is so important to assess the impact of offline advertising on online sales. Reverse ROPO: How to Track the Impact of Offline Ads on Online Sales

The opposite effect of ROPO (research offline, purchase online) occurs when a buyer receives information about the desired product offline, but makes an order online. The reasons why buyers do this:

  1. The client wants to see the product live before paying for it.
  2. Cheaper to order online.
  3. The product is not in the store in the desired color or size.
  4. It is inconvenient for a person to buy right now, he will place an order later.

Most often, the opposite effect of ROPO can be found in such business areas as electronics, cosmetics and perfumery, regatta discount code on clothing and footwear. That is, in those industries where the client often tests the product personally and with his own hands, and then looks for the most advantageous offer in online stores.

So why should a business track the impact of offline advertising on online sales? In order to:

  • understand what proportion of customers visit a regular store and then place an order on the website.
  • see shortcomings in the range of products in a physical store.
  • confirm the effectiveness of the online store.

Any customer journey can described as the desire of people to buy the right product in the right place. Accordingly, (according to  the 2018 Conversant report  ), shoppers using multiple channels (online and offline) make 3.2 times more purchases than shoppers who come through only one channel.

To track all advertising campaigns, you should set up end-to-end omnichannel analytics that will take into account user behavior both online and offline. For example, in our blog you can read   how the end-to-end omnichannel analytics system is useful .

What data is needed for tracking

To assess the impact of offline advertising on online sales, you need data on:

  1. User behavior on the site (information about transactions, product details, etc.).
  2. Completed orders, returns.
  3. Interaction with a regular store.

Important! To calculate the inverse ROPO effect, it is imperative to take into account the   user’s conversion window . The conversion window is the time during which a customer decides to buy an item or not. In most cases, this is a period of up to 30 days and during this time the buyer continues to see advertisements from the company, for example, receive advertising mailings or see banners on social networks.

You can get the necessary  data on user behavior  using:

  • BigQuery Export for Google Analytics (note that this feature is only available in Google Analytics 360).
  • OWOX BI Pipeline – Unsampled data about user behavior on a website or application, automatically loaded into the storage.

Data on completed orders taken from the company’s CRM system. For example, you can use Salesforce or scripts to automatically download through OWOX BI.

How can I get data on  interaction with an offline store ? To track the actions of a customer with a product in physical stores, you need to decide with which user ID it will be possible to identify the customer in the store and associate it with his personal data online. The following methods are often used:

  1. Loyalty cards and promotional codes . Some of the easiest and most common ways to track customers by channel. It’s common for shoppers to share personal information with the store, and include their birthday and phone number along with their email. With this information, you can link offline and online data and increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.
  2. QR code . Such codes used to link products and users through the application. To register in such an application, the buyer needs to enter his personal data. Which can then associated with actions on the site.
  3. Augmented reality (augmented reality). Often, customers want to visualize a product before purchasing. In this case, the company’s application helps customers choose clothes, shoes, furniture, and so on. Of course, the application reads the client’s UserId.


Technology allows marketers to track and analyze both online and offline user actions. The world of traditional advertising meets virtual marketing and with the help of analytics. It is possible to assess at what stage of the funnel visitors turn into buyers, and when they turn into loyal customers.

Consider interactions with shoppers in physical stores with online conversions, visualize data, and make the right decisions for your business.

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