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Top 8 Games Like Banished – Best City Building Games

Games Like Banished – Read about the most amazing city building game. All similar games alternative to Banished are also City Building type.


Introduction to Banished
Details of Similar Games
More Information about Banished
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Introduction to Banished

One of best city-building strategy game which focuses on resource management and also survival as an isolated or limited society. The game receives a lot of positive and mixed reviews. You can consider it the best game of the same type ever created. Developers made everything fully balances from the start of the game when there is nothing on map to large cities.

The game starts with a small town where players guide all citizens to work around. Its player responsibility to guide all of the citizens to different workplaces. After jobs are assigned to everyone, there is no need more to worry about. These citizens know what to do next after receiving basic tasks by you. |dont forget about the basic needs of citizens which are really important for you to maintain or it can become a big problem for the city system.

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You can find one complete system created for citizens. They can die after completing their age time, the birth of new children is part of the game, and much more. Basic citizen requirements for players to complete are house, hospital, shops, school, and some other important buildings. Game is not simple to play by anyone because a lot of strategies are involved to make the game perfectly balanced.

When cities grow, the player may face a lot of problems with time which can affect the whole game badly. The balance between resources and spending is very important for making a large successful city. After the creation of large cities, survival may become a big problem for players because it’s really hard to control a huge city. Banished required complete planning from the beginning of the game because it’s possible that you may not be able to maintain and solve all problems of the city in end.

Details of Similar Games

1- Life is Feudal – Forest Village

Best town-building survival game where survival is the most important part of the game. As a player in-game you are forced to begin your life from nothing with some other people on small place far away unknown island. Life is Feudal provide players with full chance to build something from nothing. Too many options are created in this game like collecting food using various methods, construction of the different types of buildings, and more.

Some challenges are also important parts of the game which every player must face. The problem with food can wipe out the whole village because of diseases of different kinds. The game provides you with the option to view your village from an open view. Players are able to control any villager to work in-game to speed up progress. Complete farming systems allow players to grow different types of crops and also save them from any diseases.

One of the major problems and challenges for players is food. The best practice for players is to collect all types of food to store in their village. It’s the only way to make your villagers healthy especially in cold weather. Villagers can scare animals in the forest and which can force them to attack villagers. All forests are rich sources of collecting herbs and more for your village.

2- Ostriv

Read complete details on their official site where the latest updates are also available and more. Your role is as governer of town, it’s up to you to build large cities in story mode to define the fate of your country or play in open normal mode to just build towns. You may see there are almost no limits in this game. The main purpose behind the creation of this game is to provide players with too many open choices instead of limits on every move.

Ostriv is not fully created yet because they are still updating and adding more features. But players are allowed to buy this game and play it in the current state. The complete basic structure is already finished and players can enjoy the game a lot.

Most of the features listed on their official site are not yet completed. But most people who want to help build a game can try this cool game. They accept all suggestions to improve their game and make it best in the world.

3- Anno 1800

Most popular Strategy City building game series. Many other games are also created before and Anno 1800 is a very popular game of the same type. Game is set in old-world which is different from our current world. Production and supply chains are very important to fulfill the needs of workers and citizens. Another new world parallel to this old city is built where they produce different products which are required by people of this world. But you must construct all-important trade routes for the benefits of your citizens.

There are 3 modes in-game which provide all options for players. Story mode allows players to follow story campaign to reach to end by facing many challenges. In sandbox mode, lot of different AI is created which play against humans and build their own city and military. Multiplayer mode is also really cool for those who want to play online with friends and family.

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4- Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars is a different game from all city building games on our list. It provides you with the opportunity to colonize another planet, Mars. An important part of the game is to survive in the process when you are building a new life there. Build dooms, research centers to find more suitable ways to expand your settlement. Game is created for PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows.

You are building a huge colony on a new planet where everything is different. It’s not like Earth where you find some random location and start building. All ways to build on mars are advanced level and it makes take some time for you to understand everything. Players cant get too many resources from Earth and they get no other choice to produce everything on Mars.

Some storylines known as mysteries are crested in-game. These are very important factors that can start plague, war, rivalry inside your colony. Resources are limited and you must expand everywhere as per what you have available. Landing sites are also sometimes difficult to use because of some dangerous disasters which can create too many problems or destruction for your ships.

5- RimWorld

RimWorld is a science fiction colony game where you begin with 3 survivors after the destruction of the ship. You must care about colony members’ moods, health, illness, and addictions. Watch colonists grow and also break relations with their friends and family. A lot of emotions are involved in this game making it the best realistic game ever.

