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Top 8 Games like Darkest Dungeon – Top RPG Games of all Time

Games like Darkest Dungeon – Best RPG game which is very popular. Read all the best games similar to Darkest Dungeon or even better.


Introduction to Darkest Dungeon
Details of Similar Games
More Information about Darkest Dungeon
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Introduction to Darkest Dungeon

The amazing RPG game where players control different heroes and explore too many different types of dungeons under Mansion which given to players at the start of the game. Each hero is different and when they explore more area, they stress level increase. They also can get more abilities, power, and more strength to explore these dark dungeons. Some heroes may get more power after exploring a lot or places and fight, increasing their time to explore more.

Players and some others tried to explore this huge estate and release some dangerous monsters in these hidden dark dungeons. Now, they have no choice to hire some brave heroes who are good at exploring and fighting to stop these monsters.

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The game story is very complicated and players will find more truth about his ancestors. As per new knowledge, players realize that it’s just beginning of huge disaster and fight against these monsters or spirits may only delay the process.

Some Extra Information about Darkest Dungeon

If a hero is dead when exploring, the player can’t get it back. It’s important to save the most powerful heroes who unlocked important abilities already. Because it could be a huge loss to roaster as it takes time for any hero to reach a very high level after killing, exploring too much area, and unlocking everything one by one.

The system in-game is very complex and it becomes more difficult for players to explore the next dungeon. When heroes are able to clear one dungeon, they must face more danger or hard to kill monsters in the next dungeon. In simple words, players must upgrade heroes, keep important heroes alive, and try to get as must advantage he can to face upcoming danger. Remember, there is no chance of 1st level heroes after they clear some dungeons.

Details of Similar Games

1- Pillars of Eternity

In this game, everything is built in a new land fully created for the game only. In this land everyone born without a soul. At the start of the game group of people living in that area discover some powers which can allow them to look in the past and some other powers. The main goal of the game is to find out what causes this awakening and how to solve this problem of born with no soul.

Unlike some other games, they don’t increase reward points for killing enemies. Best method to achieve any goal is stealth and the use of hidden techniques which make this game less violent. Almost all characters in-game are mostly based on Darkest Dungeon which is important reason you can call one of the best games like Darkest Dungeon.

There is one main storyline and the player must follow it from beginning to end to complete the game. But you can find some side quests in-game which are also fun to complete for some benefits. If anyone from the party is injured or knocked out, they can get their power back after combat is over. The best way for increasing health is to rest, and it can auto-generate with time.

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2- Diablo 1 (Best in List of Darkest Dungeon Like Games)

Game is almost similar to Darkest Dungeon because you must explore too much hidden dark areas as per level. There are side quests also part of this game which you can complete increasing power of character but not much effect on a normal game. There are many levels and dungeons that change with each level.

You may find a lot of caves, buildings, hidden ways in one level but too many open areas with dangerous monsters on other levels. With time monsters are getting powerful and you need high level and most dangerous weapons to kill them. You can explore and collect a lot of health potions, swords, armor, and other weapons in-game.

The first game in the series was different and more simple. They include too many different features in upcoming games by making them better, important features, and also new levels. Collecting items is very important and players can any time go back to another place to exchange for those items, buy new potions, and much more. In simple words, this game is better than Darkest Dungeon.

They allow up to 4 players in multiplayer games. It’s up to players to decide how they want to play. Fight with each other or work together to explore and kill dangerous monsters in dark places. Diablo is highly recommended for those who love Darkest Dungeon.

3- Mad Crown

Mad Crown is an RPG game where you are looking for a Crown as an explorer. Resources are limited and you must fight different enemies and explore a huge collection of dungeons connect to each other making large land of evil. As per game history story, the land is full of creatures that are trying to kill everyone human. Most humans are trying best to prove their existence to these creatures by killing them.

You may not find many quality graphics in-game. It’s not like Darkest Dungeon where you can go anywhere and the style of fighting is different too. Many others already tried to find this Mad Crown and failed. It’s very difficult to fight with the most dangerous creatures everywhere.

Many features are added in this game which makes it really the best game. You will fight with powerful monsters that are hard to kill and known as the boss. Similar to other games, you need more power, strength, and strategy to defeat these improve monsters.

In-game adventurers can work together to rescue each other. If you die in-game, others can come and help you collect all items. You can also join the rescue team and help other adventurers which are killed in different locations fighting many monsters.

4- Battle Chasers – Nightwar

Its turn-based RPG game where you can choose from some basic characters in-game. The story begins when all of these characters are in a place that is crashed over a mystery island. Players must explore the huge places and fight different enemies which are powerful. After exploring and defeating everyone, they reach a dungeon which is like diablo, and start to explore it.

Many traps are set in these dark dungeons which make it hard for players to move from one room to another. Enemies are different monsters that become powerful after you reach to next level. These features make it the best Games like Darkest Dungeon. The concept of exploring, fighting dangerous monsters, and reach to the end are the same in all of these games.

Enemies can attack you from anywhere and there is no guarantee when one of your friends may appear to help you. Another feature of this game is crafting new items that are very important to kill these monsters. The game provides you full war experience with monsters you never see before. Never forget to improve your level and get the most powerful weapons with time because monsters may become more dangerous with time and you may be unable to kill them with old weak weapons.

