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4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove Advantages and Disadvantages

The most common question that arises these days is which will be a better choice for cooking? Read Gas Stove Advantages and Disadvantages


The most common question that arises these days is which will be a better choice for cooking?

The Gas stove or the Induction Stove. The answer to this question is quite simple; it all depends on the buyer’s requirement. Induction stoves are the modern technology of cooking.

With the zero use of gas, these stoves prove a lot useful when there is a shortage of gas or no gas supply. But people who have worked with gas stoves usually don’t like Induction Stove.

The Induction Stoves are a modern technology of cooking. These cooktops are not only safe to use but are also child friendly. These cooktops don’t even require much space and are available in a single stove variant as well. 

So if you’re in a dilemma about whether or not to buy Induction Stove, here are some of the pros and cons of buying an Induction Stove. 

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Advantages of using an induction stove

Energy Efficient:

The induction cooktops work on Electricity, unlike the traditional gas stove, which works with LPG supply. Since these cooktops use Electricity there is less wastage of the energy source. The gas stoves that used LPG supply had lots of wastage, whether while cooking or through the LPG Gas cylinders. In contrast, the Induction stove provides a uniform heat technology using which the pan placed on the cooktop gets heated up evenly, reducing the cooking time compared to the gas stove cooktop.

Safe to use:

Unlike the gas stoves, these induction cooktops very safe to use. There is no burning required, which reduces mishappenings’ risks and thus provides a safe environment to work in. 

Since there is no contact with the flames, they can be operated by kids under adult supervision. 

Easy Maintenance :

The Induction Cooktops have a smooth flat surface, which does not require an in-depth cleaning technique. All that is needed to clean is a damp cloth, clean the body with the fabric, and you are good to go. Cleaning Induction cooktops during spills is very clean compared to the gas stoves, where all the parts of the stove needed to be removed before washing the cooktop. 

Space Friendly:

The people who need to move from one location to another continually and Induction Cooktop is the best choice. You can easily carry these stoves from one place to another, and these do not require a new LPG Gas Connection every time you relocate. Can buy these cooktops in various variants and according to the space available.

Disadvantages of using an induction stove

Crockery Requirement:

One of the significant disadvantages of using the Induction Cooktop is that the pottery used in cooking in Induction cooktops needs to have a steel base. Utensils that do not have the steel base will not work on Induction cooktops, so the entire cooking utensils need to be replaced with new forks having the steel base.

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Use of Electricity:

Since the Induction cooktops work on Electricity, these cooktops will not work if there is no electricity hence a significant drawback while using Induction cooktops. These cooktops will also increase electricity consumption. Thus the monthly electricity bill also increases.

Higher Cost:

The cost of the Induction Cooktops is more as compared to the Gas Stoves. This is because this is a new generation of cooking mediums, and as any new launch in the market has a higher cost, so is the case with the Induction cooktops.

Hard Initial Understanding:

As the Cooktops come with many functions for a different process, it is hard to have a good grasp of operating these cooktops. We have been working on the traditional gas Cooktops for a long time, and we have mastered the use of gas stoves.

Still, the new technology takes time to fully understand the working operations, the temperature requirement for the various cooking process, and the setting up of the appropriate cooking functions while using the induction cooktops while cooking.

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