Reasons why you should get physiotherapy in Singapore for your lower back pain

physiotherapy in Singapore

There is no cure for lower back pain. Hence, the best way to treat it is by controlling the symptoms and reducing their intensity. While medications can help you in doing so, they are not a long-term solution that lasts forever.

In this regard, you should consider getting physiotherapy in Singapore to get your lower back moving better. This is because it addresses the symptoms and treats the root cause of this annoying health issue. Below are some of the reasons why you should get physiotherapy in Singapore for your lower back pain:

1) It relaxes tight muscles

When your lower back hurts, you might feel discomfort or stiffness in certain parts of your body, such as hamstrings, groin area, and hips. These muscles can get overly tense due to the pain making these areas more vulnerable to injuries.

This is why physiotherapy in Singapore treats tight muscles by loosening, lengthening, and strengthening them. This way, you can have your lower back moving better, so you can get rid of the nagging aches for good.

2) It addresses biomechanical issues

When your ergonomics are off, it causes biomechanical issues that result in lower back pain. Hence, it would be wise to see a professional who can help you resolve this problem through kinesiology taping or foot orthotics. With that said, this treatment does not address the root cause of your discomfort but works on its symptoms right away.

In comparison, physiotherapy Singapore treats biomechanical issues by addressing how your body moves. In this regard, you can have a pain-free back and maintain your spine’s overall health.

3) It helps in inflammation reduction

Your lower back can ache because of inflammations such as bursitis and tendinitis.

These inflammatory conditions result from stress and muscle tension which tighten up your lower back and cause severe discomfort. To address this problem, physiotherapy Singapore uses various non-invasive treatments that help in reducing inflammation, such as ultrasound or interferential therapy.

4) It improves posture

When you’re not feeling good about yourself because of the pain in your lower back, it also takes a toll on your self-confidence and posture. When you get physiotherapy in Singapore for your lower back pain, your therapist will identify how your body moves so they can help you improve its function. Fortunately, physiotherapy in Singapore can help you improve your posture by teaching you how to move properly. In this regard, you will carry yourself with more confidence and get rid of the pain for good.

5) It restores muscle strength

As mentioned earlier, you might feel pain in your lower back because of tight muscles, making it hard for them to flex and extend. Because of this reason, the best way to treat this problem is by getting physiotherapy in Singapore that can target these muscles and reduce their tension.

In comparison, medications only address the symptoms but not the root cause of the problem. As a result, it does not have long-term effects.

6) It enhances muscle movement

This way, you get to have better physical performance and reduce the chances of getting injured because of weakness.

With that said, this treatment restores strength by targeting weak muscles while reinforcing your strong ones. Hence, it makes sense to get treated right away so you can say goodbye to lower back pain for good.


To address lower back pain, you need to see a professional who can help you improve your body movement through physiotherapy Singapore. This treatment offers various benefits, such as stress relief, inflammation reduction, and enhanced posture. Furthermore, it gives you the best way to treat biomechanical issues that result in intense pain in your lower back.

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