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Excessive Thirst in Dogs: Common Causes & When to See the Vet

Dogs may drink more in the event that they’re hot, have eaten food sources, or have as of late worked out. Read “Excessive Thirst in Dogs”


Have you seen your canine drinking heaps of water out of nowhere? Exorbitant thirst in canines, otherwise called polydipsia, is a typical perception among canine guardians, and one you shouldn’t overlook. There are numerous potential reasons for extreme thirst in canines, and some of them can be dangerous on the off chance that they aren’t tended to on schedule.

On the off chance that your canine is abruptly exceptionally hungry for a day or somewhere in the vicinity, it’s normally not a reason for concern. Canines may drink more in the event that they’re hot, exhausted, have eaten certain food sources, or have as of late worked out. Dynamic canines and nursing canines drink more than different canines. In the event that your canine has begun reliably depleting the water bowl and hitting up the latrines, notwithstanding, and it has been continuing for in excess of a couple of days, at that point it’s the ideal opportunity for a test with your veterinarian.

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Your vet may check your canine for these more normal clinical purposes behind inordinate thirst.

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus causes high glucose that is either because of insulin inadequacy or insulin obstruction. Abundance sugar in the blood is discharged by the kidneys into the pee and hauls water alongside it. For this situation, inordinate pee can cause unreasonable thirst in canines. Diabetes mellitus is treated by adjusting the canine’s suppers and regulating insulin.

Kidney Disease

Canines with kidney issues will be unable to focus their pee. They pee more, and to keep away from parchedness, they need to drink more. Kidney illness is treated by adjusting the canine’s food and tending to any basic reasons for kidney disappointment, like kidney contaminations or stones.

Cushing’s Syndrome

Cushing’s condition is caused when the adrenal organ discharges unreasonable measures of cortisol, either because of a tumor in the pituitary organ or an adrenal tumor. Unnecessary cortisol expands thirst, which at that point builds pee. Contingent upon the area of the tumor, Cushing’s condition is treated with prescription or medical procedure.

Diarrhea or Vomiting

Any canine who has loose bowels or heaving loses body liquids. To keep away from lack of hydration, canines who’ve as of late experienced the runs as well as retching may drink more than typical.


Pyometra is the clinical term for a tainted uterus. This condition just happens in female canines who have not been neutered. Pyometra is a perilous condition and requires brief careful treatment, anti-toxins and rehydration with intravenous liquid treatment.

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Other Causes of Excessive Thirst in Dogs

A couple of different reasons your canine may have exorbitant thirst include:

Lack of hydration

Liver illness

Malignant growth



Meds, including steroids and diuretics

Heatstroke or hyperthermia

Diabetes insipidus




In every one of these cases, treatment shifts relying upon the hidden reason.

Making an Appointment With Your Vet

Assuming you notice your canine drinking much more water than expected, make a meeting with your vet straightaway. It very well might be useful in the event that you acquire a pee test and come arranged to respond to your vet’s inquiries, for example, what sort of food you’ve been taking care of your canine, if there have been any progressions in your canine’s hunger or propensities, any movement history and a record of your canine’s immunization and preventive consideration history. You may likewise need to record any inquiries you have for your vet so you remember anything.

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Your vet will lead a total actual test on your canine and will probably suggest a few lab tests — make certain to follow all proposals. The most well-known labs requested incorporate a total blood tally, a blood serum science, pee explicit gravity and a urinalysis. These tests are essential to limit the potential causes.

They will give your vet data on how your canine’s liver and kidneys are working, if there are any indications of contamination, for example, raised white platelets, and can assist rule with excursion conditions like diabetes mellitus and Cushing’s disorder. Pee explicit gravity tests how thought your canine’s pee is and can help analyze kidney illness and parchedness.

A urinalysis can decide if there’s sugar or microorganisms in the pee, in addition to other things. Contingent upon the aftereffects of these tests, your vet might have the option to analyze the issue, or extra testing might be required.

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In the event that your canine is drinking bunches of water out of nowhere and peeing all the more regularly, don’t retain water from your canine. In the event that you do, you may put your canine in danger forever undermining parchedness. As per the American Kennel Club, indications of parchedness incorporate looking for water, unnecessary sluggishness, dry or shabby gums, loss of skin versatility and mucousy spit.

All things being equal, permit your canine to drink, and call your vet. With the assistance of your vet, you’ll have the option to decide if your canine’s drinking propensity is demonstrative of a bigger issue or innocuous. Hydrate to be extraordinary, however on the off chance that your canine is trying too hard, get your vet included.

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