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The funeral is a topic that not everybody wants to talk about. Even though it is extremely important, everyone deserves a funeral. There are many religions in the world, and each religion has its teachings and their believers organize the funeral under the light of those teachings. The main purpose of the funeral is the same, and it is to pay respect to the deceased. Other than that, share the grief of the family and friends of the dead. In many religions and sects, funerals are believed to be the prayer for peace in the deceased’s afterlife. 

Funerals are also regarded as the last ceremonies of the deceased and the last chance for the relatives and families to see them, watch them, and feel them close. They are held in a peaceful environment to replicate the feeling and the afterlife situations. 

According to the teachings of that religion, there are lots of sacred items and supplies required for the religious funeral. These items are sometimes hard to find. There are other arrangements such as seating arrangement, casket arrangement, preparation of the body, funeral area, cremation booking, and many other things that require a lot of time and expertise. It is beyond the control of one man, especially in the time of their grief. 

Funeral Services Singapore

Funeral services Singapore understands the need for reliable funeral services and has provided their services since 2006. They provide services at the funeral of every religion, thought, or belief without discrimination. They help the families in their funeral arrangements and take care of the entire funeral process with absolute care. They have expert teams for all kinds of funerals, and they are responsible for all the necessary arrangements and supplies.

There are many rituals and ceremonies at the funeral, and some people like their funerals to be simple. Funeral services Singapore is a customer-oriented company and can customize or modify the funeral according to the demands of the clients. 

Services of Funeral Services Singapore

Funeral services Singapore provides all kinds of funeral services, from the flower setup to the full funeral arrangement with all the rituals. They manage the professional teams with the necessary knowledge and skills for funerals responsible for taking care of all the arrangements. They have separate teams for Buddhist funerals that include their religious items with monks to chant and pray. They have an expert team with adequate knowledge of Buddhist funerals to manage the funeral. They also provide their services in the catholic funeral and take care of all the necessary items.

Moreover, they also arrange priests for prayers and blessings. They also have a team of Taoist funerals. Taoism consists of several dialects and sects, and they have an expert team who can manage any funeral rituals and provide them with sacred items needed for it. 

Funeral Services Singapore collaborates with the Singapore Soka Association (SSA) to provide the necessary support for the Soka funeral. Funeral services Singapore manages and arranges Soka funerals with traditional values. 

Funeral services Singapore has a track record of organizing the funeral for the Christian with all the necessary arrangements without any mistakes. They provide all of the arrangements for the funeral, including the priest, casket, and funeral area arrangement. The client can also avail of the direct funeral services if they want their funerals to be simple with funeral services in Singapore. They also offer their services to free thinkers or atheists and organize the funerals according to their will or family requirements. 

Funeral services Singapore also has a strong policy to send the body to any part of the world in case of a foreign citizen. They can also make arrangements for the funeral and receive the body coming to Singapore. 

Buddhist Funeral Singapore

Buddhism is the religion of peace and harmony. Buddhist teaching revolves around the concept of rebirth after death. They believe in the afterlife, and their faith is that the soul returns to another life. The concept is known as Samsara in Buddhist teaching, and it is the process of life and death until the person reaches the level of good deeds that outweighs their mistakes or bad deeds. After that, the soul will be lifted towards Nirvana, a heavenly place. According to the Buddhist teachings, death is just the beginning of the Samsara cycle, and their funeral rituals are based upon these teachings. 

Funeral services Singapore has been providing Buddhist funeral singapore services for the last 15 years and has considerable experience and a lot of knowledge about their funerals and teaching. Buddhism is based on many sects, and some people like their funeral to be simple, while some have the most religious funerals with all ceremonies. 

Funeral Rituals

Buddhism is the religion of peace, and their teaching of death revolves around the concept of Samsara. These are the main teachings of the Buddhist religion.

Peaceful Dying

The family and the friend gather around the person and make a calm environment when the person is gone. They do their best not to move or talk, which continues for four hours. 

Highlighting Good Deeds

The family often reflects the good deeds of the person and their accomplishments in their lifetime. 

Performing good deeds

The families also perform the good deed on behalf of the person. They are offering merit to the loved one. 

Preparation of body

The deceased’s body is prepared by cleaning it with a wet towel and applied with talcum powder. There is also embalming of the body before putting it into the casket.

Funeral items 

Several bells and gongs are used in the funeral, along with various candles, lamps, and joss sticks. Sandalwood, incense oil, lotus, sutra, and pearl blankets are used in Buddhist funerals to create a peaceful environment. 

Chanting and prayer

There are rituals where the monk chants and highlights the deceased’s good deeds. There can be more than one monk according to the family’s belief. 

Buddhist Funeral Singapore Package

Funeral services Singapore provides every item and arranges all the things according to the religious teachings of Buddhism. Buddhist funerals can range from 3 to 5 days, and funeral services Singapore has a simple or standard package available for that. They provide three days’ simple packages for $4,800 and contain all the necessary rituals and items. The standard package for three days is available for $5,300, and there is also the package of 5 days for a standard funeral for $6,300.

These are the services that are included in the Buddhist funeral Singapore package. 

Casket And Embalming

  • Embalming of the body in case of burial or cremation.
  • Body preparation with cleaning, dressing, and talcum powder.
  • Wooden casket with half glass that can be chosen from three colors.

Professional Funeral Services

  • Manpower and transportation services to the funeral area and back
  • Booking of cremation slots and necessary arrangements.

Flower Arrangement

  • Floral wreath with 11 inches by 12 inches in size
  • Altar and table arrangement according to Buddhist belief.

Praying And Sacred items

  • Joss stick in variable sizes
  • Pearl blanket, Sutra blanket, and lotus blanket.
  • Lotus candle, oil lamp, lED lamp, red pail 
  • Paper umbrella, red plates, and clothing 
  • sandalwood, incense oil, and other sacred items.

Funeral Area Arrangement 

  • Deck enclosure void 
  • Carpet and curtain area for the casket.
  • Buddhist funeral decoration with all of the arrangements.
  • 15 sets of square tables and ten sets of the round table
  • 100 chairs for the guests
  • Two air cooler units
  • Mourning garments 
  • Condolence and prayer books with safe boxes

Transportation Services

  • Glass hearse with traditional settings
  • 50 seater air conditioner bus to go to the funeral and back.
  • Towel arrangement for guest
  • Flowered water for cleansing

Chanting monks

  • One monk for coffin chanting
  • Three monks for final night chanting
  • One monk for the funeral day

Photo Enlargement

  • Six passport size photos of the deceased
  • 1 10 by 12 inches photo to display in the funeral area.

Cremation Services

  • Mandai cremation fees
  • Assh collection service

Additional Services

These services are included in the Buddhist funeral Singapore package, but they can be availed separately. 

  • Mobile toilet in case of the outdoor funeral at $80 per day
  • Chiller unit for an outdoor funeral at $50 per day
  • Food and catering services
  • Drinks and other consumables such as peanuts, melon seeds, etc.
  • Additional monks for chatting sessions.
  • Post funeral monk chanting session
  • Ash placement and the chanting sessions on the 7th, 49th, and 100th days.
  • Paper House and car offerings 
  • Photo and videography session

Why Choose Funeral Services Singapore?

There are many reasons funeral services Singapore is regarded as the most trusted name for funeral services. They have 20 years of experience organizing funerals and providing their services in all kinds of funerals belonging to any religion or sect. They have separate professional teams to handle the funeral and provide all necessary items and arrangements. The price of funeral services in Singapore is also the minimum. They are a customer-oriented company, and their prices are transparent. They also provide extra services such as flower and casket services. 

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