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25 Games Like Skyrim – Best Game in The Elder Scrolls Series

Games Like Skyrim – Read about Top Action RPG & Open world games which are the perfect alternatives to The Elder Scrolls Skyrim & Series. All Alternative or similar games to Skyrim are also the most popular games ever created with millions of fans.

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Introduction to The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim
Details about Similar Games to Skyrim
Information about Other Games in The Elder Scrolls Series
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Introduction to The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim

Skyrim is action RPG games in which the main character is on a quest to defeat a dragon who is destruction for the whole world. During the game, the player improves their character by completing quests, getting experience, and progress through the main campaign. This game Skyrim is not free to play but sometimes they allow players to enjoy it for free. It could be a weekend or week for players to play especially after the announcement of new updates.

Below is a list of the most popular games which are alternative, similar to Skyrim. Some games are even better because of a few features. The list is updated and you can consider is a full update for Games like Skyrim 2020. Skyrim is part of the Elder Scroll series, which means all of the below entries are also games like Elder Scrolls. As you know the main concept of all these games is similar in series.

Some games in the Elder Scroll series are available for android already. You can also find download of Skyrim files from many sites. All you have to do is type “Skyrim Android Apk” in Google search. Skyrim and Elder scroll series is not just one of the best Steam Open World games but considers them the best Open World Games for Android too. Its perfect features like RPG are making it the best RPG game on Steam Site.

Unlike other games of the same type, players can ignore the main quest of the game after completing the 1st stage. Players are allowed to walk through the whole open-world System and complete too many different side quests created. The use of horses and other sources is very important to travel fast between different locations instead of slow walking. NPC’s are also a very important part of the game, killing some of these characters can become a problem for the player to complete certain missions or obtain important items.

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Details about Similar Games to Skyrim

1- Fallout – New Vegas

Amazing game with too many features all together in one place. It’s post-apocalyptic, action, and RPG game loved by millions. The open-world is another feature of the game to allow players to run freely for completing side quests or follow the main story. A lot of factions are involved in this game, depending on players to make enemies or friends of them. Some factions are controlling different places and becoming friends with them can easily help the player get more benefits from it.

This game is considered a commercial success and sold more than 5 million times in less time. You can find 4 different endings in this game which are all about what choices players are making. This decision can change the whole game for the player taking to a new location, meeting with new enemies, in one ending player may befriend one clan, and other ending players may need to fight against the same clan. All games in elder scroll series are best games like Fallout – New Vegas but you can find 2 more games below.

Starfield & The Outer Worlds

2- The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt

The main character in-game is controlled by a player similar to all games of the same type like Skyrim. He is looking for an adopted missing daughter who is nowhere to be found. Game is all about exploration, fighting a different kind of danger everywhere, and also interaction with NPC to get side quests which can help earn gold and improve the player level. Similar to many games on the list, there are several ending for this game which are based on every decision made by players.

Creatures and monsters in-game, gameplay, fighting in combat, and lot of other features make it a perfect alternative to Skyrim. AI system in-game is perfect and better than most games, You can see better behaviour of NPC and other game elements other than boring simple mechanics. Lot of species like humans, elves, monsters and many more are living in the same world. Some of these are enemies of each other and few can work together. Below is a list of 3 games like The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt.

Red Dead Redemption 2, Bloodborne & Monster Hunter – World

3- Middle-earth – Shadow of War

Open world game which is created on the base of inspiration from Lord of Ring movies. The player controls the main character in-game who gets a lot of abilities which allows him to complete various missions. The main quest is very long with too many small missions against the Dead army, but side quests are also important because they can increase player skills level. The complete weather system also affect gameplay and makes this game look more realistic.

The Mobile version of Shadow of War is also perfectly made and players really love it. Almost all the features there are also the same and allow players to enjoy this game on mobile too. Later they stop servers for mobile games to focus on new games for series. Below is a list of some games like Shadow of War which you may like to play too.

