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20 Best Popular Games like Runescape Which Everyone Must Try in 2020

Runescape becomes a popular game with millions of active players. Read some Games like Runescape with amazing gaming experience.


The multiplayer role-playing video game RuneScape was developed and published by Jagex. The videogame RuneScape is a java C++ scripted game. The videogame provided over 9.5 million free accounts and over 500 thousand paid accounts. This game offers both paid and free content. The videogame RuneScape was not released for a particular platform. Any player having an internet connection and a java-capable web browser can play the game.

According to research, RuneScape is the world’s second most MMORPG-played game and holding a Guinness World record. The gameplay allows the players to train their in-game skills and set their own goals and objectives. The player can have 28 different skills, out of which 17 are available for free- to- play for all players and 11 for the members. The several skills in the game include fishing, cooking, and woodcutting, etc.

The game consists of a chat system that enables the players to communicate with other players over a local area on one server. As the game’s storyline develops, the players can complete different series of tasks known as Quest. With the Quest’s completion, players can receive several rewards, including money and access to new areas. The graphics of the game has been developing over time.

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To review the game, visit the link below: 

Following are 20 different games like RuneScape:

1. World of Warcraft:

Blizzard entertainment published World of Warcraft and took role-play gaming to another level. World of Warcraft is an online role-playing game with eight major expansion packs. According to research, the revenue of the game was $9.23 billion.

The gameplay allows the players to explore various landscapes, completing quests, and killing multiple monsters. The game’s plot revolves around Thrall’s Horde, who expended its rank by inviting undead forsaken to join orcs, trolls, and the land of world Azeroth again became the host to a World of Warcraft. First game in the list of Games like Runescape.

To enjoy the gameplay, visit the link below:

2. Albion Online:

Albion Online is an online RPG videogame inspired by the old themes of MMORPG games. The multiplayer game was released with its beta versions being released before the official game. The MMORPG game was ranked #28 most discussed game in 2017 and sold many copies.

The online MMO game is set in a medieval-themed fictional world. The sandbox game allows the users the freedom to fight, dress, explore, and do whatever they please. The players can fight others in PvP and PvE battles, complete quests, conquer territories, and so much more.

To explore the medieval fantasy world of Albion Online, watch the following gameplay:

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3. Guild Wars 2:

Guild Wars 2 is the sequel to a heavily praised MMORPG videogame Guild Wars. Like the original Guild Wars, the sequel took the gaming world by storm from the moment it was released. The developer of the RPG ArenaNet gained quite some fame as the game was ranked #3 best PC game of 2012. The game’s plot is set in the fictional Tyria, where Destiny’s Edge fights against the Elder Dragon to take their land back. The story of the game varies based on the player’s actions.

Experience the fictional world in the best-seller videogame by watching the following video:

4. Tibia:

Tibia is one of the first few MMORPGs and initially set the multiplayer gaming basis that we see today. Tibia is still coming up with updates to date, which makes it the longest-running MMORPG—developed and published by CipSoft, the game reached the peak of its fame in 2007.

The tile-based game consists of players fighting creatures, completing quests, trading with other players, and many more actions to level up. Players can interact with other players through text-based features and explore the open-world fantasy. Players can also pay to get some exclusive features of the game.

To experience one of the earliest MMORPGs, watch the following gameplay:

5. League of Legends:

League of Legends is a long-running online battle arena game. League of legends has built a name for it and is the most popular game of its genre. The MOBA game has sold millions of copies and won multiple awards.

The MOBA game has three main modes, but the game’s central theme is based on players choosing a champion and teaming up with others to fight against other teams using various strategies. The player’s primary goal is to destroy the Nexus, located in the heart of the opponent’s base.

Watch the following gameplay to experience the best-seller strategy game:

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6. AdventureQuest Worlds:

AdventureQuest Worlds is one of the earlier MMORPGs in the gaming community. The strategy game is still on-going, with updates coming frequently. The MMO game received positive reviews from the critics, which is why the game continues to thrive. The game still has a large number of active players despite being released more than a decade ago. 6th in the list of Games like Runescape.

The players get to choose their character based on starting classes, and the plot of the story depends on the traits their character has. The main goal is to defeat Sepulcher and other mysterious creatures and level up.

