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You should consider switching over to a business phone system because of its benefits. Read about Features of Business Phone System.


Do you have a growing business that is slowly gaining tons of clients every day? You might need to slowly upgrade some areas within your business, including the office and the place where you stock your products. You should also consider switching over to a business phone system, especially when you receive many calls every day. 

You should know that business phone systems are one of the most critical components for businesses that need to deal with many clients. It helps service every client that calls your office about the products or service you provide. If you are new to using a business phone system, it would be best to know its several essential features. 

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Automated Receptionist

The first feature that should be on any business phone system is the automated receptionist. There are times when your employees cannot tend to every client that calls your company. That is why there is an automated receptionist that can provide essential services to every client. The only time when they will be redirected to a natural person is when the automated receptionist has exhausted all of its options, and the client is still not satisfied. 

Note that every client who does not get any response from the company is considered rude and unprofessional, which could negatively impact the business. If you want to keep your business afloat and keep customers satisfied, your business phone system should have an automated receptionist. 

Voice Mails

Another feature that should be in business phone systems is voice mails. Whenever your project manager or other co-workers relay a message, you may not be able to pick up the phone because you are away from your desk. Voice mails help keep those messages on the phone, and you can listen to them once you go back to your desk. 

Even phone systems would let you access the voice mails remotely, ensuring that you get the message and reply to it whenever it is an urgent one. You will never have to miss a single message whenever you are away from your desk because of voice mails. 

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Conference Calls

Your boss may want to set up a conference meeting at some point, so he usually has everyone go to the conference room. However, that may take some time, and it is also not ideal if the meeting will only be brief. However, employees do not need to get off of their office chairs because the phone system has a conference call feature that connects every phone within the office. Utilising the conference feature can save more time in working and improve work productivity. 

Microphone Muting

It is one of the best features that employees use every day when they are talking to customers. It is unavoidable that they need to talk with other co-workers, or they might want to say something under their breath, so the microphone muting option lets them do all of those without the customer hearing it. It is also an important feature of the phone system, especially if your customer does not like to hear background noise while talking over the phone. 

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Those are some of the many essential features that business phone systems should have. If you still do not have it in your office, you might have difficulty achieving effective communication with your employees and customers. 

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