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Top 6 Games like Kenshi – Most Popular RPG Open World Games

Games like Kenshi – Very popular game provides players with open choices. Read about more games giving freedom to their players like Kenshi.


Introduction to Kenshi
Details of Similar Games
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Introduction to Kenshi

Most amazing game allows players to act freely. Its RPG game and unlike most other games, you are free to play without following any storyline. In some games, huge worlds are created by developers but they force players to stick to the story which is most disadvantage of those games. In Kenshi, you must explore the whole game because of its open world.

The setting is post-apocalypse, where life is really hard. It’s difficult to survive because you must learn a lot to continue playing. The player starts with no skills, it’s up to players to choose what they want to be in-game. Become a thief or trader in-game and progress through the game. Player gets a higher level after they learn more when playing.

Another feature of the game to recruit more people in your group. Too many people from different species are available everywhere in-game. These people can work together and build their own towns. The game is really huge because you can find a small building in large cities everywhere. There are large zones and weather system is realistic and it can badly affect all over the map areas. Players can find a lot of factions available in-game which may takeover any city of town after notable people are killed there.

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The story behind the creation of this game is really amazing. Chris Hunt worked few years alone in this game by doing a part-time job. After some time, he left the job to work full time because he was successful in making the initial system. Later he hired a small team to work with him. It’s a game that was created by one man’s dream and over a decade to finish it. Too much hard work is involved in the success of the game.

Details of Similar Games

1- Kingdoms

Its open-world game provides almost the same features as Kenshi. It’s really hard to find games like Kenshi where most of the features are providing the best experience like Kenshi. Both are open-world, allow players to do whatever they want, complete system which help player to live own life, in both game player start with almost nothing and reach to the top by living life around him.

Most intelligent and powerful AI is built in this game. This system controls everything. Many new buildings, houses, and many new people are appearing in-game all the time. It’s up to AI players to decide how they want to live their life. Whatever players do, affects the whole game, and these AI react to it. Main AI controls everything and you can’t find any other best game which is really powerful to produce everything itself.

Every Non-Player Character known as NPC is unique. It means they have their own goals and a complete system is built for them. They progress through the best system until the end of their life. Even 2 NPC with the same goal may react and live their life completely different from each other.

Game provide players with full choices and its like you are living in real life. You can imagine visting another country where everything is different from your own life. Here, you are free to do waht ever you want which is not part of most RPG game where they force you to follow one main story.

2- Rising World

Rising World provides a gaming experience like Kenshi but this game is still under development and they allow everyone to test this game until completed. Most features of this game make it a perfect game like Kenshi. One advantage of this game is that it allows multiplayer. Kenshi is not providing these features and Rising World become more popular as players can work together in this game.

The player starts with basic tools and survive in the wildness. It’s up to them to decide whatever they want. A lot of worlds are built around them and update auto with time. Players can easily build large cities or just normal castles, or even live a normal life around the map. To survive in this huge world, players can find some friends who are other players like them, to play together.

Exploration is an important part of the game. Large dungeons and too many wide different caves are built in-game which provide players with a chance to explore. There are dangers everywhere and the player may face something new when entering other locations. The completely random world is generated for players to enjoy this game.

Visit this steam page to find about all the latest updates in-game. Remember, they are still making games to the highest level, you can help them add something new. You must try this game and find any problem which can affect it, suggest some changes, and also ask them to add some important features which you may think are missing in-game. It’s a chance to be part of something huge for free. As you read above, this game is way better then Kenshi which is limited in many ways like the platform or offline only.

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3- Force of Nature

Force of Nature collects different genres and become the best game with too many features. They add action, adventure, Strategy, and RPG feature in one game which you can consider as an interesting experiment. If you are a fan of Kneshi, this gam is the best choice for you because it provides some awesome features like an open world and others like Kenshi.

Ten different zones are built for this game, each with a completely different system and features. You can collect resources, build houses, grow plants to make sure food is available for you. Building a portal allows you to move from one location to another in very little time. The map is very important to look around and it can also save player from losing contact with important locations.

The game looks simple when to read its name but there is a huge system part of it. Anything in this game can be destroyed which is different from many games where you can get rid of some useless items or buildings. There are different types of monsters, each with different abilities to harm you. Many harmless animals are part of the game and a complete weapons system allows you to fight properly.

4- GreedFall

Game is set in old-time a few centuries back where one new island is discovered and many different powers are trying to control it. You will play as a neutral human who arrives at that island and looking for a cure for the disease. It’s up to you to decide to befriend native people or join any of the power who is trying to control this island.

Your cousin is the governor of this new town capital and he can provide you with full help to find a cure for the dangerous disease which is spreading all over the continent. After arrival on the island, they send you to make good relations with native people and also 2 neighboring countries for living in peace.