To indulge in the MMORPGs world, we recommend watching the following video:

7. MapleStory:

MapleStory is a widely-known MMO. Due to the game’s instant popularity, different versions of the game were released for multiple countries. Published by Nexon, the game quickly got positive reviews from the critics and the fans and was soon listed as one of the best MMOs. The game has made about $3 billion internationally to date.

The game works through the character development of the players, which have to defeat the Black Mage. The players face many challenges, defeat unknown creatures, and make many friends during their MMO game journey. 

To know more about the famous MMORPG, watch the following video:

8. Club Penguin:

Club Penguin is one of the biggest MMO games to date. The online multiplayer game quickly gained every critic’s and the gaming community’s approval upon its release. The popularity got to the point that Disney Interactive bought its original developer New Horizon Interactive. The game had 200 million users in 2013, making it reach its peak of popularity.

The game revolved around players playing as penguins and doing missions, owning pets, decorating their igloos, interacting with friends, and much more. Unfortunately, the popular game came to an end in 2015 after being discontinued. 

Watch the following gameplay to get an idea of the popular MMO game:

9. Habbo Hotel:

Aimed at teenagers and young adults, Habbo Hotel was and continues to be one of the most popular online community and chatting sites. The online community continues to grow rapidly, with 273 million total users. With at least 5 million active users every month, the popular game has won multiple awards and earned many critics’ approvals.

The online game is based on hotels with both official and guest rooms where users can build their rooms, decorate, own pets, complete missions, and chat with other users.

To know more about the well-known online game, watch the following gameplay:

10. League of Angels:

League of Legends is a highly popular MMO game that remains on top of the MMORPG games. The MMORPG game was nominated for many awards and won them, such as “Esports Game of The Year Award” in 2019 by the Game Awards. The 2D game is based in the fictional world of Etheria. The players have to choose a warrior to play the game. Players can play like warriors, mages, and archers to fight against the forces of Suurde to restore the powers of Angels by taking back the Seal of Life. 10th in the list of Games like Runescape.

To experience the fantasy MMORPG game, watch the following video:

11. Black Desert Online:

Black Desert Online is a well-known MMORPG that is based on a sandbox play. The MMORPG game received impressive reviews from the critics and was nominated for many awards as well. As of now, the famous videogame has made over $1.5 billion from all around the world. The gameplay resembles TPS and providers players with many features such as combats, housing, farming, trading with other players along with PvPs.

The players can also engage in castle battles and mounted combats. Realistic effects are added to the game, such as natural disasters, day/night cycles, and much more.

Experience the biggest fantasy MMORPG game by watching the following video:

12. Legends of Aria:

One of the most famous MMORPG games, Legends of Aria, is an open-world fantasy game. The MMO game is highly inspired by RuneScape’s games and was highly appreciated for bringing back the original MMORPG themes. The old-school RPG received mostly positive reviews and sold a large number of copies. The MMORPG allows the user to have complete access to whatever they please.

The players have full authority of choosing the character they want to play as, its house, and build its skills to progress throughout the game. The plot of the game varies on the choices the player makes during the game. 

Watch the following gameplay to experience the fantasy world this MMORPG brings to you:

13. Ultima Online:

Ultima Online is one of the earliest MMORPG games which set the basis for future MMORPGs. The fantasy game became popular throughout the world and has made millions of revenue. The MMORPG won several awards, including the “First MMORPG to reach 100,000 players” by Guinness World Records.

The MMO game released several expansion packs due to its fame. The gameplay is based in the fictional Ultima world. The users can complete quests, make friends and enemies, and fight mysterious creatures with spells and other tactics to become heroes in this famous adventure RPG. 

To see the action-packed world of Ultima, watch the following gameplay:

14. The Elder Scrolls:

The Elder Scrolls is a popular series that is based on action and role-playing genre. The RPG series has continued to win the critics’ approval with every release. The Elder Scrolls has sold more than 59 million copies worldwide and won many titles, including the “Greatest Game of the Series” by GameSpot.

Although each part of the series has a unique plot, the series’s central theme revolves around killing strange creatures, developing their skills, and complete quests to gain experience and level up. Players can complete quests, battle monsters, and much more in the fictional world of Tamriel.

