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Fun Activities In Singapore To Do With Kids

Singapore is a kid-friendly city. There are many fun activities in Singapore that you can do with kids. Check out the fun attractions below.

Track racing

When it comes to fun activities in Singapore, track racing at the Skyline Luge should be part of the list. It’s a safe way to introduce kids to track racing. The cars, of course, are not motorized. They work solely using the pull of gravity. The race starts at the top of Mount Imbiah. From there, racers make their way down all the way to Siloso Beach. And don’t worry, you don’t have to walk all the way up to the start of the track.

The package includes a Skyride to the top of the hill. The ride to the top is an attraction in itself as it provides spectacular views. There’s nothing to worry about because the riders are still in full control of the cars. You can choose from four different themed tracks each with features that make the race more exciting.

Play games

Singapore is actually a heaven for those who are into gaming. There are many places in Singapore where you can play games. One place you need to check out is the Sandbox VR, which is located just off Orchard Road. It features the latest VR technology. There are several missions to choose from and each one provides a fully immersive experience to players. If you’re looking for a more traditional arcade experience then you can go to Timezone. The newest one is located at Westgate and it has more than 200 arcade games and attractions. There’s also themed party rooms that you can tent and a large prize area in Timezone.


Kids love going to playgrounds. But the best playgrounds are those that offer learning opportunities for children just like Kiztopia. This is an indoor playground that is open to kids from one to 12 years of age. Some people call it an “edutainment” center because it provides kids the opportunities to learn new skills thanks to the different interactive attractions.

Kiztopia is meant for kids but even parents enjoy the different activities offered by the place. The playground is divided into different zones with each having a distinct key learning objective. Kids have such a good time there that they don’t realize that they are learning new stuff already.

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Have a forest adventure

If outdoor adventure is more to your liking, then you can take your kids to the Forest Adventure and Reservoir Park. There, you and your kid can pretend to be contestants at Ninja Warrior as you go through the family-friendly treetop obstacle course. The park actually features three courses that cater to different age groups and heights. Older children are allowed to try some of the courses on their own.

If you’re up for something really exciting, then you need to try the Big Zip, which is a 300-meter long zip-line that will get you flying above the waters. This is one of the best places to go if you’re looking for fun activities in Singapore.

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