How to Easily Find the Perfect Name for Your Business in 2021

How to Easily Find the Perfect Name for Your Business in 2021

Finding a unique name for your company is more difficult than most entrepreneurs and brand managers believe. The best brand names infiltrate our minds unnoticed. 

These names integrate smoothly into many parts of our lives and take on real meaning, whether we’re talking about calling an Uber, going on a Tinder date, or Whatsapping a friend.

A perfect brand name is more than just a memorable one. The perfect name must be easily accessible and provide a stable foundation for a company’s growth. It must also be available for trademarking.

We’ve seen numerous entrepreneurs struggle to come up with a great brand name for their company. So, to assist you in naming your business, we set up this short essay to show you how you can come up with the best name for your business.

Let’s get started.

Here’s How to Choose the Best Business Name

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Even if you’ve spent years developing a game-changing idea that will radically transform your industry, your brand will not be able to reach true success unless it’s backed up by the best brand name.

It may be tough to choose the right name, but don’t worry; following these four simple steps will lead you to the best name for your brand.

Know Your Target Market and Industry

Knowledge paves the way to a great name. So instead of wasting endless hours daydreaming about your brand’s name, carve out time and perform extensive research. Learn everything you can about your company, audience, and competitors.

Make an effort to understand your company’s values, purpose, vision, and ambitions as much as you can. Gathering this information will assist you in selecting the appropriate tone and personality for your brand.

Find the Best Brand Tone

The best approach to come up with a name that symbolizes your company’s core principles is to ensure that it has the correct tone and generates a strong emotional reaction in your target audience.

So make sure you focus on your target market and discover what draws them to your company. Knowing who your brand is addressing can help you decide if your brand’s tone should be:

  • Practical or pragmatic
  • Amiable and inviting
  • Fun and playful

Discover Your Brand’s Secondary Elements

Unless you breathe life into your brand, it’ll only exist as an idea in your head. And the most reliable way to bring your brand to life is to discover its secondary elements. These elements express your company’s identity and personality, and they’re made up of your brand’s:

  • Big ideas
  • Value, mission, and goals
  • Value proposition

Understanding these vital elements will help you create a brand identity that correctly represents your company to its intended audience.


Understanding your market, identifying the appropriate brand tone, and defining your brand’s attributes will greatly aid you in developing your brand’s naming criteria. The naming criteria of your business would provide you a clear picture of the ideal name for your company.

So, get creative and begin searching dictionaries and thesauruses for words that match your company’s naming criteria. Concentrate on building a list of short, appealing, modern, memorable, or symbolic words that’ll help your business stand out.

But if the naming process is too tough, you can always utilize a strong business name generator. Name generators are the quickest way to generate a memorable brand name.

Test Your List

After you’ve produced a list of possible brand names that are compatible with your naming criteria, don’t just choose a name at random because it sounds great. Instead, run your list of possible band names with a small sample of your desired audience to see if they love them.

After you’ve tested your list of names, pick the best one and check with the USPTO to see whether another brand has already trademarked it. Trademarking your company’s name with the USPTO protects it against future copyright claims.

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Grant Polachek is the Head of Branding at Inc 500 company, the worlds #1 naming platform, with 30,000+ customers from early-stage startups across the globe to the largest corporations including Nestle, Philips, Hilton, Pepsi, and AutoNation.

How to Easily Find the Perfect Name for Your Business in 2021
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