Watch the following video to experience the best RPG game of the decade:

15. Neverwinter:

Neverwinter is an online MMO that is based on the storyline of Dungeons and Dragons. The game was loved by both the critics and the fans and sold many copies globally. The gameplay is based on the fictional land of Neverwinter, where the citizens form factions after the city has almost been destroyed. The players’ goal is to combat the creatures raised from the dead and sort out what they are after. The players can customize their quests while following the original story at the same time. 15th in the list of Games like Runescape.

To enjoy the stand-alone version of Dungeons and Dragons, watch the following gameplay:

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16. Path of Exile:

Path of Exile is one of the most successful hack-and-slash RPGs. The action-packed game sold millions of copies and won many awards such as “Best PC RPG of 2013” by IGN. The game has millions of active users even after years of its release. The best RPG game lets the player choose their character from seven classes with different skills. The player’s goal is to explore the general and the randomly generated areas in the game and fight mysterious monsters to upgrade their skills and level up. The RPG has unique gameplay that the users and the critics loved.

To explore the popular action RPG, watch the following gameplay:

17. Project: Gorgon:

Project: Gorgon is a unique sandbox multiplayer game that takes a different approach to the MMORPG genre. The RPG was applauded upon its release by critics and sold an impressive number of copies. The MMO game won awards for its creativity, including the “Best Indie MMO of the Year” award in 2018 by Massively OP.

The game lets every player have exclusive gameplay based on their character’s skills. The players can explore the maps the game offers as well as participate in PvE. Players can upgrade their skills and level up by completing quests given by NPCs.

Watch the following gameplay, which showcases one of the best MMORPGs:

18. Rift:

Rift is a popular MMORPG based in the fantasy world of Telara. The game received the praise of critics and the gaming community upon its release. The game has made millions of revenue and won several awards, such as the “Best PC MMO Game of 2011” award by IGN. The players can choose their faction in the game and battle other factions or fight with strange creatures from the rifts. The players have full control over customizing their character and can also team up with other players to explore several dungeons and participate in raids. 18th game in the list of Games like Runescape.

Watch the gameplay of one of the best MMO games to experience its brilliance:

19. Mortal Online:

Mortal Online is one of the earlier MMORPGs which set the basis of the modern MMORPGs. The game received mostly positive reviews from the critics and was approved by the gaming community as well. The MMO combines many features of other MMORPGs and has many unique features as well.

There is no fixed plot of the MMORPG as the players build the character’s story by levelling their skills in the game. The players can participate in PvP, PvE, build houses, craft weapons, and even loot other players when they die in the game. 

To see the exciting gameplay and unique features of the game, watch the following gameplay:

20. EverQuest 2:

EverQuest 2 is one of the earliest and the best MMORPGs. The RPG game quickly rose to fame and was nominated for many awards, such as the “Best Massively Multiplayer Online Game” in 2004 by GameSpot’s Best and Worst Awards. The MMO game is a sequel to the original EverQuest and is set 500 years later after the events of EverQuest.

The MMO game’s plot is set in the world of Norrath, where the players choose any character based on their race and skills. The player’s primary goal is to kill epic monsters, complete quests, explore the fictional world to gain experience while interacting with other players.

Watch the following gameplay to experience one of the best MMORPGs:



The above list features the best role-play action games that have similar themes to RuneScape. Runescape set the basis of MMORPGs in some way and inspired many developers to create games similar to the best MMORPG. Its unique plot let the players enjoy the gameplay by completing quests and interacting with other users.

The Guinness-award winning MMORPG also developed the player’s skills and increased their experience throughout the game. Each game stated above has a unique plotline, enabling the players to experience the character’s story and complete quests and improve the character’s skills and make friends with other players along the way.

The games listed have pleased the critics and impressed the gaming community, and won awards for their unique plotlines, attention to the details of characters, and the ability to represent the MMORPG genre in a mesmerizing way. Some of the MMORPGs also featured PvP or PvE, which allowed them to combat with one another. On Amir Articles, we bring you the best content to read and entertain yourself regarding gaming and many other topics. If you liked reading this post, please share this with your friends and family so we can continue bringing more content to you. Hope you loved reading “Games like Runescape”

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