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Event Graphics Printing: A Complete Guide for Event Planners

Events can be experimental but all of them are organized in physical environments. It’s why an event planner must know the latest tips and tricks to create a memorable experience for customers using engaging event graphics. The primary purpose of these graphics is to transform a place into a personalized and attractive space.

So, in this article, we will discuss event graphics printing in detail to help out all the event planners discover the endless possibilities of event signage and to create the most amazing environment in any event.

What is Event Graphics?

Graphic production plays a crucial role in any exhibitions or displays yet it’s the most overlooked part. An event graphic is designed specifically for corporate or personalized events to help them succeed and stand out in the industry. It provides branding, corporate image, and messaging for your company. Moreover, this is an excellent way to make the perfect first impression at any business event.

These graphics for specific events can be of different types including custom banners, table toppers, floor graphics, and wayfinding signage. You can personalize an event to create a warm and welcoming ambiance for the guests. Apart from that, there are multiple reasons behind using custom graphic signage for corporate or personal events.

The Importance of Graphics in Events

The venue of an event can be left as it is with natural colors or you could shop at a party store to buy generic decorations. You will easily get banners with “congratulations” or other basic messages on them. However, none of them will add a personalized look and feel to the event.

Since every event is unique to your business persona, the decoration must be customized as well. Here are the five reasons to use custom signs for events,


You Can Use The Entire Space For Branding

Custom signs help businesses to add their unique personality to the event halls, presentations, parties, or even to a conference room. It presents you with the perfect opportunity to use the colors and characteristics that your business is known for.

The graphics could be subtle, bold, classic, or even contemporary based on your business persona. Regardless of the design elements, your company’s personality can easily be infused into this signage, banners, decals, and other graphics.

Create An Uplifting & Energizing Environment

A well-lit and well-designed graphics not only promote your company but help to create an uplifting and energizing event. In fact, according to the top event planners, physical factors especially facility decor and directional signage are the two most crucial metrics in service quality measure.

Overall, this uplifting and energizing environment leads the event to success and keeps people satisfied. Hence, the more creative and thoughtful the physical decorations and details are, the more satisfied the people will be.

Invite More People & Grab Their Attention

An event doesn’t mean promoting a business only or celebrating your company’s achievements. It’s an opportunity to make more valuable connections with potential customers and grow your business in the long run.

Therefore, a branded event decorated and designed by professional event planners always attracts more feet and eyes. However, not all events are intended for a single purpose of drawing customers in. Some events like tradeshows or any other industry conferences are meant to make your business stand out in front of others.

Hence, the purpose of an event should be considered before creating the custom event signage printing and graphics.

Where to Use These Graphics?

Graphics designed for a specific event must be used in a professional setting. These custom printed graphics are designed with specific intentions either to wow the attendees, convert them into your customers, or to fulfill other purposes.

So, here are the few places where these graphics can be used,

  • Trade Shows: Trade shows large format displays, and industry conferences offer valuable opportunities to promote a business. If these events are designed using these branded materials including the signs, stage decor, posters, brochures, it could yield unending benefits to your company.
  • Award Functions: In businesses, it’s equally important to celebrate your employee, colleague, and team as it’s to promote your brand. To honor your team, you can use eye-catching and bright posters to make people feel proud. It also brings a charm to the event.
  • Sports Events: Sports events like triathlons, marathons, or other charity races can use custom graphics to celebrate and honor the occasion. The visually appealing signs can lead the event to its ultimate success.
  • Special Events: Special events are organized by many businesses for their VIP clients and customers or high-achieving teams. These are the perfect way to create a strong connection with the key stakeholders. In this case, these graphics offer the perfect opportunity to amplify the brand’s overall personality.

Apart from these events, the event signage printing and graphics can be used in networking functions, seminars, music venues, family gatherings, or even in grand openings as well.

Tips to Set Up The Graphics for Your Events

Multiple graphics can be used in a specific event. However, setting them up without proper guidelines won’t help you yield the ultimate potentiality of custom signage. So, here are a few ways to set up these custom graphics for your special events,

Consider The Primary Vision of Your Event

Not every event is organized for the same purposes. Some events are organized to attract more people while others are meant for making strong connections. Therefore, the primary vision of your event should be reflected on these signs. Consider the messages, atmosphere, and people’s mood to choose the best graphics for your event.

Choose The Best Display According to Your Venue

The graphic’s display will vary depending upon where your event is organized. For example, if your event is organized in an outdoor space, you should consider the floor decals, flags, and other decorations including the signs. However, if your event is taking place indoors, then hanging banners and signs will work the best.

Decide How Extensive The Graphics Need to Be

Graphics are cost-effective these days especially those which are made for events. However, you must decide on how extensive you want your graphics to be to match the specific purpose of your event. After all, the signage companies take orders at the earliest to maintain quality and customer satisfaction.


These are the tips for event planners to set up custom graphics for any event. There are floor graphics, murals, window decals, table toppers, directional signage, as well as custom banners that can be used in your event depending upon the type and intention of it. However, you must consult an expert large format printing new york company like Signs NYC before designing and printing these custom graphics for your special occasion to yield the ultimate benefits.

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