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Action Games like Ghost of Tsushima

You gotta hand it to Sucker Strike Productions – the Sony first-party workshop entered a completely various direction after wrapping up its Sly Cooper & Infamous franchises and also ended up notching an additional win while doing so. That stunning victory was available in the form of Ghost of Tsushima, an incredible ode to timeless samurai films as well as the war-torn struggles of Japan’s feudal period. The video game’s open-world appearances are wonderful, its battle mechanics are tuned to excellence, as well as the tale of retribution told throughout it strikes all the ideal notes in order to get its hooks right into gamers.

Chances are you are among the millions of Ghost of Tsushima gamers that completed their trip and are now in search of something similar. We picked 16 games that include some or even all of the components that the PS4 treasure excelled at – a fun method to the open-world expedition, a gripping story, action-packed battle series, worthwhile side material, as well as a strong concentrate on melee weapon proficiency.

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The solid schedule of video games we’re about to advise you are ensured to pull you in just like Ghost of Tsushima.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Ghost of Tsushima offers a worthy obstacle to the majority of gamers that can manage it. When it comes to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the problem affixed to its shinobi-themed adventure is far more overwhelming. However, if you’re up to it, you’ll get a kick out of lowering a myriad of opponents as the katana-wielding Wolf. You can go stealthy to get rid of the majority of the opposition as well as engage in close encounters in order to interrupt their stance to land the murder impact.

Horizon: No Dawn

While there aren’t any kind of intense sword clashes to engage in below, Horizon: Absolutely no Dawn still provides players a fully-realized open world with a lot of beneficial material to delight in. As Aloy, you’ll set out on a mission to discover that you absolutely are and where you originated from. And while you’re out discovering the wild, you’ll make use of a wide variety of tools as you come to blows with mechanical monsters. Aloy’s a super active as well as formidable hunter, so you’ll delight in searching down and taming robotic creatures in wonderfully realized atmospheres.


Capcom’s Onimusha franchise is still worth spending a long time with in this present day and also age of gaming. Instead of locking swords with human adversaries, your major adversaries come in the type of bloodthirsty devils. Each of the video games within the series jobs you with bringing an end to them as well as their leaders with a massive collection of tools and important capabilities. Look for the remaster of the very first video game as well as make certain to take a look at the follows up whenever you get an opportunity to do so.

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Assassin’s Creed

Ubisoft’s long-running action/adventure IP that’s everything about Assassin’s vs. Templars has actually changed substantially. The initial couple of entries are primarily focused on managing quiet kills, while the access that arrived with the intro of Origins have actually applied a lot more action-heavy fight series. The one element that connects every series access is a deep concentrate on checking out different periods of history and experiencing real-world numbers along the road.

Middle-earth: Darkness of Mordor/War

Sauron’s army of orcs might show up unstoppable at first glimpse. Yet with the melee mastery as well as spiritual connection to a powerful wraith powering your malevolent Ranger, Sauron’s hazard becomes a lot easier to deal with. Both games that allow you to seek out your vengeance as Talion utilize a Nemesis system, which keeps track of the greatest adversaries you come across as well as constructs all-natural competitors out of them must you fall in battle with them. By the time you go into the sequel, you’ll have a ton of fun accumulating an Uruk army of your own to take down Sauron’s pressures.

For Honor

For Honor has actually become fairly the force considering that launch. In time, it’s included a wealth of new warriors to grasp and online multiplayer modes to jump into. If Ghost of Tsushima’s fight stylings attracted you, after that you’ll normally move towards the samurai clan. That’s not the only union of warriors you can make use of, nevertheless – For Honor provides you the opportunity to lower the opposing military as knights, Vikings, and also even the Chinese Wu Lin.

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Samurai Warriors

The developers behind the continuous Empire Warriors franchise business likewise create a line of video games that adhere to the Sengoku period of Japanese background. You’ll be given access to a big assortment of magnificent warriors that are spread out across a number of melee techniques and get to evaluate them out on thousands of hapless sufferers. The straightforward act of cutting down waves of foes by yourself or with a buddy throughout the “Warring States” era of Japan is an extremely enjoyable history lesson worth checking out.

