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Best 50 Games Released between 1991-2000 – Ranked from 1-50

Best 50 Games Released between 1991-2000 is the main article which is connected to 4 more articles. You will see the most amazing top 10 games below but the rest of the 40 games are added in different articles.

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Rank 1-10 Games
Top Post on Past Games


In this article, we are writing about old games which you can consider the beginning of Pc games in other words. Most of these games are simple, fewer graphics or complicated system are involved. We just created a list of simple reasons why these games are different from current games.

  1. Past games become more popular because it was the start of something new & people always get excited about new things. Unlike current time, too many games are released by different developers every year & the competition level is high.
  2. In the past fewer people were able to play these games, Pc was not common. Today millions of people have access to Laptops or Pc. It means, there are more fans now compare to past times when it all begins.
  3. Creating complicated games was not possible because there was no system advanced which we can see now. Most games if that are considered very easy by most players now. These days every game is very complicated with full of life features.

We choose 50 games which we consider are best, unlike our base article at 20 Best Pc Games of all Time – Games Chosen from all Categories, you will not see genre type here. It’s just a collection of 50 games released in 10 years period from 1991-2000. The link to the other 4 articles is below which you must access to read about other games. 1st 10 games are best, most highly rated, and loved by more players, 2nd & 3rd are less popular & the last 2 lists can take you to games which are less perfect or popular compare to the top 30 games. You can also visit below titles that apply on our list.

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Rank 1-10 Games

1- Quake II

Quake II is an FPS game and released in 1997. Why we choose this game as best compare to over 200 games released between 1991-2000? Its the perfect First Person Shooting game ever created for that time. These days you can find a large number of games which are FPS or another shooting type, but Quake was the best game in past times. Lots of places to explore, monsters to kill using various types of weapons. Graphics are not good to compare to games that are released these days. You can also consider all 10 games on this article as literally equal because we need to put something on top, Quake is able to win this spot.

2- Need for Speed III – Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed is the most dominant series of racing games in history. We have chosen 1 of their game which was released in 1998. Unlike previous games in the series, too many new features are added. Games which they released before players were able to play against other players or computers, but in Hot Pursuit they include police cars feature too. New cars, tracks, and improvements from previous games are also added. Consider it 2nd best game in the history of old pc gaming. We can provide you a lot of information about this game but our main purpose is to give to an idea & list of the best Pc past games.

3- Age of Empires 2

Age of Empires 2 is the most popular game in history, after 20 years of this game, you can still find hundreds of daily active players online. We added it here as 3rd best game in the history of old gaming. It was released in 1999 and over 20 different expansion packs or Mods are created already with hundreds of different new maps. It’s true, there are a lot of changes from the original game, and the game is already improved. You need to build an army, control your economy, and go to war against enemies or defend in this game. But its not a modern type of game, swords, horses, and other Medieval age factors are involved.

4- Diablo II

Another perfect game, which is built on the base of hunting down monsters and exploring dungeons. On each level, you will see a new type of monsters, weapons, and much more. They build the main story, few quests to complete in every Act or Episode but some side missions are built also for players. This game is base on horror, adventure, exploration & we added it here as the 4th best game for past gaming. Unlike other games, they include a lot of different genres altogether. Fighting with moners using different kinds of weapons make it the best action & fighting game for a game released between 1991-2000.

5- Hitman – Codename 47

Hit Man game series is all about stealth, killing enemies, a lot of shooting & completion of different missions. Normally, they will send you on a mission to enter in enemy territory, for different kinds of missions like the killing of someone, to complete some objects without anyone even notice & much more. If you talk about action games, the Hitman game is one of the best Games for Pc Released between 1991-2000. Hitman – Codename 47 was released in 2000. As per the story, Agent 47 is a human clone agent hired by an organization for various missions all over the world.

6- Shogun – Total War

Total War is the most popular series with both Turn Base & Real-Time Strategy features included. Shogun was 1st game released for this series in 2000. We consider it as the best game for past gaming of 10 years period because of many reasons. It was the beginning of the most popular strategy game series of all time, which you can read on our site posts like Best Total War Games & Top Total War Mods. A lot of details about this game are added which you must take a look at by visiting the above links.

