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Advantages of Fake Tans VS Tanning Salon – Short Guide for Everyone

Nothing can beat having a nice, glowing tan. Feeling more confident. Read about advantages of Fake Tans VS Tanning Salon you must know.


Nothing can beat having a nice, glowing tan. Feeling more confident, both women and men indeed love incorporating a hint of colour to their faces. If you’re one of them, know that the best way to get this look is to resort to having a fake tan. Using Gradual Face Tan Water for a fake tan can give you several benefits compared to visiting a tanning salon. Listed below are some of the perks you can enjoy if you resort to tan water over basking under the sun or going to a tanning salon:


Self-tanning methods are more convenient since they can simply be done at the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can take a bottle of tan water with you wherever you go. Apart from that, you cannot easily visit a tanning salon right away, especially if it works on pre-booked appointments.

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Fake tan is pretty easy to apply, which helps you save invaluable time. Why would you bother lying several hours on a sunbed if you can simply apply some self-tan products that can give you a nice, dark tan within 5 minutes or less? Especially nowadays, you can avail of a fast-drying fake tan that can help make the process faster. Meanwhile, if you still want to visit a tanning salon, expect to pay a visit to the salon from time to time, not to mention the potential queue you have to endure.


One of the perks of applying fake tan is that you can relax as you do it. You can even do this method with your family or friends around. On the other hand, having to go to a tanning salon to use a sunbed needs a lot of getting dressed just to get out of your house, getting undressed and dressed once more to prepare for the service, paying for your used service, and all those tasks that your technician may require you to do.


Visiting a tanning salon could pose severe health risks. Plus, sunbeds emit UV rays, which can be more unsafe than lying around in the midday sun in a tropical country. There’s a direct link between the danger of getting skin cancer and these ultraviolet rays that sunbeds emit. 

Apart from that, you can potentially dry out your skin if you use a sunbed. On the contrary, using self-tan and Gradual Face Tan Water can help your skin stay hydrated, leaving it a lot healthier and softer. Search for self-tan products that are enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera to make sure that it’ll deeply nourish your skin every time you apply it.

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More Options

When you’re planning to use the services of tanning salons, your only actual option is how long you want to remain on the sunbed, which is not that ideal. Instead of doing this, you can simply use fake tan and decide what you want to achieve between dark, medium, and light tans.

Compared to using sunbeds, it’s highly recommended to just go with a fake tan. With this method, you will not regret having a long-lasting and gorgeous-looking tan that can potentially last even for a week.

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