Five Most Promising Areas Of Study For 2022 And Beyond

Five Most Promising Areas Of Study For 2022 And Beyond

We often look forward to our college years. Still, when the time comes, many of us find ourselves stricken with anxiety and unprepared for the road ahead. Students have a hard time narrowing down a major for themselves. Not only do you have to commit to a program for an extended amount of time and potentially make a career out of it, but you also need to consider the most promising options to ensure growth. Coupled with the diverse range of options, choosing an area of study can become complicated. Read about Areas Of Study For 2022 And Beyond below.

However, that doesn’t have to be the case. 2021 is going to end soon, and if you’re eyeing higher education in 2022, perhaps this list might make your selection easier and give you the first step you need to achieve your career goals. Here are some promising majors for 2022 and beyond.

Media Studies

Everything’s going digital. Therefore, a degree in media studies is perfect since it opens several career doors for you. With areas like media marketing, communication, and PR, you stand to enter the workforce with one of the most versatile degrees and highly in-demand skill sets.

The future of media isn’t just what you see on TV. There is so much more that you don’t see. Production work, scriptwriting, client relations, and social media are just some of the niches of media grads can dip their toes in. Moreover, the journalistic aspect of media studies adds to its versatility if you don’t want to opt for a career in marketing.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy may not be a typical medical degree. However, you will still be working alongside doctors during your practice. Some states in America have a prevalent aging population that generally needs a physical therapist to help them with growing aches and pains. Joint pains, immobility, and fractures are some of the most common issues you will deal with as a physical therapist.

Moreover, if you have a passion for sports, physical therapists are in high demand. Athletes need recovery assistance all the time. Not only do they need help with random injuries, but they also need flexibility and mobility training to help them bring their A-game. So if you want a career in healthcare and fitness minus the blood and stool, this should be your pick.

Computer Sciences

People started actively pursuing computer sciences and IT in the early 2000s. A growing industry at the time is now a multi-trillion-dollar industry that continues to blossom every year. Pursuing a degree in computers and IT in the coming years might be the best decision you ever made.

We have constantly heard that the computer market is saturated, and that might have once been true. However, in the coming few years, the technology bubble will continue to grow. Now is the time to gain a college degree, get some experience, and prep yourself for the IT job market.


Education is another ever-growing industry that won’t see any significant changes any time soon. People need to be educated, and that’s the way things have been for centuries. Moreover, a countries developmental index counts literacy rate as a significant indicator of development. And as digitalization increases opportunities for distance learning, there is a need to enhance the overall education delivery system for students.

A degree in education won’t only help you land a career as a teacher, but you could go into curriculum development as well. Changing outdated and archaic content is extremely important. Some things taught in school have been the same for decades and probably need to be updated with newer info. Moreover, incorporating tolerance of ethnic, religious, and sexual minorities should be taught in the curriculum. With a degree in Education in 2022, you stand to make a more profound change in the system than you might understand.


Over the recent years, we’ve gained much deeper insight into how vital therapy and related psychological branches are for our health. Whereas previously, the focus was primarily on physical health, now, people aim for holistic wellness. These changes have led to an increased demand for psychology degrees that allow students to understand human behavior and how to improve it.

There are various career paths to pursue with a psychology degree. You can work as a researcher and delve into some of the mysteries surrounding human behavior. Conversely, you can work as a therapist in various settings and help people overcome unprocessed trauma. Therapists have become increasingly popular in the current situation. The pandemic has contributed to a decline in mental health, increasing the demand for trained specialists to help affected people with coping. And if not that, you can still clear the bar and become a criminal lawyer.


Upcoming college students can find it challenging to narrow down upon their career options. However, this helpful guide has a degree option for everyone. These five fields are up-and-coming and will allow you to create a stable future for yourself. Furthermore, these degrees promise you immense personal and professional development and can let you challenge yourself mentally and professionally.

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