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5- Mistover

The story begins when an unknown structure appears on earth suddenly and it releases a different type of monsters attacking everywhere. Every one was defenseless and soon humans were mostly wiped out from the planet.

But suddenly a miracle happens and all creators are disappeared. Most humans are dead but there are a lot of survivors. These people are worried about what actually happened to them, why creatures attack them, are they coming back soon? These are normal questions that come to their mind, they decide to explore a place where all of these creatures came from to find out what happens and find a solution to stop them from coming back.

The player lead a group of people who are sent to find all answers. Teams must face dangerous monsters, explore the hidden places, and much more. These are common features that make it part of games like Darkest Dungeon.

6- Vambrace – Cold Soul

Its story of a land where powerful magic changes everything. In most popular cities of the time, they wake up dead people who are not killing everyone. Most of the people are hidden below in different dark places to save themself. But one of their leaders launches a campaign against these dead creatures to clear the city. But this power is very dangerous and they can’t defeat it without some help.

One day mysterious strangers appear in the city with powerful weapons. She is the only hope for everyone, the player will control this character to fight against everyone. Make new weapons by collecting different items, explore, discover many enemies to defeat, engage in most bloody battles to reach to next level.

There are four characters in-game which you must know about. One is the girl you read above, She explores places, fights monsters, and is become the only hope for humans. There is a fearless man who controls group fighting against this evil. Now they have hope, this leader must collect every resource, arrange powerful weapons, and every human to fight back with new strength and retake the city.

As you read above, exploring different hidden lands, fighting monsters, crafting new weapons make it the best game like Darkest Dungeon. In-game these humans hold a women prisoner who cast a spell to stop everyone from leaving. All people are stuck in the city because of the wall around it. Now it’s humans’responsibility to force her to remove this wall.

7- Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is the best game like Darkest Dungeon but their main concept is different. The storyline is not similar to any other game. In this game, you are playing as someone who is looking to kill everything, hunt down monsters in a different level of dungeons. The main goal is to reach famous treasure by solving different problems, killing monsters, and upgrading all weapons to get an advantage.

The Gungeon is a place full of traps. Its something which is hard to understand because you may get stuck in any trap anytime. You may face more danger from this place than any monsters coming your way. Many rooms are built inside where danger level is different from each other.

Heroes and guns are very important parts of the game. You can choose from many heroes with different abilities which can help you win the game in different ways. A huge collection of guns is involved in-game. But some most power full weapons are also included. You must know this game is not like other games of the same type, the weapon system is too advanced. As you read above and understand that the main goal is the same in all games. Explore, kill the monsters, craft items, and face huge Boss monsters.

8- Dead Cells

Another best alternative to games like Darkest Dungeon. You control a slim creature to explore the different levels of the dungeon. In-game, they build currency known as cells. Cells are used to buy weapons, upgrades, and lot of other things to be done. A normal way to get more currency is to kill different monsters. If a player is killed, they may lose all of the cells which is a huge loss for them.

The use of these cells is only allowed when a section of the dungeon is finished. Players cant do anything with it when playing a game, it’s very important to collect the huge collection of cells and reach to end without dying to use them.

The main story is about a prisoner who is stuck in a deep place. When he wakes up, it’s important for him to survive this place. Soon eh realize that this place was a huge kingdom sometime before. But a dangerous virus converts people into zombies and monsters. In some time, everyone tries to find a cure and failed. Soon king also become one of these creatures and people rebel against him. But most of them died by the virus or by killing each other.

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More Information about Darkest Dungeon

Popular Dungeon Games in Darkest Dungeon Series

There is only 1 main game in series and they are planning to release another game soon. It can take some time, we suggest everyone read this article about the upcoming game on Pc Gamer.

Best Video to See Darkest Dungeon Gameplay?

Visit the YouTube channel with the name of Darkest Dungeon. Complete videos from the beginning of the game to end are part of this channel. The Player explains every episode with details when playing. It’s hard to find this level of huge collection anywhere on YouTube which can help everyone learn about the game.

Darkest Dungeon Android. Available?

Darkest Dungeon is not available for Android but we suggest trying another game that provides almost the same features. Dungeon Survival becomes very popular on Android Playstore.

Top Posts On the Same Topic

Read about 20 games on IGDB where are the best games like Darkest Dungeon. As you may already read about it on many of our posts, they don’t add full details on their site. Mostly you can find a rating system that can help you or list of more games.

Another important site is 50 Games Like where you can find 50 games like Darkest Dungeon. But when they have to add this many games in lists, you cant expect quality. Mostly they just collect a huge list and try to prove its all lits of games like Darkest Dungeon.

The Gamer explains about 10 games and asks their visitors to play them until the next version of Darkest Dungeon is coming. These are cool games which are the best alternative. There is a huge list of similar games to Darkest Dungeon that is created on Steampunk. But these are just common entries created by them which can take you back to the Steam Official store.

Over 35 games are listed on Game Cupid with only 2 lines of explanation. It means if you are looking for some more ideas about games like Darkest Dungeon, visit their site and use Wikipedia or some other sites for details.

Conclusion for Games like Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon becomes very popular with time and many other games are created on the same idea. You can play Diablo which is similar to darkest Dungeon and you must explore largely hidden areas and kill many monsters. Lof of ideas in both games is similar.

All other alternatives on the list are also best for you to try if you like this game. Every game is fully explained and you can see an important video that can help you see gameplay and understand what this game is about without leaving our site.

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