20 expected Wars Between Different Countries in the Next 20 years

What are 20 expected Wars Between Different Countries in the Next 20 years?


It’s impossible to believe that humans are creating weapons worth trillions of dollars every year for peace. Read about expected Wars between different countries soon. 


The primary purpose is to find out all possible wars that can happen between different countries soon. Many countries are purchasing Trillion of dollars of weapons every year. No one can believe that these weapons are just storing purpose. Some of the wars on our list are expected because of hate for each other by different countries. But you can also read about some battles which no one even imagines.

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Below is a link to read another article that explains complete details about the flashing points of world war 3. All possible conflicts soon are added to the below list. But there are only a few wars which can lead to world war 3. You can read about those wars by visiting the below link.

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Details of Wars

1- China vs Taiwan

China and Taiwan are the same countries if you look at the past. China claims that Taiwan is part of China & Taiwan claims that China is part of Taiwan. China was unable to conquer Taiwan in history because of weak weapons & strength. Now they are powerful and easily able to conquer Taiwan & also announced their plans to capture Taiwan before 2050.

America & other countries are providing Taiwan with too many weapons to defend against China. But everyone knows that China is reaching on the level to fight with the USA. Who can think about Taiwan can successfully defend against China? China will indeed attack Taiwan within the next 30 years or before.

2- China vs India

There are a lot of areas in which China claims to be their part these days. They already attacked some regions of North Pakistan and were captured after killing over 200+ Indian soldiers in the last few months. Both sides are increasing soldiers & weapons to fight each other. Any mistake from both sides can trigger a war anytime.

This war can become a big problem for India because of many reasons.

  1. First of all, they can’t defend against a powerful country like China
  2. There are separatist movements all over India looking for any opportunities
  3. People living in territories claimed by China under India’s control are impoverished & will love to be part of the most potent growing economy instead of India.
  4. Pakistan is also looking for any chance to capture Kashmir when China engages India in a war.

It can happen anytime in the next few months. India already lost the lands & China wants more. This winter is challenging for the Indian side.

3- China vs America

China is already planning to replace the USA as a superpower. Their missions to build the world’s largest economy & most potent weapons is continue with full speed. The USA can try to stop its essential supply route in the south China sea, leading it to war.

It’s also possible that China may want a war to show its power & latest technology to the world. They can again attack japan, south Korea, or Taiwan to force America to attack them. There is very little time left for the USA to act because China’s mission to become the world’s largest economy is very close to achieving. Well, it can take five years to start a war between them. After completing One Belt One Road, China can easily spend 1000 times more budget on weapons compared to the USA.

4- China vs South Korea

North and South Korea become a war zone between America & China in past. Now South Korea is an American ally & China can attack them anytime to conquer it. It’s also possible for North Korea to help China in this war to reunite the whole of Korea.

But it’s not possible for both countries to start a limited war. America, Japan & their allies can enter in this war to save South Korea. There are a lot of chances for China to wipe out South Korea before they can get any help from their powerful allies like America with the latest missiles technology. China plans to focus on the economy but they will love to remove American threats close to its border in the next 50 years.

5- China vs Russia

Russia already captured a lot of Chinese territory in past after defeating its army. You can understand that Russia is also on the hit list of China for the future. But they need Russia on their site to defeat America now. There is no way to attack Russia now because America becomes the biggest threat for them now.

It’s not possible for Russia to forget about what happened in past. Russia already destroys China & kills thousands of their people in past. They know about China’s payback plans for the future. China is more threatening to Russia compared to the whole world. After China will become the most powerful economic power & replace The USA, they can begin invading Russia in the next 50 years.

6- Turkey vs Greece

Greece and Turkey are very old enemies for a very long time. Greece was part of the Ottoman Empire & there is a disputed area between them which can trigger war anytime. Cyprus can become the reason for the war between them at any time. A lot of oil and gas reserves are discovered which can become the biggest point of conflict between them. Turkey is waiting for a green signal from Russia & also 100 years old agreement to finish in 2023 to become the most powerful country in the world. There is a possible war between both countries in the next 5 years.

7- Turkey vs Saudi Arabia

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are enemies of each other because of their history. It’s also a war between Arab and Non-Arab which can expand to other countries. You can understand Saudi Arabic weapon deals with the USA. They also become the world number one country to purchase weapons. Iran is also their enemy who can become a threat to them after making ally with Turkey. Saudi Arabia considers Turkey as a threat because they betray the Ottoman empire in past. It can take 10 years to start a war between them after the Rising of Turkey in the next few years.

