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Get Tax-Free Weekend Savings on Back-to-School Shopping

Eleven states are offering sales tax holidays this weekend. Learn how to save big on back-to-school clothes, backpacks, and notebooks. Are you looking to save money on your back-to-school shopping? You can check to see if there is a sales tax holiday in your state. Parents know that school supplies, such as backpacks, shoes and clothing, can quickly get expensive. Every discount that you can get is a great thing. To help you shop back to school, some states offer tax-free weekends or weeks. If you purchase qualifying items during tax-free periods, the store will not charge sales tax. There are a few back-to-school sales tax holidays left, but August 6-8 is most popular weekend. August is back-to-school sales tax holidays for two states. In most cases, the sales tax holiday lasts from Friday to Sunday. 

Each state has a different sales tax holiday. The exact date and length of the holiday will vary. If you live in a state with tax-free weekends, it is important to understand the exact date, duration, as well as qualifying items, before you start shopping for school. Domyhomework123 crafted for you the list of 11 states with sales tax holidays that allow back-to-school shopping to continue (or begin) on this weekend, 8 August 2021. Information about the two holidays that are scheduled later in the month is also available. Links to additional information and an overview of the sales tax exemptions in each state will be provided. Except where noted, the exemptions are applicable to both state and local sales taxes. We hope that you will be able to save some money on taxes by ordering it before one of these tax-free weekends. The Tax Foundation updated the July 1, 2021 sales taxes rates and average state-local sales taxes rates. 

Arkansas Tax-Free Weekend. The average combined state-local sales taxes rate is 6.5%. Arkansas’s complete State Profile. Arkansas back-to-school shopping will be less expensive on August 7th-8th. General clothing under $100 and accessories less than $50 are exempted from the state’s sales holiday. Students (new 2021), school supplies and art supplies, as well as school instruction materials, are exempt from the sales tax. This exemption does NOT apply to sewing supplies and equipment. This exemption does not apply to protective equipment, sport or recreational equipment, belt buckles, and other items. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration has a list of items that are exempted and taxable during the tax-free weekend.

Connecticut Tax-Free Week Average State Sales Tax Rate: 6.35% The dates of the sales tax holiday are August 15, 2021 through August 21, 2021. Connecticut’s Full State Profile The sales tax holiday in Connecticut is for one week. It begins on August 15 and ends August 21. One drawback to Connecticut’s tax-free holiday is that it has one. This applies only to merchandise under $100. It does not apply to footwear and special clothing that is used primarily for athletic activities, protective use, jewelry, handbags, luggage and umbrellas wallets watches and other accessories. Safety apparel is exempted from tax by a separate exemption. For a complete list of exempted or exempt items, visit the Connecticut Department of Revenue Service website. 

Florida Tax-Free Week The average state sales tax rate in Florida is 6%. The sales tax holiday dates are July 31 to August 9, 2021. The full profile of Florida contains some great news. In 2021, the state’s back-to-school sales tax holiday was extended from three to ten days. Florida shopping will be slightly less expensive this year from July 31 to August 9, 2021. Florida’s sales tax holiday applies to footwear, clothing, and backpacks priced at $60 and less, school supplies priced at $15 and less, as well as personal computers and accessories above $1,000. Jewelry and wallets are not included in “Clothing”. Any sales made at an airport, theme park, entertainment centre, or hotel are not exempt from tax. You can find more information on the Florida Department of Revenue’s website. Iowa Tax-Free Weekend. Average state and local sales tax rate: 6.94% The dates of the Iowa sales tax holiday are August 6, 2021 and August 7, 2021. 

Iowa’s complete state profile. Iowa doesn’t charge sales tax on footwear and clothing less than $100 between August 6th and 7. 2021 Each item less than $100 is exempt, regardless of how many items a customer purchases. This exemption does not apply to items that sell for more than 100 dollars. The exemption does not apply to watches, jewelry, umbrellas, and sporting equipment. You can find a complete list of exempt and taxable items on the Iowa Department of Revenue website. Maryland Tax-Free Week Average State Sales Tax Rate: 6.6% Dates of the sales holiday: August 8, 2021, to 14 2021. 

Maryland’s State Profile: Maryland offers back-to-school shopping assistance with a week-long sales holiday. This sale holiday runs from August 8-14th, 2021. During the holiday, certain footwear and clothing that are $100 or less are exempted from sales tax. The first $40 spent on a backpack or bookbag is exempted from tax. Accessories are not exempt, except for backpacks. The Comptroller of Maryland maintains a comprehensive list of exempted and taxable products. 

Massachusetts Tax-Free Weekend. Average state and local sales tax rate: 6.255% Massachusetts’ Full State Profile. Massachusetts has a wide sales tax holiday. It does not begin until mid-August like the Connecticut holiday. On August 14-15, 2021, the state will offer a sales tax holiday which allows shoppers to buy retail items at a cost of $2,500 or less. This exemption does not apply for meals, motor vehicles, motorboats, or telecommunications services. The exemption does not apply to natural gas, steam, or electricity. This exemption does NOT apply to purchases made for business purposes or purchases made by individuals. Sales to individuals are exempted from tax. 

