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Excel vs Minitab is the most intimate competitor in the world. It is very difficult for people to choose statistics software in 2021.


Excel vs Minitab is the most intimate competitor in the world. Excel vs Minitab has more similarities, therefore, it is very difficult for people to choose one between these both statistics software. Basically, Excel is used to build pivot tables and highlight cells whereas Minitab’s focus is on statistics with an accent on quality improvement tools.


This time to overcome the student’s problem, we are explaining to you the in-depth comparison between Excels vs Minitab. It will encourage you to choose the most suitable between these two. Let’s get started:-

Introduction to Excel

Microsoft Excel is considered the most robust and extensively used spreadsheet program all over the world. In order to manage daily tasks, Most of the companies and people globally are utilizing excel. Moreover, a user can enter any kind of data into excel, and also a person can do many types of calculations i.e. financial, statistics, and mathematics.

In simple words excel is primarily used to register and interpret digital data. Similar to other statistics software, it consists of several rows and columns. The combination of both rows and the column is called a cell.

And a user can denote the address of the cell by the column number or row number with a hyphen within them. Earlier it originated in 1982. But later Microsoft announced the improved version of MS Excel in 1987.  From the day it was developed it is continuously becoming more popular and growing more user-friendly. That is why it is considered the leading preference for every enterprise. 

Introduction to Minitab

Minitab is a statistics package specially invented for the six sigma experts. These professionals are considered a crucial element for the company. Professionals use Minitab to interpret the data based on their analysis and it enhances the business methods. Basically, six sigma is mainly about property management procedures.

Additionally, most companies and organizations use Minitab to detect trends, resolve intricacies, and identify valuable insights in data by performing a complete and industry-leading set of machine learning, process improvement tools, and statistical interpretation.



Characteristics of Excel

  1. Paste Special
  2. Print Optimisation
  3. Combine Multiple Rows
  4. Flash Fill
  5. Complete References
  6. Lengthen formula over/under
  7. Conditional Formatting
  9. Pivot Charts
  10. Filters

Characteristics of Minitab 

  1. Exact failure right-, left-, and interval-censored data
  2. Measurement systems analysis
  3. Chi-square, Fisher’s accurate, and another test
  4. Contour and rotating 3D plots
  5. Analysis of Variance
  6. Linear and nonlinear regression
  7. Binary, ordinal, and nominal logistic regression
  8. Extensive preferences and user profiles
  9. Measurement Systems Analysis
  10. Random number generator

How much Excel and Minitab Costs?

Excel Cost

Earlier a few years ago, A person cannot be able to buy an individual product from Microsoft because they are part of the Microsoft office. But these days, one can buy a standalone version of MS excel. Just search it on the Microsoft store and purchase it; it will cost you nearly $130, which is only for one pc activation. The new version of MS Excel is compatible with Windows 10 and allows multi-language support. 

Minitab Cost

Minitab consists of two sorts of licenses. The primary one is the yearly interface license purchased by most organizations, and the additional is an individual license. By spending some money, a user can buy the Minitab or update it to the newest version

this statistical package will cost you nearly $25 for a half-year subscription, and for a yearly subscription, a user has to pay $45.

Efficiency of learning

Excel learning

Excel is providing a relatively easy to use interface to the users. A user can simply perform necessary mathematics calculations in Excel without any former practice. These days, you will find many platforms that provide free services for learners to learn to excel. For beginners, MS excel is best to learn in the initial stage.

Microsoft also offers the most beneficial excel training assistance to scholars on a free basis and also some of the training services are paid. Additionally, you will get lots of Microsoft stuff such as complete excel instruction from primary to advanced level, Guidance from experts, some pre-built templates, and proficient tips straight from YouTube. There is one more option to join the microsoft community to resolve all your questions regarding excel. 

Minitab Learning

Similar to MS Excel, Minitab also provides training assistance to users. However, if we discuss the ease of learning of Minitab, Minitab is not as easy as MS Excel. It is basically designed for Six Sigma professionals. Moreover, you must have to do training to perform particular tasks in Minitab.

Apart from that, the official Minitab is also providing diverse courses to the users, which are classified into two classes, i.e., Manufacturing and Services. 

Support provided by EXCEL vs Minitab

MS Excel Support

Microsoft Excel is providing great online assistance to users. By joining their community, a user can get in touch with their specialists, or you will find a section where you can enter your queries, and their specialists will fix your problems instantly. 

Minitab Support

Minitab is one step ahead of MS Excel at this point. Because Minitab is giving excellent assistance to the people. With Minitab’s help, you can get the data set, download the extra tools for Minitab, videos, software updates, webinars, blog, FAQs of installations, licensing, and activation.

Jobs offered by these Softwares

Excel jobs

  1. Data Clerk
  2. Business Analysts
  3. Sales Administrator
  4. Executive Assistants
  5. Retail Store Supervisors
  6. Accountants
  7. Plan Administrators
  8. Information Journalists                              
  9. Expense Estimator

Jobs offered to Minitab Experts

  1. Quality Supervisor
  2. Power Supply Quality Analyst
  3. Process Development Manager
  4. Project enhancement Engineer
  5. Economics Management Advisor
  6. Design Engineer
  7. Information Analyst
  8. Manufacturing Engineer
  9. Quality Assurance Professional
  10. Senior Automotive Engineer


After reading this article you might be sure to choose the most suitable software. we have discovered that MS Excel is user friendly, and the most preferable choice among the enterprises. Whereas, Minitab is applied in institutional, and large enterprises.

They both have great opportunities for a job, so it’s up to you what suits you the most. Moreover, you can get Excel assignment help online to gain more knowledge about MS excel.

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