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How to Choose and Fit Compressor Air Hoses Correctly?

Before zeroing in on an air hose, you will have to make sure what dimensions you need. Read about “Fit Compressor Air Hoses Correctly”


Choosing the right air hose for your pneumatic applications depends on several important factors. It is essential to make sure that your hose gives a stable air pressure, is tightly sealed and has consistent power output. However, with a wide selection of air hoses available in the market, it can be a hard task to choose and fit the right compressor.

Before zeroing in on an air hose, you will have to make sure what dimensions you need, what material of the hose you want, its function, and the different operating temperatures and pressures it will be placed in, among others. The different dimensions of a hose are its overall length and internal diameter (ID). A variety of materials are used to manufacture air hoses which depend on the application and environment where they will be used.

Deciding the length of the air hose you need

What type of air tool or application are you using? How much movement would you need to navigate around comfortably? What is the size of your workspace?

While choosing an air hose, consider the manoeuvrability of the pneumatic tool, the dimension of your workspace combined with a minimum loss of pressure.

The length of an air hose is highly influenced by the distance between the air compressor and the tool. A longer hose will allow you to navigate around the workspace comfortably. However, some of the air pressure will be lost in transmission. If you have a small space, use a shorter hose; this will maintain optimal pressure. If you have a portable compressor, an air hose with a shorter length is a better choice.

Deciding the internal diameter (ID) of the air hose you need

The equation is simple:

  • The larger your hose ID is, the higher the supply of air per minute (l/min).
  • The higher the CFM requirement of your air tool is, the larger ID you will need.

Air hoses come in a number of sizes, the most common being 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm.

To decide on what ID you need, you would need to factor in the supply of air per minute your application needs, while maintaining the air pressure over the distance travelled. If you have a portable hand-held tool, consider using a 6mm hose. For heavy-duty applications, install a hose with a larger internal diameter.

Deciding the material of the air hose you need

The material of an air hose plays an important role in its performance, longevity, flexibility, even weight. 

For your in-house applications, a light and portable material like nylon is preferable. Nylon is not ideal in colder climates and is less durable and susceptible to bends and wear.

If you need a thicker air hose that is sturdy and resistant to wear and cuts, neoprene is the best choice. It is suitable for agricultural, industrial, and home applications. Though on the higher price side, neoprene can perform well in cooler temperatures (down to -4°F).

For a lighter and durable hose, Polyurethane could be your choice of material. It is not that flexible but suitable for high-pressure applications. It can perform well in colder temperatures (down to -22° F).

Choosing the right fittings for your air hose

Air hoses already come with the right fittings. If not, choose a high-quality hose with an end fitting that lessens the air loss and suits your application. Ensure both safety and efficiency when choosing your fitting.

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