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Ghost of Tsushima – Release Date, Gameplay, Information & More

Ghost of Tsushima – Most amazing Open World, Action & Adventure game based on the Historical Mongol Invasion on Japan. It’s fighting for the freedom of Japanese Island led by Jin who is a Samurai fighter, making allies, hiding, and collecting enough resources to defeat the Mongol, Army.

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Basic InformationRelease Date
PlatformsMain Story
GameplayIs it a Successful Game? Rating?
Comparison with the Previous Games (Open-World & Action, Adventure)Is it Multiplayer?
Modding Available?DLC Available?
Some Previous Games like Ghost of TsushimaSystem Requirements
Popular CharactersSome Other Popular Articles on this Game

Basic Information

The most successful games launched this year 2020, Most features similar to some other games of the same type. Players are able to move anywhere on the map they want and complete side quests. A lot of NPC is there and the player must interact with them to find quests & other information in-game. There are huge regions everywhere on the island which include Farms, villages, forests, mountains, and much more. Players may face a lot of enemies, meet some friends, and some neutral characters throughout the game. It’s like side quests and enjoying the open world is more popular compare to finishing the main quest of the game.

Release Date

 Ghost of Tsushima was released on July 17, 2020 for Playstation only.


As per Denofgeek, it’s not trending for different companies to release most PlayStation games for Pc or other platforms. They give examples of some previous most successful games for PlayStation which are not yet released for Xbox, Pc, or Android. Most games already know about these top platforms and their competition with each other.

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If a game is most popular and successful among players and you can only find it on Playstation, many players may buy PlayStation? You can find some games that are released for Pc later, and they may do it for this game too. But it’s weird for them to release the game for 1 platform only. Its time when there are millions of players who are using phones to play games. A game is most successful and may break records of selling if released for Xbox, Pc, Android or iPhone, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation at the same time.

Main Story

As per the main story, the Large Mongol army attacked the island of Tsushima in 1274. Jin is the main character in-game who try to fight against this army with his uncle’s other warriors on the island but lost. Lord Shimura who is the uncle of Jin is captured and he tried to free him after attacking the Mongolian army, but lost again and escape. Jin realizes now that he can’t fight the Mongolian army, he must find some help on the island to defeat the Mongolian Army.

Now Jin is able to recruit some other warriors from the island, started learning different skills. Each character is different from each other and helps him in many unique ways. With their help, he starts attacking the Mongolian army and disturb their operations everywhere on the island. Now everyone started to call him Ghost. The game is an open world, the main quest is to free Jin uncle but players can look for too many different quests to complete and enjoy. Two of his friends who are tired of hunger, betray him to collect the bounty on his head, but he was able to fight against them and free the castle to free his uncle.

After their victory, everyone realizes that its useless now because their main castle is captured by the Mongols. Jin recruits clan members and his uncle for help from Shogun because they can’t win this war without them. Jin also learns about how to make the poison. He is now captured in one place when looking to recover his family armor & other stuff. But later he was rescued after Shogun arrived. All forces from the islands & with the help of Shogun, they attack the Mongols and defeat them. Now the Mongolian army is stuck in the main area of the castle but too many Samurai are already killed. Jin refused to listen to his uncle and ask everyone to poison the Mongols because more fight means they will lose too many people again.

Jin is able to infiltrate the castle and use poison against the Mongols to kill them. Now they captured the castle without losing any more people, but his uncle felt its a big mistake to kill the Mongols using poison not fight. He wants him to blame someone else for this act, but Jin refuses. Shogun is looking for someone to hang for this act, Jin escape from there and runs after the Mongol leader. Soon he finds about terrible news, Mongolian leader is able to use his poison against people on the island to blame him for these actions. He gathered his allies and attack on the last Mongolian stronghold on the island, able to kill their leader.

Jin is now popular as the Ghost of Tsushima, considered as a wanted man on the island by the Shogun to consider him as a threat to the island. Later he fights with his uncle and defeats him. He gets 2 choices, spare his uncle to give him warriors death. Now it’s up to the player to choose whatever they want but Jin must run away to live as wanted forever. The perfect story is written for this game and you can easily find it interesting, the most complete game of the same type.

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Its 3rd person view game with a huge open-world map. Players don’t need to follow the main story, side quests with interaction with too many different NPC are available everywhere. There are different regions in this game, some of them are hard to access easily. Players can use many different weapons to fight with enemies. Stealth is very important in-game because players are able to use some specific weapons against different enemies by sneaking from their behinds. Watch the below video to understand the gameplay of these games easily.