One important feature of this game is where players can replace body parts with artificially created parts. Your enemies are mostly pirates, different tribes, mad animals, giant incest, and ancient killing giants. The game provides you options for crafting using woods, stones, and many other items. Trade with ships which are passing by which is very important for your colony.

RimWorld is like a huge story generator where too many stories emotionally are available. Remember, your settlers are not professional settlers and they just crashed on this island. You can capture more colony people in war and turn them into your side. There is a huge island to explore where you may find too many different adventurers.

6- Aven Colony

Aven Prime is an alien planet discovered far away from earth. Too many desserts and jungles are everywhere toe explore. You are in charge of humans’ 1st settlement where you expand small settlements into huge cities. You may face too many different challenges when settling in a new world.

You must build a home of humanity in a toxic world. Too many dangerous problems are everywhere which you can face. You can discover and interest with too many local alien species which can harm you in many ways. As a governer of your new colony, it’s really hard for you to control everything. It required a lot of effort at the start of the game to lead your colony people to victory.

A lot of secrets are buried in this new world from the past. It’s up to you to explore them and use in your benefits. Construction drones are very important to build everything in the colony. Upgrading the building of different types for getting more advantages and also welcome more new people in your colony is most important for expanding.

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7- SimCity 4

One of the best and most amazing city building games in the history of the same genre. Many games are created for this series and one game for android is very popular already. Players can choose the region as per their requirements and planning to make it one of the world’s largest cities. Players can create different zones like industry, commercial, and residential.

There are different modes in this game. One of them allows players to create anything in game-like many disasters. To make the game more challenging, it’s better for players to create some terrible disaster setting a different period of time. If you only create a city without facing any problem, it may feel boring after some time. But save your different areas from many disasters make it always challenging for you.

Mayor mode is very important where a lot of advisors help you to build the city. After you create a large city, these different advisors help you to notify you about any problems or some suggestions. Game is huge and you can learn with time when playing doing mistakes all the time. After playing this game a few times, you may become a master and able to enjoy games for many many hours.

8- Kingdoms and Castles

The game is about building a huge kingdom from a very tiny village. But there are many challenges created for you in this game. Survival depends on your skills and how quickly you can build your empire to a powerful level. Viking raiders can attack your villages anytime. Defending can become sometimes impossible in this world.

Sometimes your granary can burn because of any reason and people may start starving in cold winter. Its full of adventure and surviving is really hard. Careful planning is the most important part of this game. How you build a town is very important, collect tax from your people and arrange festivals to make them happy.

The defense is also very important in this game because a lot of enemies are there to destroy you. Build towers, make an army to defend, and much more to survive. The game is fully realistic where you may feel like a governer of real-life Town.

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More Information about Banished

Games Like Banished with Combat

The main purpose of this type of game is to focus on building a city, not war. It’s really hard to find games like Banished but include wars too. Too many strategy games are already available for you to play with building and also war with enemies. But we are sure thread on Shinning Rock Forum may provide an answer to this question.

Banished for Other Platforms. Games Like Banished for ps4 – Games Like Banished for Xbox one – Games Like Banished for Android

Game is available for Windows and you can really enjoy it on one platform. It’s not released for any other platforms yet. Read the article on Game Cupid for 34 games like Banished on Playstore. The same article also provides games for Android too.

Top Posts On the Same Topic

Read about a list of 10 games on Gamer Decide which are similar to Banished. Every game is explained well with screenshots, complete detail is provided for players to understand the basic concept of similar games. Another cool list is created by RAWG which we suggest you visit. We can disagree about some games added on the list but you can find some Games Like Banished with Combat.

There is a list of 8 games on The Cinemaholic which is a popular site writing about games. Most of the articles are really awesome and you can find really good perfect relevant games on this list.

Conclusion for Games Like Banished

City building game type is always a favorite for players. Those who really don’t like violence must try these games. The most focus of these games is a strategy, control the whole city, and management. Those people who may dream of becoming president of their country may try these games to achieve their dreams on a low level. xD

All similar games on the list are also providing the same system for players. The main focus of this game is also about no violence city building. In some games, a lot of different small and huge disasters are created which are extra challenges for players. In simple words, there is no need to worry about any attack from your enemies but these natural problems can harm your city. But these features are not included in almost every game. Some games are really quite and easy for you to build the city of your dream.

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