The Lord of the Rings – The Battle for Middle-earth II, The Evil Within 2 & Shadow of the Colossus

4- Dragon Age – Inquisition

Dragon Age – Inquisition focuses a story of a character who is on a quest to stop civil unrest in a fantasy world and also close a breach in the sky which unleased too many different monsters in this world. Corypheus is most powerful in the whole try who opened this breach to fill the world with monsters to rule everywhere. Similar to Skyrim, you can complete many side quests that can help improve player character.

Player character is very important in this game, at the start of every game species like Dwarf, human, elf, and others are available to choose. Each species is about complete different skills level and provide a player chance to enjoy the game in a different way. You can see some games like Dragon Age below.

Mass Effect – Andromeda, Star Wars – Squadrons & Plants vs. Zombies – Battle for Neighborville

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5- Dark Souls III

In dark soul 3, there are different weapons that players can use against enemies. The main concept of the game is similar to all other games of the same type. There are 4 endings in this game possible and again all of it depends on player actions in-game. Its open-world game where the player needs to travel in faraway lands to complete main quests and also some side quests. the game won 3 awards and also nominated for many others.

There is 2 downloadable content for this game which provide most storylines, some new features unlocked, and make this game better. But there is not much difference between the main concept of these DLC and gameplay. But you can see a completely different story and new lands for the main character of the game. Some games like Dark Souls III are mentioned below.

Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne & Elden Ring

6- Kingdom Come – Deliverance

Amazing game based on some historical facts takes place during the war in Bohemia a few hundred years ago. On the order of Hungarian king, mercenaries attack a village close to the silver mine. One survivor is Henry which is the player character, looking for justice & join a resistance against the invasion. This resistance leads to fighting whose main purpose is to restore the brother of the king to his rightful place.

In this game, there is an awesome system that is built for players. It required them to focus on eat, sleep, and do some other activities to complete. You can find all types of weapons which were used in past games of the medieval age. They build an AI system for horses which are very important in this game for traveling. If you are looking for some alternative, read below short list of games for you.

Pillars of Eternity, Chivalry – Medieval Warfare & Mount & Blade – Warband

7- World of Warcraft – Shadowlands

Shadowlands is an expansion pack for a massively open-world game multiplayer online games. Players can access new regions and a lot of other races which was not possible before. There are millions of players who love to play this game already and this game is still popular after a very long time. Some other changes in-game are the level of player and gameplay is most similar to Skyrim in many ways.

You can find a cool story created for this game and a lot of new quests. Some new features are added for every single species in-game. As per the game map, they divide it into 5 different zones, each with featuring completely different rules & races. Some games are added below for you to explore like World of Warcraft.

Diablo IV, Magic Legends & Population Zero

8- Divinity 2 – Original Sin II

As per the main story, there is a man who is created with the power of energy and holding back danger to the world. But he is already dead before the start of the game and now there is no one to stop monsters and other creatures to attack all over the world. Story continues when the player following the main story, completing quests and trying to fulfill his destiny.

If you compare all other games on the list, this game is better then all of them because of the highest rating. Its already has written with some games about how much they are better than most games on the list. Consider it 1st game which is like Skyrim better than any game ever created. Online modes are also available, both competitive or cooperative. Rating for 3 below games like Divinity 2 – Original Sin II is equally better and loved by millions.

Monster Hunter – World, Pathfinder – Kingmaker & Disco Elysium

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9- Dragon’s Dogma – Dark Arisen

Player follows a story in an open-world game where AI companions are with them all the time. Each of these partners has their own separate abilities & players can get them some time on the base of their skills if required. In Dark Arisen, all previous DLC and most features from past games are added. Achievements system is updated with a lot of new challenges for all new and old players.

Game is full of violence and a lot of bloody battles are happening throughout the whole game. A little bit similar concept is added like Two World where a huge open world is there for players to explore avoiding the main story. Dragon’s Dogma is already popular among players and we added one game from series because of its features similar to Skyrim a lot. We are able to find 3 games below for you which are like Dragon’s Dogma – Dark Arisen.

Strider , Dragon’s Crown & Deep Down

10- Eternium

Eternium is the best RPG game created for mobile games with the highest rating in play store and downloaded by millions of players. There are some online features in-game, but players are able to play offline after downloading content. Completely free game and 90% of players are playing it without paying any money, some content is available to purchase which is optional.

