Top 15 Games like Stardew Valley – Best Simulation RPG Game of all Time

Games like Stardew Valley – Read about the most popular Simulation RPG game and best alternatives which are equal or better then Stardew Valley.

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Introduction to Stardew Valley
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Introduction to Stardew Valley

Best simulation RPG game of all time, where you play as a character who recently get a farm in a faraway place from his grandfather. But the condition of this farm is not good and you must work hard to make it perfect. It involves a lot of activities like raising livestock, growing crops, crafting different items, mining ores, selling products, socializing with other people around you, and involved in relationships.

Barone is the name of the developer who created this game alone in 4 years’ time, getting inspiration from the Harvest Moon video game series. The main purpose behind this game was to improve his graphics and game designing skills but this game becomes a success that no one can imagine. It was sold over 10 million time in less time for different platforms.

The game begins when the player customizes their character and starts working on very small farmland which they can also choose from different options. Every map type provides completely different types of options and also the whole game throughout changes with every map. When a player starts to work on it, the whole-farm plot is full of crap everywhere, clearing everything which is useless is very important for a player to begin.

Some of NPC characters are involved in this game, the player can make a different relationship with them, these NPC can also help players manage the farm. A lot of quests and different places are also around to complete or explore for getting some extra benefits. Game is not limited to just simple farms, after completion of some takas, levels, players get access to new lands like desert and more.

The most important feature of this game is the time cycle which is very cool to make it look more natural. But they just add 4 months each representing different seasons. But the later in-game players can restore a greenhouse where they can easily grow anything without worry about season effects.

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Details about Similar Games to Stardew Valley

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1- Moonlighter

The concept of this game is more similar to Stardew Valley because the player also needs to manage the shop and involve in different activities. In Stardew Valley, its farm where player can clear it from crap, grow crops, and similar activities, but Moonlighter player needs to manage shop by involving in some different activities. One of the most important features of this game which makes it better then Stardew Valley, the player must explore hidden or secret dungeons in the night to fight monsters to get too many different rewards.

You can hire someone to work in your shop, sell items, craft and upgrade town. Making your character better with time is necessary and it required a lot of effort. There are 4 different types of dungeons, each is completely different because of its location, monsters, and rewards. Most popular players really love this game, reviews are really positive for this game which shows how much players love this game.

Some of the features are games that are a little bit similar to Stardew Valley but mostly its unique and better game. You can’t farm in this game, but activities which involve in farming games are added when you manage a shop. We recommend Stardew Valley lover to play this game if they are looking for something different like hunting monsters when managing a shop like a farm in Stardew Valley.

2- Kynseed

Kynseed is the best game that you can consider as an alternative to Stradew Valley. Main features are also most similar because you need to take care of farm, run a business, cook, catch fish, or mining. As you can read above, almost all of these features are included in Stardew valley. But there are some important features which make it unique and some way better. Complete system of skills tree is available which is most important for player to unlock more skills.

The family system is also important because when you get older, your kids can grow up to replace you. In simple words, you can play this game for many generations. Whole game is happening inland of Quill which is a fantasy land created specially for this game. They added 6 different lands in it, in each of them there is village and some surronding areas which are also important for this game.

The game allows you to buy any village and begin your business there but after completion of some basic steps. You can also earn some fixed game currency money from these settlements. There are different mines hidden everywhere on map, many secret places to explore like Stardew Valley. A player may really enjoy this game because graphics and the main theme is mostly similar to Stardew Valley.

3- Fantasy Farming – Orange Season

Another game builds on the same concept of Stardew Valley, Fantasy Farming is all about exploration, RPG, and also character developments. The gameplay system is unique and a lot of different mechanics make it a game that players can play for hundreds of hours without feeling boring. You control a character who is just moved to small-town for taking care of the farm, common activities are involved in game-like grow crops, and also raise animals.

In Fantasy Farming, they created a large world that is like never-ending places to explore. Mountains, caves, lakes, and forests are created for the player to explore for hours. Every place is different from each other, providing a different experience to players because of its unique concept. Enjoy town festivals that are held on different occasions. You can find some wild animals, just try to control them which is not much harder with your skill level, bring them to your farm to use for different purposes.

Similar to Stardew Valley, make relations with different people in town, complete quests, and involve in different activities. One of the important features of this game is open code which means everyone who love to create Mods is welcome to create some cool mods. Every single details of game can be edited from start to end by someone who create new mods.

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4- Garden Paws

In this game, you also need to work on the farm, build your home after your grandfather left to travel the whole world. To build your home, coins are required which are not easy to get in this game. You must open a shop, explore surrounding areas to collect everything which is possible, sell it to people of the town and earn money. After sometime when you are able to collect seeds, now you can begin working on farm.

