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GB WhatsApp is a popular WhatsApp MOD (GBWhatsApp) and an alternate version of the WhatsApp app, one of the top chat apps available for Android.  Download GB WhatsApp on your Android.  All smartphone users are familiar with the GBWA app called WhatsApp.  Aren’t you? I hear your answer as “Yes”.  We use GBWhatsApp for free for our normal needs, such as chat, voice and video calls, etc.  In addition, WhatsApp offers several features for sharing locations, documents, contacts and more.  GBWhatsApp has downloaded the latest version from this site.  Don’t forget to check the WhatsApp Plus APK.

What is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers the latest features that regular WhatsApp does not.  Looking for a newer version of GBWhatsApp?  Then you are in the right place, the APK center of the new version of GB WhatsApp, along with other GbmodsWhatsapp.  Download GB WhatsApp This is the best version of WhatsApp mod developed by a third party called GBWA that is easily found on the internet.

Now it is a very popular tool for users of different WhatsApp accounts.  The advantage of multiple accounts is not only the reason for using GBWhatsApp, but also other reasons for using it that I will share with you in this article.  Download the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK by clicking the download button above, you can also get another WhatsApp Mod on GBPlus.

All versions of GBWhatsApp APK

After the available version, you can download it from APKGuru.Net.  NL,we offer all the old and latest versions of WhatsApp.

What is the latest version of GBWhatsApp?

The latest version of GBWhatsApp

All of the above versions can be found and downloaded from the download page.  Click the download button above to download the official GB WhatApp.

Features An overview of the latest version of GBWhatsApp

  • All bugs, dark modes and all new ones have been fixed
  • Use the official GBWhatsApp with scripted malware found on some websites as GBWhatsApp, safely and discreetly.
  • Download many themes created by some users of this app, all of which are free
  • If you want to use two WhatsApp on the same device, you can do that with GBWhatsApp, you can use the normal version of Whatsapp and GBWA on the same device at the same time.
  • You want to put your daily story in Whatsapp status, images, quotes, videos and more, but not all of them can be copied to the regular WA version.  You can do this with GBWA
  • The problem we often have in WA is the problem of sending large files such as APK files, video files, songs and other data. 
  • This GBWA version of the Mod allows you to send video files up to 50MB and audio files up to 100MB. 
  • You can also increase or decrease the limit in the settings.
  • The most popular feature of GB Whatsapp is a hidden message alert. 
  •  You can hide a double blue mark from your contacts in your contacts
  • If you open the WhatsApp app when you leave your WA presence for your contacts, you can stay online without being notified by “Hide online status”.
  • Suppose you visit the dream site and take a lot of photos, you want to share them with your friends on WhatsApp, but you can’t send more than 10 photos right now.
  •   There you need GBWA where you can send more than 10 photos at once.
  • Custom emoji are great for mod GB users.  you get new and customized emojis, only available to GB WA users
  • WA is improving itself by adding new features to one of their stickers. 
  • This feature is available not only in the regular version, but also in the MOD version. 
  • Add the stickers you want to GBWhatsApp.
  • Change the app icon in the menu and notification bar.
  • Autoresponder is a great WhatsApp feature limited to the corporate WA app.  Get the same functionality in this MOD version.  With this option
  • whether you are online or offline, you can automatically reply to a sender.  Just set a message with the option set as automatic reply.
  • Become a developer, create and use your theme for this application. 
  • Many users develop many themes to help others and make the platform easy and convenient for the user.
  • One of my favorites on GB WhatsApp is long status video. 
  • You cannot upload videos longer than 30 seconds in WA, which is limited to 7 minutes in the GBWhatsapp APK.
  • Keep your app safe by enabling passwords.
  • When someone sends a video, you can play it on your favorite WhatsApp video player. 
  •  An average player does not have many features like all these third-party video players. 
  • You can select a third party video player to play the video in GBWA APK.
  • Fix bugs and add more features
  • Opposite of prohibition
  • The new base has been updated
  • Add / customize new emojis
  • Added You can call mod team members
  • Private answer features are added when you select to massage in groups
  • Fixed issue with Google Play stickers
  • Search for topics failed
  • Errors have been corrected
  • Photo stickers enabled.
  • You can chat with anyone and anywhere.
  • Enable the chat archive option by typing three dots.
  • You can add contacts to Scan barcode.
  • You can change a theme in this MOD.
  • You can use multiple accounts in this application.
  • You can upload up to 80 images.
  • Hide duplicate check (online status).
  • Online functionality is always available.
  • Backup function is available
  • You can hide the conversation in this MOD.
  • You can hide the typing status.
  • New and modified emojis are available.
  • Hiding the recording status is a new feature in this application.
  • You can connect to WhatsApp Web.
  • You can enable the password.
  • You can change the video player to GBWA.
  • Saw fresh new styles.
  • Video status is limited to 7 minutes instead of 30 minutes.  (Cool feature)
  • Status can be downloaded in this app.
  • Many languages ​​are available.
  • You can send large video files.
  • There are many themes available in this MOD.
  • All GB MOD functions are available
  • Change the subject
  • Download this amazing free theme created by some GBWhatsApp APK users
  • Duplicate / multiple WhatsApp accounts
  • Different languages
  • You can copy your status
  • Upload large video, audio and image files
  • It can send up to 50MB of video files
  • Hide online status, double check
  • Hide the message you viewed, the message you sent
  • Always an online feature
  • It can send more than ten images
  • New and personalized GB emoji for WhatsApp users
  • Backup functionality
  • Add stickers from Google Play
  • Different launch icons
  • Hidden chat function
  • Hide write status
  • Hide recording status
  • Connect to the WhatsApp website, but the functions do not work
  • Reply to the message automatically
  • Create and use themes that other GBWA users can use
  • It can share up to 100MB of audio
  • Video status can be shared for a maximum of 7 minutes instead of 30 minutes
  • Enable password
  • Great typing styles
  • Large start icons
  • Change the notification bar icon
  • Multiple Poison Suppliers
  • Change the video player
  • Newspapers are available
  • Message Planner
  • Customize the interface, background and fonts according to your ideas
  • Upload large audio and video files.
  • Download or send photos in original quality.

