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Learn How To Get 360 Degree View Of Your Customer

Before you start wondering about what subject or theory will be discussed here, let us assure you that there will be no rocket science here.

Now, let us begin with it!

Almost every business believes that they know ‘all-of-it’ about their customers. However, do you know who these people are and what their expectations are from you?

These problems and queries can only be solved with a 360-degree customer view. It is the foundation of data-driven marketing. This in-depth investigation of your clients’ past, current, and even future actions will enable you to meet and surpass their requirements and expectations. 

But the question is – how do I get a 360 customer view?

Moving on, firstly, we will explain the 360 customer view in brief. Then, let us talk about how to obtain it.

What Is A 360-Degree Customer View?

You will see everything about the customers from every aspect when you have a 360-degree customer view. From the contact form they filled out through their most recent customer care call, you can get a glimpse of their connection with your business. By obtaining data on your client throughout the customer’s journey, you will understand them and how they feel at each stage. 

Although obtaining consumer information needs strong coordination and structure across your departments, its advantages make the work worthwhile. 

Step-By-Step Process To Get A 360 Customer View

  1. Utilize A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

A CRM is a platform to store all the customer information, making it ideal for tracking all of the interactions a customer has with your business. Record information such as prior purchases, queries, and any other interaction in each client profile is stored. After each new engagement, these 360-degree customer views in your CRM should be refreshed.

Remember to give CRM accessibility to all customer-facing departments such as marketing, sales, service, and support to ensure everyone is on the same page when dealing with a client. 

  1. Practice Your Social Listening Skills

Social media activities also come under customer interaction. The process of monitoring any conversations about your business or relevant subjects on social media platforms is known as social listening

Consumers like to express uncensored thoughts and perspectives on social media, which may provide useful input for your business. You may also use their feedback and evaluations to evaluate the performance of your customer profiles.

  1. Perform A Data Audit

So, now you’re prepared to start creating customer profiles with the next customer encounter – but what about all of your previous data? 

Do not ever delete your previous data. Rather, spend the effort to organize the data. It also is usual for different departments to acquire unique information about a client. Hence, be certain that you collect facts from all departments and include them in your 360-degree views.

Last Words

Developing a 360 customer view can help you understand how particular consumers respond and feel when they interact with your business at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Making these client profiles is a continual effort, but you get important knowledge to help you please your consumers with each additional feature.

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