Most of the activities are similar to other games on this list. On your farm, grow crops, raise animals, hunting, complete different quests in-game, and more. After you are able to collect good money, now you can construct new buildings in-game. With every new building, some new features are unlocked in-game including upgrades and more.

There is a large area build toe explore, you can dins completely unique items in different places, even there are some hidden treasures too. After completion of mining camp, you can begin mining different caves and remember there is no battle involved in-game to kill monsters. Unlike some other games on the list, it’s the most peaceful game which is all about exploring.

5- World’s Dawn

Harvest Moon series is very popular and too many games are created because of inspiration from that amazing series. World’s Dawn is another example and unlike other games on the list, you can find it more colorful and different focus. You can find a huge collection of different and unique characters to make friends in-game, but it’s not like the other longest games, you may complete it in 40 hours.

Explore a large seaside town area, involve in different mini-games which are part of different festivals, be part of a growing town which changes after every season. Lot of small events are involved in this game which happens throughout the whole years, you can never feel boring because a lot of excitement is there for you.

As you read about other games in the list, World’s Dawn is mostly focused on making relationships, not much about farming or running a shop, or exploring the whole world. These common features are also there and you need to spend a lot of time doing them, but you can’t find any other game on the list which is more social then World’s Dawn. There is a special info book in which you can find almost every basic information about people who are living in town.

6- Verdant Skies

Verdant Skies is similar to other games in list specially Stardew Valley but you must know that they try to build something unique with moderns settings. You need to work in an alien world to construct a successful colony by making relations with everyone. Basic activities are the same like growing crops, spend your days doing the painting, or some other activities, opportunities are endless in this game.

Creating a character is also an important feature of this game. Too many unique options help to create an amazing character. Unlike other games of the same genre, they don’t ask you to choose the gender. After the colony grows up with the time you can unlock more different residents. Time is very important in this game, split your time doing all important activities in this game. Playing this game in a more balanced way is very important because activities are too much to involve and also necessary to complete this game.

Game is open for those who want to create mods, a very simple process allows everyone to create unique mods with new characters, tips, and much more. Most players love this game because it’s more simple and easy to play compared to some games which we can play for hundreds of hours to complete.

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7- Littlewood

The game main concept is the same but they just added something unique in this game which is really cool. You defeated Dark Wizard and make the whole world free from evil but there is a huge problem you are facing now, you lose your memory. There is only a way to get it back, connect with other villages which can help you recover your memories. It’s not a game where you need to fight monsters, that’s what is already happened in the past.

Three main features in this game are making it the best game like Stardew Valley. Explore a large place which can include forests, caves, and many other types of places. Connect with other people, make friends, and even relationships. Craft different items in this game to sell or use for various purposes. But you must convince others to stay in your town which is very important.

People living in town can request anything which you must fulfill to convince them to live there. A lot of rewards are there to unlock in this game after you fulfil these requirements. Each of the town characters who can your friend are fully responsible for different activities in town. Every one of them gets their own unique hobbies and skills which can help you in different ways.

8- Dinkum

If you are looking for Stardew Valley alternative which is more advanced, Dinkum is the best choice for you. The main concept is the same in both games but you can see more clear graphics, huge islands to explore, and much better features. Too much different kind of wildlife is around you, some similar features are hunting, mining, foraging, and fishing.

You must create the best town with homes, different farms, attractive buildings to just convince more people to stay. Creating better and good looking farms everywhere can convince people to stay for a long time. But if you fail to achieve this type of important goal, you may lose the population because people may start leaving.

Co-ops are a very important feature of the game because you can bring your friends to play this game together. They can help you construct a building, help in fishing, or go for hunting bugs or crocodiles. You cant imagine how much its fun to run a town to achieve some goals with your friends and family. Going fishing, hunting, and other activities that you miss in real life are possible to achieve in the game easily.

9- Staxel

Consider this game more similar to Dinkum because it’s also based on some advanced features. Most of the common features are similar to all games in series which you can read above. Helping each other is very important in this game, at the start of the game you may find that lot of help is needed. Other settled villagers are there to help you as much possible but don’t forget to return the favor.

There is one unique hobby in this game which you can explore when not working on a farm or making relations. Collect different seeds and some other items to earn rewards in this game. If you are tired of playing with these different NPC’s, its best choice for you to just invite your friends. How much it can be fun if your neighbors are real humans and everyone is helping each other reach to the top.