Missouri Tax-Free Weekend Average State Sales Tax Rate: 4.225%. Missouri’s full state profile: Missouri’s tax-free weekend starts August 6th and ends on August 8th 2021. This holiday does not include sales tax on school supplies above $50, clothing between $100 and $150, graphing calculators over $150, and computer software or personal computers more than $1,500. The backato school sales tax holiday is available to special tax districts, cities, or counties. Special taxing cities, counties, and taxing districts can opt in or out of the local sales tax holiday. To view a list containing local jurisdictions not participating in the sales tax holiday, click the links for the county, city, or district links. 

New Mexico Tax-Free Weekend Average Sales Tax Rate and State: 5.125%. The dates of the sales tax holiday are 8-8 August 2021. Visit New Mexico’s State Profile. The New Mexico back-to-school sales tax holiday runs from August 8-8, 2021. Gross receipts (sales taxes) are not included on footwear, clothing, or computers below $100. Computers priced up to $1,000 and hardware related to $500 are exempted from the holiday. The sales tax is exempt for book bags, backpacks, maps, books, backpacks, and globes, as well handheld calculators below $200, basic school supplies below $30, and books, backpacks, and globes, priced less than $100. Watches and radios, headphones, CD players, and sporting equipment such as cell phones, laptops or desktop telephones, copier or office equipment are not exempt from the sales tax. The New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department has a comprehensive list of what is and what is not included on its website.

 Ohio Tax-Free Weekend. Average state and local sales tax rate: 5.75% The dates of the Ohio sales tax holiday are August 6-8, 2021. Ohio’s full state profile. During Ohio’s sales holiday, there is no sales tax. The Ohio clothing prices are $75 and $20 respectively. Ohio’s school instruction materials cost $20 and $20. Exempt are clothing, protective equipment, sewing materials, clothing accessories and sporting or recreational equipment. Also, belt buckles, patches, emblems and items used in trades or business activities are exempt. The FAQ section of Ohio Department of Taxation’s website provides more information about the exemptions and exclusions to the sales tax holiday. August 6-8, 2021 is the back-to-school sales tax holiday for Ohio. 

Oklahoma Tax-Free Weekend Average State Sales Tax Rate: 4.5%. Oklahoma State Profile: The Oklahoma back-to-school sales tax holiday for 2021 will take place from August 6-8, 2021. The holiday is exempted from tax if the purchase price of footwear or clothing is under $100. Sales tax is not applicable to accessories such as jewelry, handbags, luggage, watches and wallets. This exemption does not apply to special clothing and footwear, which are made primarily for athletic activity, or for the rental of clothing or shoe (e.g. tuxedo rentals and bowling shoe rentals. The Oklahoma Tax Commission maintains a list of clothing items that are exempt from sales tax during this holiday. South Carolina Tax-Free Weekend Average State Sales Tax Rate: 6.6%. 

South Carolina’s full state profile: South Carolina shoppers are advised to buy their back-to-school gear between August 6th and August 8th 2021. The sales tax exemption applies to clothing, footwear, accessories, school supplies, computer software, printers, as well as some bath and bedding products. Jewelry, cosmetics and eyewear are not exempted. Neither is furniture, wallets, watches, jewelry or other items that could be used in trades, businesses, or trades. Also, renting clothing and footwear is taxable. Additional examples of exempt or tax-exempt items are available from the South Carolina Department of Revenue during the sales holiday. 

Texas Tax-Free Weekend Average State Sales Tax Rate: 6.25 %. The dates of the sales tax holiday are 8-8-2021. Texas’ Full State Profile Texas offers back-to-school shoppers a tax-free weekend, August 6-8, 2021. You can buy most clothing, shoes, and school supplies for less than $100 without having to pay sales tax if the item is under $100. The Texas Comptroller’s Office provides a list of clothing, footwear and school supplies that are exempted and taxable on its website. 

Virginia Tax-Free Weekend. Average state and local sales tax rate: 5.3% (Includes mandatory local tax of 1 percent). The dates of the Virginia sales tax holiday are August 6-8, 2021. Virginia’s full state profile. The sales tax holiday is not applicable to back-to-school supplies. From August 6-8, 2021, you can buy qualified school supplies, clothing, footwear, and water-saving products. Items cannot exceed a specified price limit to be exempted from tax. The maximum price for school supplies is $20, and the maximum price for clothing and footwear is $100. The price of portable generators can’t exceed $1,000. Gasoline-powered chainsaws must be priced at least $350. Accessories for chainsaws should not exceed $60. Other items for hurricane preparation must not exceed $60. Energy-efficient products (Energy Star) and water-savings products (WaterSense), cannot be priced above $2,500. The Virginia Department of Taxation lists both exempted and taxable school supplies and clothing, footwear, and other items for hurricane and emergency preparedness. To view the lists, click on the links.

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