In the process of making relations, you find that natives are connected to earth in some way and it provides them with some unnatural abilities. You are unable to find any cure for a deadly disease but there is a theory that comes to your mind and it’s about native worship something, you think that something can cure illness. You are trying to find a way to talk to this being for more information.

Your cousin is sick by this disease and you also find about a plot of killing all leaders of cities on the island to capture it fully. But with some difficult choices, you are able to save your cousin and warn everyone about it. But you may not survive much longer.

As you read this story, it looks like this game is forcing players to stick to the story but remember there are many features that make it perfect games like Kenshi. But mostly the story is getting better with time and you are also able to move around like an open-world game.

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5- Impact Winter

The story of this game is about one asteroid who hit earth so badly and almost change complete weather. Its snow everywhere and becoming colder with time. Most people are dead already and you are the leader of the surviving group. The story begins when you heard a message on radion that says help is coming.

Games provide the same features which are like Kenshi. An open-world where ice is everywhere. There are no limits for you to explore. You can dig anywhere to find buried secrets, hunt wild animals, save your self from dangerous storms, and investigate mysterious signals.

Games allow you to build a base and trade with other people who survive. Upgrade your base and also command those people who are with you in full control. Searching for supplies is very important in this game and your limited inventory makes it impossible for you to collect everything. Impact Winter forces players to make some hard choices from start to end of the game.

There are hundreds of items that are different from each other and useful in many ways. A lot of junks allow you to use it as fuel and also craft new objects. Electronic is important to use for light systems which are also important in this dark col weather everywhere. Increasing the morale of a team is important which required some rare items known as relics.

The most important feature of this game is the random story structure. It means there are no similar games to play. A powerful inside system changes the story every time you play this game. You can read more about all tools and important information about game on Gamepedia.

6- Xsyon – Prelude

One unique massively multiplayer online game where you cant find NPC on a large scale. The main focus of the game is to allow as many players possible in-game to make it look more real than all other games of the same type. Xsyon – Prelude is enough famous that you can find it on most of the lists created for the same type.

Normally, there are 2 main features of this game. Players can fight against an environment where no other players are involved. It’s similar to player vs computer with different difficulties level. The second option is player vs another player which is really awesome. At the start of the game both players cant attack each other, they are safe in their own basic created zones.

The game was added to the steam green signal program in 2013. You can understand about popularity of this game that it reaches to the top 100 games out of 1300 games at that time. There is no possible way to compare this game with most other games at the same time. It’s a realistic game which focuses on almost everything.

Players can affect on whole game like resources are limited and players can remove them from the game if they use them at the high-speed level. Animal and other elements in-game are also controlled by a complete system. In simple words, the game can also show how much humans are affecting the real world in real life.

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More Information about Kenshi

Is Kenshi Multiplayer?

As per official forum thread on Lofigames, there is no multiplayer available for this game. You can also read all the possible reasons behind it. The main reason for this game not to be multiplayer because it was created only to play offline. Unlike other games, there was no system added from beginning to make it multiplayer.

Kenshi for other Platforms – Kenshi Steam

Game is available for Windows only but you can buy it on Steam. There are no special reasons why it’s not created for all other important platforms. It’s a popular game in windows and there are thousands of fans already.

How to Play Kenshi?

As you can watch the above video, there is no other way to explain to you about this game than showing a video. One of the best videos available on YouTube which helps you understand the basics of the game from start.

Is there any Kenshi Multiplayer Mod?

No. Game is only offline. You cant play with other players online anywhere. Mainly game is created for playing offline only.

Top Posts On the Same Topic

Read about 38 games on Game Cupid where all games are explained with some details. Its special site created for games but you already know that most of these sites are just adding games to increase the number. More Games Like added 12 games on the list. Unlike Game Cupid, they provide more information that helps users understand what these are all about.

Another list on RAWG provides alternative games. Many screenshots, videos, and complete details are added on this site. We recommend users to visit the site if they are looking for more games like Kenshi.

Conclusion for Games like Kenshi

Kenshi becomes very popular because of gameplay and features like open world or RPG without limits. All details which are important for this game are written above. All these similar games provide sam features like Kneshi or better. Unlike Kenshi, many games provide a multiplayer feature to play online. Its what is a lack in this game making it less popular in the same type of games.

It’s available for only windows which is another disadvantage of this game. You may know how much people are using Android these days, Millions of active users can start playing this game if it’s available for phones. Making it limited for only one platform and no multiplayer features make it less popular. But a big advantage for this game is that developers too much focus on offline games. It means this game is better than almost all other similar games when it comes to a single player.

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