We already explained to you for some of the above games, modding is not possible for all games or there are some limitations. But few games in list which include Staxel, you can completely build your own world. Choices are unlimited for you, make the perfect games of your choice, and enjoy playing it. It’s best for you to make a game with friends using modding tools to enjoy for hours.

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10- Farm Together 

Complete farming experience where you need to build a large farm from scratch. Earn money using different methods and spend it to unlock different items. You must remember one of the important features of this game, it continues working even you are not online. The player can leave this game and then come back, they will find something new to do it.

Some important permissions options are very important for your gameplay. Allow someone to just do some limited activities on your farm, sometimes other players can capture your farm if full access is given to them. The game provides you with full customization of the character. Make it look more awesome and visit your friends farm. Take your favourite pet anywhere which is commonly a dog or cat.

Farm Together is not just about farming, you can also build your own farm with unlimited customization options available. There are thousands of other players who are looking at your farm, may offer you help or you can help them grow. Unlike some other games on the list, you may find that real humans are involved doing activities that are commonly done by some NPC characters.

11- Animal Crossing – New Horizons

Life simulation game where players move to the island and trying to build it from scratch. Players can do some normal activities like exploring, catching fish, and also crafting different items. Reviews for this game are very positive and it was sold millions of times in a very short period of time. Animal Crossing is a series of different games and a lot of players really love to play this game series.

Unlike humans, animals are involved in this game who can construct their homes. Players can invite the different types of animals to join this community. You can understand some of the features in this game are making it different from Stardew Valley like it’s not mainly focused on farming. Your neighbours are not humans but different animals from random species.

They added both types of features in this game from offline gameplay to multiplayer. Unlike some games on this list, players must compete with each other. You can’t build something with the help of other players, instead, you need to work fast and complete everything in less time. New Horizons already become the most popular game in this series which is highly recommended to play.

12- Garden Story

In this game, you work as a guardian who is responsible for restoring order in most important places. A lot of friends are there to help you and the main focus of this game is to fulfil the requirements of different people living there. A large living world divided into different regions is there for you to explore. This type of feature makes Garden Story one of best games like Stardew Valley. You may find the similarity of many features in almost every game in this list.

Building a community together is very important, you must listen to what people are talking about or requesting you about, the game provides you options for asking help from others too. Collecting different items and solving puzzles is a very important part of this game. The graphics and quality of this game are most likely similar to Stardew Valley.

13- Graveyard Keeper

A completely different concept in this game because you need to make the management of the graveyard as a full-time business. There is no farming available in this game, but there are some features that make it the best games like Stardew Valley. Exploring, crafting, and try your best to find new ways which can help you save money. Some of you may not like to play this game because you may hate to do business on dead bodies but its quite an awesome game providing you with a unique experience.

A lot of quests are involved in this game and you must play as a mean character in this game who can sell body parts for just expanding its business. Exploration of unknown places is very important for you because you need a different kind of ingredients all the time. People must die at a slow rate because it’s very good for your business. In short words, this game is not for everyone, and its better for you not to play when working on your job or business.

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14- My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia is a very cool game where they try to combine RPG and simulation games. It’s more likely building a game where human civilization is destroyed. Humans are coming out from dark places, hidden underground sites to build everything from scratch. You need to build everything from nothing. Gather resources and some recipes are important to craft different items.

Unlike some other games on the list, you need to fight enemies which are different features compare to Stardew valley. Many dungeons are built everywhere on the map which you must explore to clear them from enemies and also get some cool awards. The game receives very cool reviews from different players which proves how popular this game becomes in less time.

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15- Doraemon Story of Seasons

Its continued story from previous games, after planting a seed in one mysterious place, all friends (Game characters) are transported to a new world. But unfortunately, they are unable to return back to their home as they lose some important items. Now they must work together in this new town to grow up, also try their best to return to their world.

Growing crops, taking care of animals and some other features make it the best game like Stardew Valley. The fishing system, house decoration, and also some other features are the same as the above games. Doraemon gadgets are very important in the whole series, you can change tomorrow weather and also some other important features are unlocked using it.

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A list of 12 games is created on Games Radar, they provide less information compare to Pc Gamer but you can find some nice information about the price of games. It can really help those who may be interested in purchasing these games, Games Radar provides them an opportunity to compare different prices of these games to decide without visiting some affiliate sites.


One of the best classic game Stardew Valley which looks very simple compared to most advanced games these days. But millions of players are fans of this type of game and many other developers are creating games like Stardew Valley after its huge success. Some of the above games are very cool providing almost similar features. Few games are like an improved version of this game with better graphics and more.

Please share this article with others, and also tell us below about which game is the best alternative in your opinion? Is there any game that we should add in this list? Your suggestions are always important to improve our posts and also make this site better.

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