There are 3 different professions to choose in this game which can completely change everything for players. Fighting with too many different races is possible like zombies, aliens, demons, and others you may never see before. You can consider it Skyrim for mobile because of similar features. There are 3 games which are a perfect matches for you to consider the best games like Eternium.

Inotia 4, SoulCraft & Exiled Kingdoms

11- Assassin’s Creed IV – Black Flag


Assassin’s Creed is a very popular game series in which there is a fight of centuries between assassins and templars. Assasins believe in the free will of everyone but templars are different believing ion free will with control. There are 3 main cities in this game, one is in control of Spanish, other British and 3rd in control of pirates. Unlike other games in series, players get more freedom now, allow them to explore a large world which can include everything like forests, mountains, forts, and more.

The main character controls a ship which is very important for the whole game. Recruiting of new members for this ship is allowed. Every game in series is the best alternative to Skyrim but features in Black Flag are making it more similar to elder scroll Skyrim. We added some games below which are like Assassin’s Creed IV – Black Flag.

Far Cry 3, Horizon Zero Dawn & Sea of Thieves

12- Two Worlds II

Best open world game which allows players to explore everywhere and also hunt in wild. The fighting system is really better than many games of the same type. Creatures that players must fight are too many different species. Different weapons are required for the player to kill many dangerous monsters. You can find the main focus of this game is different from the main story and mostly all about open-world life.

This concept is different from many games like you get the main storyline and also side quests to complete. But in this game, you can everything is different like a huge open-world for you to explore and do whatever you desire. Quest system is different too because it allows you to get some benefits and interacting with NPCs. Below 2 games are added which is like Two World and also one game from the same series is added.

Risen 2 – Dark Waters, Risen & Two Worlds II – Pirates of the Flying Fortress

13- Kingdoms of Amalur – Reckoning

Kingdoms of Amalur – Reckoning is the most highly rated game and very successful game ever made for RPG games. Game is divided into many regions with 4 classes and also different skill set. The game begins with a story about the main character who is revived after death and now escapes from the facility after attacked by dangerous monsters. Now players must find the cause of death by searching for scientists who were able to revive him.

The whole concept is about exploring the open world and looking for answers. This game is perfectly similar to Skyrim and the elder scroll series in many ways. Players can face different enemies and also completely random settings for each region. Players can find less information about the main story which reveal throughout the game. Three games like Kingdoms of Amalur – Reckoning are added below in our shortlist for you.

ELEX, Deponia Doomsday & Yesterday Origins

14- Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

As per the main story, the player controls a character who is sent to a city to retrieve the most important artifact. You can find a lot of battles in this game between players and monsters or different kinds of enemies. Unlike other games, fighting with the enemy in direct combat is really hard. But stealth tactics like sneaking from behind and use of bow to kill them from far away is very important in this game for the victory.

You can find different kinds of species in this game which are very popular like elves, demons, and others. Both types of modes are added in-game for all types of players like single or multiplayer. Players can get awarded points which are very important to improve their skills. Most of the games on the list are similar to Dark Messiah but below are the top 3 best Games like Dark Messiah of Might and Magic.

Arx Fatalis, Might & Magic – Clash of Heroes & Heroes of Might and Magic V

15- Ryse – Son of Rome

Gameplay for Son of Rome is really amazing with real life-fighting style added. At the start of the game, the player receives a sword but a lot of weapons are available throughout the game to kill enemies. You can find too many different types of attacks in-game when fighting. Different combinations of skills attack can effectively defeat powerful enemies or horde of enemies easily. Co-operative methods are very cool because it provides the player with a chance to complete too many different challenges together.

As per the main story, the player controls a character who is a soldier in the Roman army and just completed training. But there is a battle going on in his city where all family members are killed and now he joins the army with the help of his friend to fight in a campaign. But their fleet is attacked badly which leads to the killing of most of them, now Marius leads counter-attack to save the rest of the fleet from complete destruction. It’s easy to understand from this short introduction, its gonna be a very interesting and cool game to play. Below is a short list of some other games like Ryse – Son of Rome which are perfect for you to try if you love Son of Rome, one of best & amazing Skyrim like games.

