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A Brief Comparison Between Expensive and Cheap Tires

While shopping for anything, it is always enticing to buy cheap products. Read the difference between Expensive and Cheap Tires to buy.


While shopping for anything, it is always enticing to buy cheap products to save a few bucks. Similarly, when buying tyres, many people are tempted by huge discounts or low prices. While these tyres cost less — they are less durable, provide compromised ride comfort, and offer less tread life. All this translates to shorter tyre life and costs you more in the longer run.

When it comes to buying high-priced tyres, many people contemplate whether they are worth buying. There are massive differences in the benefits and features these offers. The high-quality tyres, which are a bit expensive — are manufactured using advanced engineering.

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From strong tread patterns to flexible rubber, every element is designed meticulously. So, expensive tyres are better across a variety of different road conditions as compared to tyre from any untrustworthy tyre brand. And, in this blog, we will explain how.

Some essential factors, which influence the buying behavior of tyre buyers, are:

  • Durability
  • Handling and cornering
  • Tread design
  • Ride Comfort and noise


Spending on the robust and long-lasting tyres is never a bad option since it saves you a lot of money by providing a longer tyre life.

If you are considering a tyre, never judge it based on its look and feel. The problem with buying tyres based on their appearance is that many layers are concealed with the outer steel cover. Research the tyre online. Read reviews. Analyze whether the features fit your driving needs or not. Then make a sound decision.


Handling is not something that you should compromise on to save a few cents. If you have planned a long road trip, it’s better to spend on a premium quality tyre to reduce the chances of any misfortune. It is a little risky to go for a cheaper version in terms of handling of tyres.

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Tread Design

The tread’s distinctive patterns and thickness is another factor that should not be ignored when picking a tyre, especially if you’re taking a bumpy or a muddy road where you need a specific kind of tread design. 

Comfort and Noise

High-quality tyres suppress vibrations and, in turn, provide comfortable and smooth rides with less noise. High-quality tyres are designed to better work with irregular bumps and uneven road surfaces along the way. On the other hand, cheap tyres make the ride annoying and inconvenient.

Do cheap tyres wear quickly?

Cheap tyres often wear earlier than premium quality tyres. We often hear the fact that we always get what we pay. It’s a similar case here. The cheaper the tyre will be, the lower the tyre life. A tyre bought at an economical price will not be long-lasting compared to purchasing a higher one. Premium tyres are better than low-quality tyres, but this does not mean high-quality second-hand tyres will last longer than cheaper tyres.

On the other hand, many research pieces suggest that you should get your tyres examined by a professional every year and get them replaced every five years or depending on the durability of each tyre type. Many tyres may look okay and seem as if they hadn’t worn out, but it’s better to change them as they are devalued overtime.

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How long will my tyre last?

This question is pretty much impossible to answer since it has many aspects that need to be considered. Many factors influence the tire life from the type of road conditions you drive into your driving style. But one thing is constant, the better the tyre, the longer it can last.

Is Buying Expensive Tyres Worth it?

Buying either a cheap or an expensive tyre is always a dependable and personal choice, but there are more pros to purchasing a good-quality tyre than buying a moderately-priced one. The first-rate tyre brand will sell the product, which has undergone intensive development work and top-quality installations with multiple testing.

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The conclusion of this research explains that it’s not simply about the brand name, which makes it expensive but other features. So, the next time you buy tyres online in Dubai, make sure you don’t waste your money on low-quality tyres. Buying cheap tyres may seem reasonable in the short-term, but they will cost you more in the longer run by wearing out prematurely. Hope you love reading “Expensive and Cheap Tires”

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