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Fashion in Ghana – What Kind of Clothes Do They Wear all Seasons?

The fashion of Ghana is known for its vibrant color clothes with eclectic prints. And vibrant clothes like these are mainly popular in Accra.


Ghana is a West African country situated along the Gulf of guinea & the Atlantic Ocean. The country has more than 30 million populations with rich cultural diversity. There are plenty of religions, ethnicities, races with distinguished tastes in everything.

The fashion in Ghana also differs from one to one. The fashion of Ghana is known for its vibrant color clothes with eclectic prints. And vibrant clothes like these are mainly popular in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The eclectic prints encourage local artisans to bring out their artistic side & reinvent the fashion hub by collaborating with designers.


This article will discuss the history of fashion in Ghana with the clothing choices among the people. Thanks to GhanaTalksRadio for providing valuable information to craft this piece of content.

History of Ghanaian fashion

Ghanaian fashion has not always been like this, i.e., the eclectic prints with vibrant colours. If we dig deeper fashion history of Ghana will take us to the precolonial times. The Ghanaian fabric was first discovered in a village known as Bonwire in the Ashanti region in Ghana.

The most famous African textile cloths are still Kente, which means woven cloth. It was the most favourite & preferred choice for the kings & chief of any region. The upper-class people still prefer it in modern times on traditional occasions. Ghanaian fashion has contributed a serious fashion note to the African region.

Traditional clothing style in Ghana

Ghanaian traditional cloth includes Ghanaian smock &kente cloth. Gonja cloth is used to make the traditional Ghanaian smock. These two things have been in Ghanaian fashion for a while.

Kente cloth: the upper class of Ghana mostly preferred kente cloth. It was worn by the chiefs & kings during festivals or celebrations, but today the cloth is preferred & worn by common people. These days, kente cloth is made for both men & women. & they wore it slightly different than earlier times.

The hand-woven pattern signifies the tradition & culture of the country. Time has changed the pattern & style of the cloth. But no matter how the appearance got changed the beauty of those clothes is loved by all.

Smock: The smock is striped & thick & made of cotton fabrics. The fabrics from which smocks are made have originated in northern Ghana. The pieces of cotton are picked, dyed & dried carefully. The pattern for the cloth mainly stripes & blue or black coloured with white interchanging strips.


This traditional piece signifies a shirt that men wear today. Though, women are also largely accepting the changing pattern of fashion & adopting the smock gladly.

Ghanaian fashion dresses

The fashion of Ghana is rapidly evolving & fashion is largely accepted by all men & women. The diversity & multi-ethnicity of the country have made the fashion industry more dynamic.

Long Ankara dress: long Ankara dresses are trendy in Ghana for their elegant appearance. Any lady possessing a full figure will look great in the attire. Long Ankara dresses are worn in functions like wedding & church functions. Though Ankara dresses have evolved too, the modern variation is also loved by all ladies.

Short dresses: a few ladies like their dresses to be short & sexy, these kinds of dresses are the best for them. This is just an example of how traditional wear of Ghana has revolutionized into modern party wear. These short dresses can be pleated & straight depending upon the preference.

Ghanaian printed clothes

The fashion of Ghana is well known for its vibrant colours & prints. The versatile clothes are delivered with utmost precision & regularity. The vibrant clothes have made their way into the wardrobe of the women of the country.

Kaftans: this is not originated in Ghana, but women, especially Muslims, widely use it. It comes in different designs & colours with embroidery in the neck, hand & pockets area.


Printed tops & dresses: vivid Ghana prints have taken all over the African region. Young females like to wear vivid tops with pieces of denim. The attires are stylish & universally accepted. The eclectic tops are combined with skirts too to give it a more casual look.

 Though the Ghanaian fashion industry has come a long way, it likes to cling to traditional wear till today.

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