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Best File Managers For Android Devices In 2021 – File Managers Apps

In short, with File Managers For Android Devices, you have maximum freedom to manage the internal and external memory of your Android device.


Analysis of the Best File Manager For Android to manage phone files and folders.  

In this article, we will see together, the best free applications to browse files, explore resources, move, copy and edit all the files of the Android smartphone memory. Move along with us! 

What is a file manager for Android? 

Before going into the details on what the best file managers for Android devices are, let’s see the definition of a file manager. 

A file manager, on Android as on Windows or Mac, is a program that allows you to explore system folders and better manage your files.  

Have you heard of Windows Explorer or Mac Finder? 

Here, the File manager on Android does the same thing: it allows you to enter the folders on your smartphone, to move, copy or delete files, to create or modify folders, to organise the files better, to rename them and more. 

And of course, a File manager also allows you to install APK files manually on your Android device.  

In short, with a File manager, you have maximum freedom to manage the internal and external memory of your Android device. 

Do I need a file manager for Android? 

Many smartphones, such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and others, already have a file manager pre-installed by the company (on Samsung, for example, it is called Archive ), so in this case, you can safely use the one already present on your smartphone. 

If, on the other hand, there is no such program on your phone, I strongly recommend that you download and install it, it will be so much useful! 

What are the best file managers for Android? 

There are many File manager programs on the Play Store. Some are free; others are paid, some have more features, others have less. 

Choosing the right File manager for your needs is very difficult, especially if you are not an expert user in this world. 

For this reason, below, you will find the best File managers to download and try on your Android device.  

We have tried many to be honest, but we have listed only the best in this article. 

You can save time in finding the perfect file manager for your needs and, above all, you will be sure to use one of the best existing applications to manage your files on Android better.  

But enough of the chatter, let’s see which are the best File managers to try on Android 

1. File Manager by Xiaomi: 

A real file manager. 

Curated and modern graphics, many convenient features to better manage the files and share them quickly. 

It offers many useful features such as quick search, the ability to move/delete /open files quickly, quick sharing, compression/decompression, copy-paste and more. 

It supports practically any file format. 


Download File Manager 

2. File Manager +: 

Another potent file manager for Android. 

The graphics are a little rougher than that of Xiaomi, but the substance does not change: many features, simple to use, powerful and complete. It lacks nothing, even supports NAS and cloud storage services. 

Download File Manager + 

3. File Commander: 

It is very similar to the previous one in terms of functionality, but with a little more refined graphics. 

In addition to the functions common to all the others, here we also find additional security features, recycle bin (to recover deleted files), a tool to analyse memory, tool to convert files. 

Really complete! 

Download File Commander 

4. X-plore File Manager: 

I first used this program at the time of the first Nokia smartphones with a touch screen. It is still available for Android, works well and has many features, but graphically it is outdated. 

Its features, however, remain very valid and I appreciate the ability to navigate between files by looking at two folders simultaneously on the screen. In general, compared to the others, the hierarchy of folders is shown more simply and clearly here, which I particularly appreciate. 

Still definitely one of the best file manager for Android. 

Download X-plore File Manager 

5. Solid Explorer File Manager: 

A really very lovely and graphically edited File manager. Excellent two-panel navigation, very convenient for moving between one folder and another. 

Of course, all the other features already present on competing software remain, except that here they are seasoned with stunning and modern graphics. 

Unfortunately, unlike the others, this is paid: you can try it for free for 14 days, then you have to buy the full version, but it’s genuinely worth it. 

Download Solid Explorer 

6. Total Commander: 

A program already available for some time on Windows, which also does its dirty work on Android. 

Simple, “rough” graphically, but powerful and full of features. 

The possibility of placing two panels side by side to analyse in detail the contents of two folders is very convenient. 

All the other features already present on the competing software remain present. 

It is highly recommended! 

Download Total Commander 

7. Asus File Manager 

It is the default file manager of Asus smartphones, but it can also be installed on other mobile models, completely free. 

With a simple and aesthetically pleasing design, Asus File Manager has a beautiful category screen that allows you to organise and label files. It is compatible with a series of cloud storage services such as OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox, and it will enable you to compress and decompress RAR and zip files and to transfer data between phone and PC, over WiFi. 

Asus File Manager is completely ad-free, which is an important feature. 

Download Asus File Manager 


There you have it; our recommended file managers for android devices has finally been let out of the bag. 

Among the many programs listed, which one did you choose? Which do you think is the best? 

Let us know in the comments, and also let us know if we’ve forgotten to list any other excellent file manager applications for Android devices. 

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