7- Close Combat – A Bridge Too Far

Close Combat – A Bridge Too Far is a world war 2 game that is based on turn-based & you can control some units of different kinds of soldiers to attack enemies or defend. For your information, Close Combat is a huge series if multiple games that are released in the last few years. We added this game in our 1st level list for the top 50 games because we believe no other Tuen Base War Strategy game was created that period of 10 years. You will find all units in-game related to world war and also too many different countries involved in the war. There are some campaigns that are based on the different front of each side in a world war which you can see in-game included many missions.

8- Sid Meier’s Colonization

Sid Meier’s Colonization is a turn-based strategy game released in 1995 and we added here in our list because of its birth of the most popular turn base-building strategy game of all time, known as Civilization. The game may look very old because of its graphics but we are here talking about past games, don’t expect HD graphics. This game is more amazing than many other games of the same type created in the last period. A lot of strategy and other important factors are involved in it.

9- Metal Gear Solid

If you already above the Hitman game, consider Metal Gear similar to it but there are some changes. This game is played as a 3rd person perspective and a lot of stories are created which players must read to understand what they must do next. Some of the main purposes of this game are to use stealth moves, weapons, infiltrate enemy bases & complete various missions in single storyline mode. We added it here as the best top 10 games for past gaming because of its perfect gameplay better than some of the latest games created of the same type. Metal Gear is also a series of different games released after 2000 and become very popular among millions of players.

10- Command & Conquer – Red Alert 2

Red Alert 2 is part of the Command and Conquer series but completely different from the whole basic system. You will see that almost all other games are different from Red Alert 2 other than Red Alert 1 & Yuri Revenge. Can you imagine there are some hundreds of players still active who love this game and hundreds of different mods are already created for this game, it was initially released in 2000. In our opinion, if they make another version for Red Alert 2, it may break their series selling record & thousands of players will love to play it on different servers like Gameranger.

Rank 11-20 Games

The below link will take you to another article where you will see a list of 10 games that are chosen for you. As you read above, all these games are chosen from 10 years period & based on some im[ortant factors, not genre type.

Old Pc Games Ranked (11-20) – Best 50 Games Released between 1991-2000

Rank 21-30 Games

These games are not best to compare to the above 20 games but still better than 20 other games on our list & also too many games which we didn’t add in the top 50.

Old Pc Games Ranked 21-30 – Best 50 Games Released between 1991-2000

Rank 31-40 Games

4th level games which are selected for our users & each game is better than most games which you cant see here. Visit the below link to find about it.

Old Pc Games Ranked 31-40 – Best 50 Games Released between 1991-2000

Rank 41-50 Games

The last list for users, these games are less popular & amazing compare to above 40 games. There are over 100+ games which we are unable to add in our top 50 lists.

Old Pc Games Ranked 41-50 – Best 50 Games Released between 1991-2000

Past Games by Year

In this article and also 4 others, you can read about a total of 50 games chosen as best for past games. But there are too many different games that are released every year which you can read by visiting the below article. We include different lists like 10 Pc Games 1993, Best 10 Pc Games 1997, etc.

Best Pc Games By Year – One Game Is Chosen from each Year

Top Post on Past Games

There are not many articles written on this topic. We will add each article chosen for you on top-high-quality sites, in every post connected to this article. Gamespot is a very popular site about gaming, they started a thread on their forum, find a huge collection of games at that time. Normally we choose articles for you but this thread is best which provides a list by fans who actually play these games.

Top 50 Upcoming Pc Games which players are waiting desperately (2020-2021)


The main purpose behind the creation of this list is to provide you with 50 games that were best in the past. There are some people in different poor countries, they have access to old Pc’s, this list can help them a lot. Its a fact in the whole world, too many people are still not able to purchase the latest tech, they look for games that are less strong to run on poor platforms. Share this list with everyone who is facing this problem, some players may love to check past games, begin with our list of 50 games for you.

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