Finding the right balance between kids and Technology


Where advancement in technology has led to a highly improved way of life a horde of problems has gradually arisen with it. Means of addiction were limited to drugs in the past but now a new harmless-looking addiction is on the constant rise. Kids on average are spending over 20% of the time every day using some form of technology. Children cannot be blamed as adults get distracted too while working on the computer or a gadget. The problem is too many facilities are getting integrated into one piece of technology which compels the user to get attracted to irrelevant stuff.

Kids learn what they see you doing

Children have a role model – You. Your children will notice what you do, learn it, and start doing it whether it is good or bad. When kids see parents frequently connected on the internet they accept it to be the right thing. To have a balance in the usage of technology, parents have to start it with themselves.

Limit access to a personal device

Unsupervised access to technology is the beginning of addiction. Unchecked watch time will grow more and more unless it is strictly controlled. In the past, there used to be a thing called ‘bedtime’ when kids and teenagers knew they have to get in bed whether they are sleepy or not but now if a parent manages to get them in bed there is still a mobile, tablet, or laptop available for the usage.

Screen-free duration

Excessive use of a thing could be hazardous mentally as well as physically. The absence of screen-free time impacts emotional development, a child may get used to inferring emotions by the use of emojis only and may get detached with facial expressions.


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Mandatory physical activity

Children playing in the streets, cycling, or running around is virtually scarce nowadays. We can see teenagers roaming in the malls and they too are mostly engrossed in mobile phones. Participation in physical sport is to be made part of daily life to reduce the impact of technology on everyday life.

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Dinner time is no-screen time

One way to gauge the severity of the addiction is by implementing a complete ban on the use of devices during dinner time, this is to be extended to adults as well. Increased interaction between family members is helpful in developing empathy and participation.

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Toddlers should be kept away from gadgets

Start early if you want to have a strong base. Toddlers today are the most affected species by screen usage. Most of them won’t eat unless there is YouTube on. Parents who hand the gadget to the youth to have peace are the ones to be blamed for an upcoming generation who is less interested in books and playing. Regardless of how difficult kids are to handle, screens should not be used as a way of avoiding or lessening the responsibility.

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