The Witcher 3: Wild Quest

Geralt of Rivia is fairly the boss within the middle ages fantasy realm he ventures via. The 3rd game in The Witcher collection is his largest one to date as well as provides hrs of satisfying journeys to jump into. Wild Quest features an incredibly engrossing story and a ton of side material that’s just as soaking up as the mainline questlines. The mature styles that come with every little thing you’ll do in this video game are perfect for water cooler discussions, which ought to delight those who have actually additionally gotten caught up in deep disputes over the Netflix collection based on The Witcher collection.


Nioh mashes up the arduous gameplay attached to the “Soulsborne” subgenre with a setting that’s motivated by feudal Japan. Both games in the collection pit you versus human enemies and also supernatural beings called yokai. There’s a whole lot of dealing with to involve yourself in and also you’ll certainly need to stay on your toes as even the weakest of foes can catch you off guard. Profiting all kind of weapons and even getting the chance to count on yokai abilities of your very own are 2 components that lie at the heart of the Nioh collection.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Here’s an additional “Soulsborne” influenced title that uses finely tuned melee experiences. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order places you in the boots of a young Jedi Padawan named Cal Kestis, who winds up on the run from the Galactic Empire. During your universe-spanning experience, you’ll turn your lightsaber around as you tackle everything from Stormtroopers to indigenous monsters. Utilizing the powers of the Force alongside your lightsaber swings is greatly delightful.

Way of the Samurai

The Method of the Samurai collection offers “Choose Your Own Journey” plotlines that permit a lots of replayability. Each collection access locations you in the role of a straying ronin that finds himself obtaining captured in the middle of a battle that can play out nonetheless you please. You’ll obtain a lot of playtime out of navigating every story possibility and placing your sword abilities to the supreme examination.

Popular Games like Call of Duty


Moving with the shadows and also doing away with your adversaries as an awesome ninja seems like an intriguing suggestion, does not it? Doing all that as Jin in Ghost of Tsushima is a blast and performing those very same jobs in the throwback Tenchu games is just as fun. Rikimaru and Ayame still obtain prominence as two of gaming’s biggest ninjas as you can put their ferocious abilities to excellent use within a digital entertainment of 16th-century feudal Japan.


We obtained some even more assassin-themed awesomeness for you below with this following entry. Aragami sets you up as a darkness spirit that can rely upon the power of teleportation, a raven friend, and a collection of bells that can entice enemies in for the kill. One hit can take you out, so you’ll need to map out every motion and pull off your eliminates as silently as possible in a quote to survive. Aragami strikes all the ideal notes as a modern nod to stealth games of the past.

Omensight: Conclusive Version

Omensight: Conclusive Edition includes a murder secret right into a Groundhog Day situation that will certainly enrapture you from the dive. Each time you come back to life on that fateful day, you’ll need to gather your ideas as well as maintain investigating what it takes to prevent an apocalyptic event. As you map out your path towards conserving your globe from particular doom, you’ll employ a riches of swordplay abilities that enter into play within a liquid combat system. The magic capabilities that enter into play and also the time-manipulation powers that come your way also play a significant part in just how you pick to vanquish your enemies.

God of War

2018’s God of Battle may not include samurai battles and lovely Japanese landscapes, but it throws you in an open globe that teems with opponents to clean out as well as interesting individualities to communicate with. Kratos is joined by his son Atreus, that helps him in battle with his bow & arrow abilities in tow. Opening Kratos’ significant array of powers throughout his and his boy’s trip with a legendary world ruled by Norse Gods will surprise and also amaze you throughout.

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

Old heads who are old sufficient to keep in mind Samurai Jack’s amazing animated collection should absolutely give this video game a look. Not just is it remarkably much better than your typical formally certified title, but it additionally admires the collection it’s based on by embracing its trademark art design. Jack’s magic katana, various other opponents’ weapons, as well as even his bare hands can be used to land ill combos on everyone that makes the error of attempting to quit him.

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