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The only problem with Instagram was that one could not post any functional links. Read Expanding Network Using Linktree to get help.


The growing popularity and internet usage statistics of the popular app Instagram made many businesses and companies join the social media website. They used the website to create their pages and advertise their products and services as most internet users frequent the social media page.

The only problem with Instagram was that one could not post any functional links besides a single one on its front page. It was an inconvenience until the makers of Linktree brought on the social media landing page to counter such an issue.

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The landing page allows the users of Instagram to branch towards another page that would contain all the functional links that the user can link.

Instagram in Australia had about 9,442,000 users by the end of November 2020, and linktree amassed its share of users. They provided a solution to the common problem that all businesses face on Instagram.

Having a single website link in Instagram meant that popular influencers had to switch between different website links and product links from time to time.

For many business pages and advertisement groups, this was a problem as they required more than a single link to advertise their different products simultaneously. It made matters complex, and it was not always practical for high-end businesses to spare the extra effort.

Creation of The Social Media Landing Page:

When many users complained about the impracticality and inconvenience of a single link in the profile, Alex and Anthony Zaccaria, with Nick Humphreys, started a website that would act as a landing page for several links.

The social media developers, headquartered in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, created a page in 2016 that allows Instagram and social media users to have all of their links to various websites and products in one place.

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The page’s convenience and simplicity gained several million followers worldwide, who used it as a listing page of various websites for marketing and business purposes.

As A Marketing Tool

The page allows users to direct internet traffic into various links and websites that showcase different products or services. Any link, be it merchandise, affiliate websites, multiple blogs, articles or newsletters will be available on the page.

Affiliate Links

One of the best ways to earn money through the site is to establish affiliate links for various products and services. Visitors who buy products through the links can let the profile owner earn a little commission as an affiliate payment.

Advantages Of Using Linktree:

  • Practicality: Any number of links can exist together on the landing page. A considerable convenience compared to Instagram as there is no need to change a link every time a new product, service or post is mentioned.
  • Templates: Users can design themes and templates through an affordable subscription. It will make the landing page more visually pleasing and aesthetic for your followers.

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  • Usage Statistics: Instagram users can study the various statistics of their links through performance tracking. Different data, like the number of visits, link having the highest clicks and profile traffic, can be studied and analysed. It will benefit businesses better since the data will help them understand their product’s market penetration and make changes or enhancements, allowing them to change or adapt accordingly and create more exposure to their products or services to the public.

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