As you can see from the above video, this game is most advanced & players may feel like fighting in original life. Combat is also perfectly created and the player can fight with multiple enemies at the same time. The dialogue system is cool and important for players to understand the main story in this game. A lot of blood and violence are involved in this game. Players can find different types of supplies on the floor in different locations.

Comparison with the Previous Games (Open-World & Action, Adventure)

Open-World: If we compare this game with some previous games, you will find out that it’s more focused on the open-world then past games. Players can enjoy a lot of time completing side quests and interacting with NPCs. Some players may don’t like this concept, almost all games cerated before are about the open world with more focus on the story.

Action: Unlike previous games, stealth is the main focus of the game. In Ghost of Tsushima, you can see too much action when players are involved in combat but most of the time it’s about hiding & using some tactics to kill enemies. In other words, less direct action and more use of stealth methods.

Adventure: Perfect game if you compare with previous adventure games. Players are able to explore Huge places everywhere on the map. Other then the main story, it involves more adventure aspects in-game compare to the past games.

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Is it a Succesful Game? Rating?

The game received a lot of positive reviews and Ghost of Tsushima is loved by many players on every platform. It sold over 2.4 million copies worldwide in 1st week. You can understand how much people love and it becomes very popular at the start of a few days. It’s a commercial success overall.

Is it Multiplayer?

Ghost of Tsushima -Legends is announced which is a multiplayer expansion for this game, it’s set to release later this year. You may see some unnatural elements in-game which are different from the original game. They are planning to add story missions for this game which players can complete together. Players can fight with a horde of enemies together with continuous waves coming. This game is already sold millions of copies and you may see more sales if they release some awesome online servers with this type of multiplayer option.

Modding Available?

With the popularity of this level, you can always look for creating mods for games. But there are no Mods yet created which we can post here. But you may find some mods coming soon after millions of players are looking for enjoying this game more & more. Modding is possible for this game Ghost of Tsushima.

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DLC Available?

Not Yet. There is no plan for any DLC but there is no guarantee that they plan for the future.

Some Previous Games like Ghost of Tsushima

Below is a list of 4 games which is perfectly similar to Ghost of Tsushima in many ways.

  1. Sekiro – Shadows Die Twice: Really awesome game based on fighting with a sword. action, adventure & open-world like Ghost of Tsushima. The concept of this game is similar where players must fight against an army who capture their lands by killing loved ones.
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2: Different game in open world west where you are playing as a character who is fighting his way through a journey of exploring. Here, you don’t need to fight for freedom but this game is similar to Ghost of Tsushima in many ways like combat style & other features.
  3. Middle-earth – Shadow of Mordor: After losing your parents to Orc’s, now it’s your duty to avenge them. Killing enemies for revenge is the most important feature of game making is the best game like GOT. Combat style, open-world & main quest to kill as much orc possible, make this game bloody.
  4. Onimusha – Warlords: A most similar game to Ghost of Tsushima, both get Japanese hero, the fighting style is also similar in many ways, a lot of historical facts are added. We suggest you try it because you may not find any other better alternative to this game like the Onimusha series.

System Requirements

The game is built for Playstation but if they ever make it for Pc, you may see below system requirements for you. It’s an advanced game, but still, you can run on more Pc which is not advanced as the new Pc.

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz Or AMD FX-8320.
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 2 GB or AMD Radeon R9 380.
  • RAM: 8 GB.
  • Windows: Windows 7,8,8.1 and 10 (64 Bit)
  • DirectX: DX 11.
  • HDD Space: 60 GB.

Popular Characters

There are 3 popular characters in-game other than many helping friends of Jin, the main character. First of Jin is most popular because you need to play as him in-game. He is head of a clan, nephew of powerful lord Shimura. A lot of fights against the Mongols is lead by him and People started to call him like Ghost. The second popular character is his uncle who is also involved in-game many times. He is making the most important decisions as head of warriors who fight against the Mongol invasion. They captured him and Jin try much time to free him & later successfully done it.

The third important character in-game is the Mongol Commander who lead the invasion of the island. The player fights with him many times, try to chase him in a different location, finally able to kill in last stronghold Fort but at end of the game. Some other characters are also there like Jin friends who help him a lot during the whole game.

Some Other Popular Articles on this Game

There are 2 articles written for the same game which consider as perfect. The Verge explains too much about this game, what is good about it, bad about it & some other features too. GamesRadar provides complete information about games in 8+ different categories. From tips to gameplay explanation, from armor to all weapons in-game, and much more.


As you can read above, we try to provide almost every information about the game possible which is important. Unlike some other sites who wrote thousands of words articles on this topic, the most important topics are only discussed here. The rating for this game is high and you may see it more successful game ever created after they will release the multiplayer version & people started to make some mods too.

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