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Everything you need to know about tree balancing and cabling

Mostly, when you have not properly pruned or trained your trees in their initial stage, they can convert into a threat in many ways. It can become risky for people, pets and other buildings around it. Because mature trees have more than one truck, multiple branches can become vulnerable and harm the surroundings in several ways. Moreover, a freshly planted tree can sometimes be unstable and weak-trunked due to various reasons like – root damage, inadequate root balls, a plantation in compacted soil or too shallow hole, etc. 

Therefore, tree balancing is done to support the plant when it’s freshly rooted in soil—and cabling it when it has been converted into a tree or has aged. These remedies are appropriate for trees having instability or structural deficiencies. However, there are various benefits of tree bracing and cabling. So if you are looking for the same, keep reading further. 

Benefits of tree remedies:

Tree cabling and branching service have become essential parts while maintaining any tree. It saves trees and branches but preserves longevity & provides various benefits to you that you may not have thought before. 

  1. Prevents failure of a tree branch:

Usually, all the trees grow normally, but sometimes trees and branches grow in ‘V-crotch’ formation. That may cause them to break and turn into bullets if confronted with gushing winds or bad weather, drastically harming neighbouring people, animals, and other plantations. However, cabling and balancing service can prevent your trees from moving, swaying or breaking frequently. Also, tree trimming and pruning can help prevent such situations and rest assured without worrying, and tree branches may fling or cause a problem, etc. 

  1. Prevent property damage:

If you own a huge aged tree in your front yard, it can become a topic of concern for you and your neighbours as well. As you already know, weather is unpredictable, and it mostly hits trees and plantations directly. Therefore, if your tree is aged, has unstable branches or multiple trucks, it can damage your and your neighbour’s property easily and cost you a hefty amount as well. However, tree balancing and cabling can be a great remedy; you can attach diverse branches to prevent such dangerous circumstances through cabling.

  1. Re-establish strength of damaged trees:

Damaged trees lack strength and stability, and while confronted with strong winds or hurricanes, it can become a major reason for the breakage of trees and branches. Moreover, cutting down branches can result in crooked trees that can bend towards your property or car and become a serious cause of concern or harm your yard, car or even ceiling. However, branching and cabling can strengthen your tree, support its branches and provide surrogate branches to prevent it from any serious damage. In addition, that can increase your tree’s lifespan and prevent the loss of any other branches in the future.

  1. Improves the appearance of the tree:

If your plant is not treated well in its initial stages, its branches can grow and expand in different directions, decreasing the symmetry and resulting in a malformed tree. However, balancing and cabling can prevent your tree from growing unhealthy and improve the tree’s appearance. 

Tree cabling and support system: 

Now, you must have understood various benefits of tree cabling & balancing, converting your imbalanced tree into a symmetrical and balanced tree. Below we have shared a few tree cabling supplies that are used while balancing any tree. 

  • Usually, ISA-Certified Arborist professionals are hired for tree balancing and cabling service in Lysterfield to get the job done as they are trained with new techniques.
  • A tree-climbing kit includes pulleys, ropes, harnesses, levers and helmets. 
  • Tasks conducted while cabling and balancing are: Cordless drill, cabling, balancing, shredding unnecessary branches etc. 


We hope our article is helpful enough to guide you towards various benefits of cabling and balancing. However, if you are already planning to hire a company for the task, we recommend you consider the guide given above.

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