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Did you know there are unique and thoughtful gifts at your local grocery? And with grocery delivery, you can have it sent straight to the recipient’s home. Here are some unique gift ideas for those special people in your life.

gourmet food

If you’re looking for a gift for a chef or foodie, a basket of gourmet food is just the thing. Depending on your budget, you can send in a grocery delivery service to buy cheese Grocery shopping and delivery Ottawa, truffles, or even just a bottle of olive oil. Consider sending the selected ingredients over the finished products so they’ll think of you every time they taste their next delicious creation.


The only way you can go wrong with a good bottle of wine is if you hook up with someone who doesn’t like wine in the first place. If you don’t have access to a recipient’s wine cellar, there are websites that advertise “wine of the month.” If the bottle of wine is for a male friend, it is also safe to deliver bottled wine bottles at the time of their birth.

kitchen tools

It may seem like an odd gift but anyone familiar with the kitchen will be delighted with a set of fancy kitchen knives or the latest in a food processor Shoppers near me. Find out if he really liked something on the shopping channels. Then, go ahead and splurge on your larger hardware purchase as it will be sent free anyway with your applicable grocery delivery service.

Knickknacks to relax

A tired and exhausted working class will surely thank you for your grocery delivery filled with scented candles, essential oils, lavender bubble bath, bath salts, and other stress-relieving items. Most of the online stores offer these in gift baskets as well. Include matches, candle holders and tumblers in the mix for a more complete set.

Grocery delivery

If you’re privy to their buying habits, you can also send the recipient a lucky gift a week’s worth of groceries with free delivery. Check out what’s missing in their pantry and surprise them with a free replenishment. Those who don’t like receiving gifts will definitely have to accept them because they are paying for them anyway.

If you really know the person you’re sending the gift to, the grocery possibilities are endless. And with free grocery delivery, you can even make the gift a surprise from an anonymous donor. Get to know the gift recipients and you will definitely know the groceries to get them.

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