8- Pakistan vs India

India captured Kashmir in 1947 after the announcement of independence. The world accepts about rights of the people of Kashmir but India always rejected it. Most people living in Kashmir are Muslims who are always looking for Pakistan to come for their help. Both countries are nuclear and Pakistan can easily kill over 800 thousand Indian soldiers when India is busy with China. Any strong Gov in Pakistan will start a war with India on the issue of Kashmir. This war can start anytime after Pakistan is free of corruption.

9- Saudi Arabia vs Iran

Both countries belong to different sectors of Islam. They hate each other for hundreds of years. Both countries are symbols of leadership for sectors. The war between them can divide the whole Muslim world. Turkey can help Iran because of Saudi Arabia’s hate for Turkey. Both countries are already fighting in Syria, Yemen by funding different groups with money or weapons. But any incident can begin a war between both countries because of their hate.

10- Israel vs Iran

The whole world knows about Israel plans to expand & the greater Israel map becomes very popular in the world. Syria is an ally to Iran & if Israel ever plans to expand to Syria, Iran will surely attack. Both countries hate each other & the world knows about it. It can take a lot of time because Isreal is not in a position to expand for the next many many years.

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11- Israel vs Turkey

Turkish people hate Israel because of their behavior toward Palestine people. They believe in 2 state theories or wipe out Isreal from the face of Earth. This hate after Turkey will become a powerful country, can trigger a war between both sides. Turkey will never care about the expansion of Israel to countries who already betray them in past like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon & Syria.

12- Israel vs Syria

Syria is the first target if Israel started to expand its territory as per the Greater Israel map. Now Jews are making allies with Arab which are the biggest enemies or Iran or Syria. You can expect a war soon because Arab countries can help Isreal to destroy Syria & that will be their own suicide. But Russia & Turkey can help Syria defend their territory against Isreal & Arab attacks.

13- Israel vs Jordan

Jordan is another country who accept Israel & become their biggest ally. But it’s hard to know why the people of Jordan don’t understand Israel’s plan to expand? You can see a war between both countries when that time comes. Jordan is weak compare to Isreal & easy target to achieve.

14- Israel vs Egypt

In past, Israel captured one part of Egypt which they considered as part of Greater Israel. But the soviet union helped Egypt to fight against Israel & force them to leave those territories. But you can see another war between them after Israel is strong enough to fight everyone around it with the help of Europe & the USA. Don’t forget about the money spend by American on Isreal for nothing.

15- Russia vs Europe

Both are old enemies & the recent conflict in Ukraine can start a war in the future. Its Russian old expansion plans to conquer Europe. Russia can get the best chance to begin their war when NATO will fight with China to help the USA in the future. Turkey is working on a pipeline from Azerbaijan which can replace the whole Russia Gas contribution to Europe. You can understand how much Europe wants to stay away from Europe.

16- Russia vs America

Russia never forgets what happened to them in Afghanistan. It was a great loss to a great nation & superpower at that time. Now everyone believes that Russia also provides funds to the Taliban to kill American soldiers as revenge. Who believes that America wasted over 2 trillion in Afghanistan & the Taliban are still strong without the help of China & Russia?

17- China vs Japan

Japan is an old enemy to China & they already killed thousands of Chinese similar to Russia in past. Japan treated China as its colony in past but unable to control side lands. Both countries hate each other now & you can already understand about American influence on Japanese.

18- North Korea vs South Korea

It’s also possible for both countries to fight a war with each other. But America & China will surely involve helping their allies. Both sides hate each other but there are dreams of rejoining the whole of Korea again. Can you imagine a war between both sides without the interference of America and China?

19- Pakistan vs Israel

Both countries & their people hate each other. Pakistan still refuses to recognize Israel. It’s not possible for any Pakistani Gov to accept Israel because people hate Israeli too much. Now everyone should understand that this hate can begin a war in near future.

20- The USA vs Afghanistan

Taliban already controlled most areas in Afghanistan already. They are waiting for Americans to leave for making Caliph like Gov. That’s not acceptable for Europe & America, it can lead to another attack on Afghanistan in the future. If the Taliban are able to create a Caliph like Gov, the whole Muslim world will stand with them unite against the USA & everyone. But you must know that Iran & Saudi Arabia will become the biggest enemy of this caliph.

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As you can understand from the above list, most wars can happen with the involvement of China & Muslim countries. These are the most top listed countries that purchase more weapons every year & spend most budget for the same purpose. It’s not possible for China to replace the USA without winning a few wars to prove its military power to the world.

Muslim countries are divided on the base of sectors & some other reasons. You can see some large between Muslim countries in near future with each other. A lot of wars which are not much important between different countries are ignored. We only chose those wars which are guaranteed to happen in near future, not just conspiracy theories. Some of these Wars can start a worldwide war which we explain in other articles already for our readers.

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