Exclusive features of GBWHATSAPP

  • Partial copy and paste: Select the text you want to copy and paste and send it to contacts.
  • Hide profile photo.
  • Check connection times and status messages on the chat screen.
  • Installing different themes.
  • GBPLUS wallpapers
  • automatic response
  • Get in a lot of trouble
  • Get lots of fonts
  • Customize the chat screen
  • Customize the chat screen
  • Customize the notification window
  • Customize widgets
  • Share up to 50 video formats

Advantages of usingGBWA

  • Before telling you the benefits of GBWhatsApp APK, let me know what GBWA APK is.  GBWA is just a modified version of WhatsApp. 
  • As you know WhatsApp is a popular chat app for users, it is available for all Android, iOS, Java OS and other platforms.
  •   WA offers great features that other chat apps like WA can’t provide.
  •   To take more advantage of this interesting app, some developers have adapted the app and made a MOD version. 
  •  The GBWhatsApp APK is one of them. 
  • To use this app you can use two Whatsapp so that all functions are displayed.

Disadvantages of using GBWA

  • The biggest drawback of using GB WhatsApp is a ban, your account may be locked and blocked for future use. 
  • I hardly recommend that you don’t use your primary account as a GBWA phone number or, better yet, use a temporary number.

Frequently asked questions

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is an alternative version of WhatsApp that can be found on the internet, also called GBWA.  This is a modified version that can be found on the official Gbwhatsapp website, which you can download from the website.  One of the best MOD versions of WA supports great functions not found in the regular version.  You should know that Gbmods WhatsApp is not offered by WhatsApp Inc.  Developed and operated by other developers.  Motives are more beneficial.

Is GBWhatsApp safe to use?

No, the app is not safe for fair use; If you are using GB Whatsapp, WhatsApp may temporarily block your account.  On the other hand, it will not work with your Android device.  Many websites provide GBWhatsapp APK files and third-party links to APK files.  Beware of these sites as they can modify malware to erase your personal information.  Downloading the app from trusted websites can keep your device safe.

How do I download GBWhatsApp?

To download GBWhatsApp on your Android, go to the official Gbwhatsapp Gbplus.Net website, click on the menu, click on ‘GB WhatsApp Download’ and you will be redirected to the GBWA download.  There you need to select the version, I advise you, select the latest version and click on it.  Download once the stars are hit.

How can I use GBWhatsApp safely?

Please read the MOD WhatsApp safe guide before downloading GBWhatsApp.

Is GBWhatsApp safe to use?

No, the GBWhatsApp app is not safe to use; If you use GB Whatsapp, WhatsApp may block your account.  On the other hand, GBWhatsApp will not hurt your phones.  GBWhatsapp APK files and third-party links Many websites that offer APK files are ignored because these websites modify the malware of your personal data documents, messages, etc.  pa.  Download GBWhatsApp from trusted sites like Gbplus.Org.  your device can be safe.

How to download GBWhatsApp?

To download the GBWhatsApp app to your phone, go to the official Gbwhatsapp website Gbplus.  Org, in the menu click here, by clicking on ‘GBWhatsApp APK Download‘ you will be redirected after downloading the GBWhatsApp -page.  There you need to select the version and click on it.  APK file downloaded.

Installation guide

You won’t find the GBWhatsApp MOD version on Google Play; so you need to download the site and install it manually.  If you don’t know how to install GB WhatsApp on your Android, you can follow this installation guide.

  • To install the APK file on your Android operating system, you may need to enable ‘Unknown sources’ in Settings> Security> Unknown sources. 
  • Download the latest APK version of GBWhatsapp by clicking the download button at the bottom of this page. 
  • After downloading the APK file, tap the file and tap install
  • The installation process only takes a few seconds, depending on the device. 
  • When successfully completed, open and enjoy the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK.

The Final Verdict

GBWhatsApp is one of the best MOD versions of WA.  It has many features that will make you fall in love with this app.  People are searching the internet for “2021 Gb Whatsapp Download” or GBwhatsapp along with the latest version and more. 

Download the latest version of “GBWA” APK from this site.  We are offering the latest version and we will upload the new version once it is released on this page.  Before downloading GB WhatsApp, I strongly advise not to use your GBWA account or primary number, otherwise your account may be permanently blocked.  Use a temporary account. 

Please continue to check Gbwhatsapp for the official version of the latest version of GBWhatsApp from the site.

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