Shadow of Rome, Gladiator – Sword of Vengeance & Spartacus Legends

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16- Fable 3

On a really cool game which you can consider the best similar game to Skyrim. It’s an open world, a lot of features and stories are also making it the best game like Skyrim. Similar to previous games in series, the player controls a character who is on a powerful position in the kingdom. You need to make too many important decisions to solve all kinds of problems by serving the king. These problems are likely making everyone happy, solve their common issues related to daily life, and more.

Above is a short story that the hero follows for some time in-game. But everything changes when a new king who is ruling for some time now, becomes worse than any king who came before because of his decision, killing citizens for very small mistakes is common now. As a hero of the kingdom, the player must execute all orders for a king, one day he refused to kill some citizens who protest against the king, now escape from the castle to plot against the king. Fighting against the king is a better story compare to solving citizen problems. Below is a list of some games like Fable 3 which you may like to enjoy.

Torchlight II, The Outer Worlds & Jade Empire

17- Tower of Time


Tower of Time is a perfect RPG game ever created and its gameplay takes RPG games to the next level. Most features make it a perfect game like Skyrim. The combat system in this game is completely different from all other types of games because you need to use the puzzles type method when attacking. It’s always a good idea to choose difficulty level as per your skills to work with puzzles.

Another important feature of this game is a pause which allows players to stop game any time in combat. You can position your troops in a better place, think of strategy, and start the game again. Some players may hate it who believes in fast action, but it’s a good option for most players. Very long gameplay and also different places to explore in this game which you may never see before. Lot of classes to choose your character, over 150 types of enemies with 50 different bosses to defeat which is really awesome compare to most games. You can find some games like Tower of Time below.

Warhammer Quest 2 – The End Times, 9 Monkeys of Shaolin & Book of Demons

18- Baldur’s Gate 2 Shadows of Amn

Shadows of Amn is a very long game which can be played over 280 hours including main game & quests. The player controls a party of different characters in an open world like Skyrim making it the best alternative game to it. Experience points are very important in-game which each character can earn by completing different actions throughout the whole game. There is a complete map available for players to look for different locations in detail.

Player characters wakeup as captive and some of the beginning hours are mostly spent on exploration to find information about captivity. Later character connects with other people in the party, fighting monsters, completing quests, and trying to finish the main story. During this exploration, the player can see new lands that are created on a similar concept which you can see in most games like Skyrim and open-world RPG games on this list. You can find 3 games like Baldur’s Gate 2 Shadows of Amn below.

Neverwinter Nights, Icewind Dale & Planescape – Torment

19- Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines

The vampire is the most popular term used for blood-drinking creatures in movies and some games. People really love to watch this type of movies and also play games too. In Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, you get a chance to play as a vampire by choosing from any famous clan. Each clan in-game is different from each other, their abilities, powers, and way of living are completely separate. Similar to Skyrim, there are side quests which player can choose to complete for additional benefits.

Mostly the game is all about to dominate different clans over each other. Some of the calls are always trying to defeat their enemies which are very old and sometimes there are large battles happening too. Player character is very important in this game, doing some cool missions for one clan, its survival, or dominate over others. The game end is also not the same, it only depends on choices made by players or different clans. Some of the games like Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines are mentioned below for you to explore.

Werewolf – The Apocalypse Earthblood, Vampyr & Planescape – Torment

20- Mass Effect 3

All games in Mass Effect series are action RPG, a lot of fighting & shooting are involved throughout games. The player is controlling a commander which is a very important part of the game, all battles are real-time but allow players to pause anytime. NPC characters are very important in this game which means players must interact with them for information, completing different tasks in-game.

Multiplayer mode is different from most games on our list, especially from Skyrim. It’s more cooperative other than competing with each other. Defend against hordes of enemies coming with speed, also complete some objects during fighting to survive as much time possible or finish all objectives. In single-player mode, players are allowed to play as humans only. Multiplayer mode is different which allows players to choose other species too. Some of the games like Mass Effect 3 are added below for you to check.

