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7 Fun and Relaxing Hobbies to Practice in Your Free Time

Not sure what to do on the weekends or after work? Need a way to chill out? Here are some Fun and Relaxing Hobbies anyone can practice.


Now more than ever, we need ways to chill out. And what better way to do so than by trying a new relaxing hobby.

Relaxing may not be your thing if you love staying busy. But forcing yourself to unwind can do you a world of good.

It’ll reduce stress and help you find your creative side. Plus, you may find a new hobby you really enjoy! 

Here are seven of the most relaxing hobbies to do. It’s going to feel so great getting in the zone and having some quality me-time! 

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1. Find Joy in Journaling

Sitting down and journaling may not seem appealing, and that’s why you don’t do it.

Or maybe you love to write and it’s a great release for you, but you haven’t made time. 

Journaling is a fantastic exercise to take into account how you’re feeling. But you may not want to write about how you’re feeling. If so, jot down simple things, such as what you’re grateful for. You can buy a gratitude journal or create your own.

If you want to be creative and try something more detailed, give bujo, aka bullet journaling, a try! You could draw a weekly schedule, doodle, and do other fun bullet techniques with this style. 

After you know what type of journaling you’d like to do, buy a cool journal and pen. It’s essential to start this new hobby out right.

Then, it’s time to break out your new journal and pen and get writing! 

2. Try Your Hand at Knitting and Crocheting

Knitting and crocheting are other activities you can do to decompress. To get into knitting or crocheting, you’ll first need the right supplies.

To figure out which supplies you’ll need, decide whether you’d like to try knitting or crocheting first. You’ll need a pair of long needles for knitting, whereas crocheting uses a single hook. 

If you’re feeling bold, learn how to do them both! 

Yarn is something else you’ll need, and thicker yarn tends to be easier to use. Some sites make beginner’s kits if you’d like to get all the supplies together.

To start learning, watch a few how-to YouTube videos. Or, take a class online or in-person to get this relaxing hobby down. 

Once you get the hang of things, it’ll be nice allowing your fingers to do the work. You’ll love crocheting or knitting while sitting on the sofa watching TV or listening to your favorite tunes.

It’s a fantastic way to zone out and forget all about your daily cares! 

3. Cozy Up and Read a Good Book

For some, reading is their favorite pastime. It’s a way to escape and learn new things.

Maybe you used to be an avid reader, but life got in the way. Well, it’s time to pick it back up again.

Select a specific time of day where you’ll sit down and read. You may want to start with a half-hour and increase as you have more free time in your schedule. 

This time, read something that’s out of your comfort zone. If you’re into mystery novels, try a historical fiction book instead. You may find that you love this genre even more than reading a good mystery! 

Get a few books that sound great and find a cozy place in your apartment to retreat to. It’s time to transport yourself to a new world!

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4. Do an Intriguing Puzzle

Doing a puzzle is a fun way to work your mind and chill out! You may have a family member or significant other who wants to join. If so, it’s an excellent activity for more than one person to do together. One of the best hobby as part of our list of Fun and Relaxing Hobbies.

For your first puzzle, you don’t have to pick a difficult one. A puzzle that’s around 550 pieces should do the trick. After you master that, work your way up to more complex puzzles with smaller pieces. 

There are all sorts of entertaining puzzles, such as unique movie puzzles. You’re sure to find one you love!

5. Go Hiking and Soak in Nature

Ahhh, doesn’t being surrounded by nature and breathing in the fresh air sound pleasant and relaxing? Hiking is free therapy! 

Silence is golden, and you’ll get plenty of that while hiking. You don’t have to be an experienced hiker to enjoy a calming hike. If you’re new, try a scenic route that doesn’t have a lot of elevation change.

But if you’re up for the challenge and prefer to do something difficult — go for it! Just remember that you’re looking for ways to loosen up, so ideally, a slow hike where you can soak up nature is ideal. 

Pick out a hike you haven’t done before and hit the trails! 

6. Make Yummy Desserts by Baking

If baking is something you’ve wanted to do, check out a few new recipes and start baking the day away.

Bake for yourself or friends. Either way, baking is good for the soul.

You have to admit that the sweet aroma of chocolate chip cookies is something you can get used to. Plus, it’s relaxing to take in the smell of delicious desserts. 

7. Watch an Informative Documentary 

There are all sorts of documentaries on Hulu, Netflix, and you name it. 

Netflix has a documentary titled Our Planet. There’s hardly anything as relaxing as watching the polar bears and penguins navigate Antarctica. Plus, you’ll also learn ways on how to help save the planet.

Browse different documentaries that interest you and start watching them. Not only will you get a chance to kick your feet back and unwind, but you’ll gain knowledge on important topics.

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Making time in your busy schedule to do relaxing activities is something you won’t regret. It’ll rejuvenate you and open you up to more opportunities in life. 

You never know what positive benefits relaxing hobbies may bring you. They’ll likely give you time to reflect, enjoy life, and just be yourself! Hope you love reading “Fun and Relaxing Hobbies”

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