Dishonored, Anthem & Max Payne 3

21- Borderlands 3

Most features in this game make it less similar to Skyrim. The main goal of this game is hooting, killing, and less focus on the storyline which is different from most games on our list. The whole game story happens on a planet Pandora where too many different corporations are fighting each other to find Vault containing a lot of loot from ancient times. After lot fo battles, the planet is almost destroyed and now there are some vault hunters left to search for it.

Consider it fight between different hunters who are trying to reach the vault and also killing each other in process for supplies and everything. Now the war between these hunters spread to other planets too for the same purpose. Borderlands 3 is a popular game and we added it in our list because you can consider it shooting version of Skyrim with action style instead of RPG. Find some games like Borderlands 3 below.

Cyberpunk 2077, The Outer Worlds & Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

22- Red Dead Redemption 2

Another game on the list is a little bit different from Skyrim. In this game, the main theme is western style, explore the large open-world game, interact with NPC in-game to improve your reputation. Land to explore is huge, that’s why horses are the most important part in-game, they create too many different types each with different abilities or attributes.

Different real-life events are also part of this game like attacks, ambush, fighting with dangerous animals, and many more. Health and stamina are very important for this game, the player must make sure to keep both on a better level throughout the game. A perfect system of crime control is introduced, if the player kills someone, nearby witness runs to the police station and file complaints against you. It’s always a good idea to stop witnesses before they reach to complain against you. The involvement of law enforcement can create a lot of troubles for players in-game. Watch the above video to get a better idea of this game, below is a list of some games like Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Last of Us Part II, Days Gone & Death Stranding

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23- Monster Hunter – World

Monster Hunter – World is a perfect game that you can say the alternative to Skyrim. The player takes control of main characters who are hunter on a mission to kill monsters for getting rewards which are used to improve weapons and other purposes. The game world is full of zones connected to each other. The player must travel between zones to complete various missions of fighting against monsters. Capturing the monster required a lot of effort and tracking it down is also difficult.

There are too many types of monsters, some are easy to kill and others are very dangerous required more skills to defeat. A Lot of storylines and interacting with other characters in-game are part of the story. If a player loses their health, they are taken back to camp, but if it happens 3 times, they will lose quests and need to begin again with new efforts. Buying and selling different items in-game is also important for player to upgrade their weapons and armor. If you like this game, below are some games like Monster Hunter – World for you to take a look.

Nioh 2, Horizon Zero Dawn & Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice

24- Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action RPG game with the highest rating compared to most games on our list. It receives too many positive reviews and become a popular and awesome game ever created. As per the main story, players take control of hunters who lives inland where different kinds of creatures rule. Fighting and killing is very unique in this game, a lot of weapons with different attributes are created for this game. Some of these weapons like explosives can destroy everything in their path but other weapons ate also they’re with less damage.

There are 3 different tribes living in those lands, these machines were less aggressive against humans in the past. But something causes trouble for everyone, now more powerful machines with deadly weapons are appearing which can kill humans for no reason. Each tribe is different from others and also they have to work together to fight against the new behavior of these machines which becomes a permanent problem for all. Find below shortlist of some games like Horizon Zero Dawn.

Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End, God of War & Death Stranding

25- Outward

The main story, game type, and a lot of features make it a perfect game like elder scroll series especially Skyrim. Player and his family must pay the debt which is forced upon them for a generation or they can lose everything they own including home. The real story begins after the player is able to pay his debt or lose everything to focus on different ways to follow.

Most of these choices are very important because they can change whole game fore players. The player can decide to leave the bloodline system to join another one who rejects all of these family or bloodline system. Exploring the large world in different locations and fight with monsters of different kinds is the main focus of this game. Find below some games like Outward.

GreedFall, Remnant – From the Ashes & Code Vein

Information about Other Games in The Elder Scrolls Series

The Elder Scrolls 1 – Arena

The main story of this game is really brutal and full of betrayal. Its about mystery land where Emperors are responsible for taking care of everything. One most important man or you can say 2nd hand for him betray him by traping to other dimensions with the general. Now you are the main character in-game trying to stop him by taking control of him  Staff of Chaos which holds all power. But this Staff is divided into too many different parts now, the player must find each part to collect it in one place. After finding one-piece, the player can get a location for the other one.

The Elder Scrolls II – Daggerfall

Player character is sent to faraway province Daggerfall to investigate about a letter sent to Queen of that kingdom. Emperor also give you the task to free Ghost of old King. As per the letter, the mother of that king knows the location of the key which can help construct the most powerful force. He also wants the spy team to force the mother of the king to reveal the location of the key to begin the process. A lot of responsibilities are on you now to complete different tasks by Emperor.

The Elder Scrolls III – Morrowind

There are many main quests and side missions in this part of the Elder Scroll. As per main quests, there are powerful beings who are ruling Morrowind, now challenged by a former ally who is now too much power to threaten their rule. Many side quests are given to players by Emperor in different lands to complete. At the start of the game, the player must choose everything like their race, character, and other options which can affect everything later.

The Elder Scrolls IV – Oblivion

The most popular game in series because of its amazing storyline and a lot of improvements in series. At the start of the game, the player character is in prison for unknown reasons. But the emperor of the throne released him because someone kills him, 3 sons. Assains are everywhere who are looking the way to kill the emperor too. No player is given tasks to find them and stop them before they are able to complete their mission. Unfortunately, the gate to another dimension is open because no one is on the throne strong enough to stop it. Most powerful creatures from the other side are entring and killing everyone destroying everything on their path. The only way to stop these creatures is to find the right royal blood price to put on the throne. There is someone who is also from royal blood not accepted before and now it’s player responsibility to find him.

The Elder Scrolls – Blades

Blades in created mostly to focus on mobile phones. unlike other games in series, there are a lot of changes in this spin-off of elder scroll. They added 3 different modes in this game, one is the main story where players can get quests to complete for the main story. Second is an abyss where the player must fight and survive as much possible in dungeons. Its endless mode where the player is allowed to play as much time possible to survive against all danger coming on the way. Third mode arena where players can fight with each other in multiplayer style. This mode provides with player vs player system which is perfect for online game lovers.

The Elder Scrolls VI

Elder Scroll 6 is not yet released and it may take a lot of time to get released. Read this article on Pc Gamer which explains very important information about these upcoming games. But you can find it better and perfect compare to every game ever created in this series. Developers are getting too much time to work on other projects and also a lot of time to improve this game, making the best RPG Open World game for all platform slike Steam, Pc, PlayStation, Nintendo, Android and more.

Top Posts on the Same Topic

A list of 10 games is added to Gamesradar with full details. But there are some games which are repeated in series like you can find Elder Scrolls 4 also on the list. Sometimes it looks weird to players because there is no need to add a game from similar series as its automatically game like main entry. Beebom is a really awesome site where you can see a list of 17 games. They provide good basic information and also link to purchase this game. What you can see in their list is repeated games and 2 games are from the same series too.

A small list of 6 games on Pc GamesN is created with perfect information and 1 entry is included from the same series making it a shorter list. Very cool and unique list of only 5 games is created on Sports Keeda which is best for you to explore. Unlike our list which provides you with 25 unique games making its the most awesome list ever made, all of these popular sites are just making simple lists with similar entries. Our favorite list between all these posts is created by Gamersdecide because they add information, screenshots, and videos altogether. They added 15 games in the list which is better than all other sites and more entries are unique unlike adding from the same series like Beebom or Gamesradar.


All of these games similar to Skyrim are really perfect. You can find some games that are very similar to Skyrim in most features. Few games you can see are different because of gameplay but you will find them games like Skyrim because of Open world or RPG features. All other games in the Elder Scroll series are also explained for you to know which game is better in series and what is the level of Skyrim.

Share this list with everyone and also write in a comment about which game is your favorite. You can also choose from the Elder Scroll series or 25 games in the above list. We also provide some articles written on the same topic. It’s the best chance for you to compare our article with them to find out who is proving better information and also subscribe to our site using email if you find our article more useful.

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